• Imagine this:
    You're playing a ranked match. You're about to reach the [insert the tier that is immediately next from your current tier] rank after being playing Paladins for 4 hours in a day for the last 2 months. Your team is better than the enemies and you only need to keep it that way. And you're doing so.
    But then, something happens. Was it their internet connection? Did their game crash? Did their PC/console die in that exact moment? We'll never know it. The point is that one of your teammates isn't in the match anymore, and you know it just because they're suddenly saying random things in the VGS.
    ...And feeding the enemy team as fxck.
    But the match isn't over yet. Your team lost the advantage and is now losing, but your teammate is back in the match and you have a last chance to win the match. Sadly, your teammate has a big problem: somehow, their credits were spent in items that would never work in that situation, and they can't buy anything else 'cause all their item slots were wasted in shitty things.
    You tried your best, but you finally lost the match.

    Well, that's the experience that everyone had at least once in a ranked match. The fact that bots with a very deficient AI take the control of the champions when players leave the match and the enemy team can charge their ults and farm credits with them is just unfair, but it makes some kind of sense if you don't want that match to be 4v5. You'd need to improve that AI to make it fair for both teams, but even with the best AI of the universe, bots shouldn't buy items in the store as it is one of the most important factors in a match and can be the difference between the L and the W.
    I mean, it would still be almost impossible to comeback after 2 rounds with a bot giving free ults and credits to the enemy team, but if you could AT LEAST buy what you actually need and not just level up the items that the bot thought that were useful, it would be a lot easier to revert the situation, specially when you weren't out that long.

    Honestly, I would prefer bots to don't even exist in ranked, but if they won't disappear, at least make them STOP WASTING CREDITS AND ITEM SLOTS. And it would be nice if they could also stop wasting ults.

  • @Badlandsforever said in Bots...:

    Honestly, I would prefer bots to don't even exist in ranked,

    That would mean the match is stopped and lost the moment one player disconnects.

  • Moderator

    As far as I know, improvements to this system are planned. There are ideas in which only players who leave the game will loss TP (if they do not return within a minute), and the bots will not buy items.

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