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    oh god, so much non sense in this tierlist

    torv is trash tier (like far bottom in a realm of his own), term is god tier, inara is upperhigh, barik uppermid with ruckus, khan lower high, median mid would be raum and koa who are too situational, others are fine (yeah that is ash, nando and atlas lmao)
    top point tanks are inara and term (term is actually banned almost all the time)
    top off would be khan ash then ruckus (depending on maps)
    raum is great but situational

    for dps, top is BK
    then you got imani nessa and vik
    then viv, drog dredge cassie and lian
    then tib
    tyra sha and willo (sha would be much higher without his fps drop bug)
    oh and there's grohk but mmhh he's meh in this meta and situational

    top supports are grover Io and furia
    then you got damba pip ying and jenos
    then the others
    that is for main heal
    for offheal
    ying seris and skye are top (skye being situational) pip works too, and since grover is both main and off since the buff he'd be top anyway
    actually grover and Io are god tier atm, and both are often first picks

    as for flanks
    oh god
    top flanks are by far maeve and andro
    then buck and zhin (considering zhin plays guillotine)
    then you get moji and evie
    then lex (lex isn't bad, just low af mobility hurts him)
    then koga and talus

    oh and I'm not gonna rank corvus cause I haven't played him much and I'd have to see how well he'll do in both ranked and scrims, but I don't think he'll be a main heal, offheal why not, he seems a bit too risky to my liking tho

    I will be so glad when I won't have to correct all the nonsense you say in most posts you make...
    if you need reasons for everything I said above, I can make a freakin detailed tierlist with a list of reasons why each champ is in each tier
    you should edit you first post with current tierlist btw

    but cmon how can you put nessa and imani lower than sha x), or dredge lower than talus and koga, I mean I'd understand if there was some mistakes, like tiny mistakes (strix one tier above nessa is something a ton of people think) but come on dude, at least try to make sense by not putting talus high than half the champs for exemple

  • @TangAce said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    (lex isn't bad, just low af mobility hurts him)

    how can we even take you serious.

    Tier list is opion based, you xan make your own instead of complaining about others.

  • @TTraw Most common mistake for Corvus players is that they tend to focus on bouncing the marks right and lose sight on the damage, I've played quite some Corvus and I must say, someone whos pro at him will carry a game, healing for tons, blinking to you allies to help them out with healing and damage, ult (which gets back rlly fast) to contest the point or even get a solo kill. His ult is way underrated, anyone whos trapped in it for a short period is gonna get focused and is an ez kill.

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    dude there's something called meta, as much as I hate meta, it's there and it's not about opinion
    and I never said lex was good lmao, I just said he's not as bad as you guys think (I mean cmon he's even played in pro matches rarely, unlike stuff like talus who's never played on pc)

    do you seriously think that koga and talus are better than evie and half the champs?

  • @TangAce There are some minor. changes i would make in this list.. Talus is really under rated meta wise. I think he is in the cofrect spot on the list.

    Lex blows, when you see him being played by the PROs they are not playing flank... They are using him as a damage champ.

    I would also add that the reason Talus is so underrated and performing so poorly across the board is because no one is playing him as a flank. Almost every Talus player out there is playing damage Talus. It is people that believe so hard in meta that cannot see past it.

  • Wow! Io as best support! I remember when she was with seris at the "don't pick that crap"-tier and I was her only fan, convinced of her power to heal. Quick stats-check: Her winrate jumped from "almost as good as Furia" to "ridiculous". Holy shit. O_O

    Moji: Well, if you check flank winrates at Platinum, there is Moji, then long time nothing and then the rest. If you take "All ranks", Moji has 56% winrate and the rest is 52% and below. It's not like she is just the best, she is a class on her own. 🙂

    Willo: at Lower Low and 2 tiers under Tyra? Sorry but this is nonsense. She can fly and wipe the floor with Tyra. It's so fun to ult and watch her run around desperately like an insect (imagine Willo giggle here).

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 When even was Io crap? Literally never. Always top tier or just ok.

  • @TTraw said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 When even was Io crap? Literally never. Always top tier or just ok.

    When he made the tierlist for the first time. I complained and Io was moved up a rank or two. 🙂

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    yeah merc, this tierlist is probably good in low elo...
    but tyra and willo are so easy to kill... willo is better than tyra tho

    Io was always good or top tier what are you talking about? she got nerfed in S2 because she had near 100% winrate in ppl, and above 60% in ranked, but she was never bad even after nerf, and not in the current meta she does great because luna can contest point and kinda do inara's job a bit, and since it's solo tank meta...
    moji is heavily map dependent, hence why can't be top tier

    lex is played as a semi flank, because he lacks mobility, but he can be very impactful, while talus has one major problem being his rune, it lowers his pace by a lot because he got to cross the map everytime he tp, and using rune to heal in a fight is a big nono and is the best way to die
    as long as one is careful, then talus won't be a problem, a bit annoying at most, he comes, shoot, tp without achieving anything because healer healed and dps put talus mid hp... then imagine talus with an offtank, offtank is there, talus too, then talus tp and offtank is solo and dies cause he's alone, and so on, talus' rune just hurts the team too much for talus to be good
    only map I can see talus played is frogisle, because of the size of the map, and why not brightmarsh for same reason, any bigger map and talus is useless

  • @TangAce While I was reading your post, I assume you think Inner Strength is the best talent for talus. Well it isn't. Faustain Bargain is the proper way to play talus like a flank and might as well be the only viable talent he has in a high elo. 90% of the playerbase only use him with Inner Strength and think talus is weak and is played as a dps. Try playing talus with FB using a build with maxed Guts and Evanescent. The 40% near permanent speed and 30% DR while below half HP is his mobility and ecape. Take a look at @Shadowpuppy guide on the talent and its playstyle https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/2957/talus-faustian-bargain
    btw I agree about your opinion on Lex he is underrated but still needs a rework on his Q to be good as a flank rather than a dps hybrid.

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    @TangAce Go ahead and make your own list then. I call it mine for a reason, Mr. "Imani is broken" (I can't believe anyone ever said that let alone somebody who thinks they know everything ever). This is entirely based on my opinions of the meta, and your egotistical and somewhat laughable perspective on the meta while valid opinions have no bearing whatsoever on this thread. As for questioning Talus' placement, and putting it in your rank-obsessed language, I'm a tank main that can't play flanks and yet I can make him work in Plat/Diamond games with a Plat player's loadout. The misperception of him sucking comes from people picking the wrong talent and just throwing with him essentially when they could easily be outflanking the other team with enough effort put into it. Frankly he's only not higher because roots and stuns exist and are difficult for him to deal with.

  • @TangAce Talus is how i got to Plat 1.

    Everything you said is correct for people playing him wrong. I play fustian bargain and spend an insain amount of time in the enemy backline.

    i can say without a doubt that we may see request for Talus nerfs if more people start playing him this way.

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    you can't play faustian bargain for one reason, it's useless, you'll always use the rune when you reach low hp, and you will be low hp against any decent team
    sure in plat it works, everything works in plat
    even in diamond or in master it can work
    it'll never work in a real match with communication
    faustian bargain is basically a speed boost and that's all if you don't use the rune, and you have same issue than other talents if you use it...

  • @TangAce well that just proves you dont know what your talking about. I have played it in matchs with masters and it performs. It sad to see people so stuck in meta they cant see anything.

    Speed requires tactics to use and juat because you do.not know how to posistion doest make talus bad

  • @TangAce said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    everything works in plat
    even in diamond or in master it can work
    it'll never work in a real match with

    So it works in everything but grand masters, is what your saying... lol

    New flash, grand masters is the only real matches. I assume that is where TangAce plays.

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    All the unnecessary arrogance aside, he is right about the FB teleport being basically about a speed boost. If you're about to die then you have to teleport to try to survive which then puts you on a horrendous cool down. If you put the rune in a bad spot, which you likely will because it's all about keeping the speed up, then you're done. I can see it not working in a lot of situations.

  • @Vaporized The thing is, you dont need to teleport that often if you know how to play. Your fast enough to out position almost any one. I teleport maybe 1 or two times in a match. That is pretty much when i have made a dumb decision to go into something i had no business running into.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    @Vaporized The thing is, you dont need to teleport that often if you know how to play. Your fast enough to out position almost any one. I teleport maybe 1 or two times in a match. That is pretty much when i have made a dumb decision to go into something i had no business running into.

    I find myself teleporting a bit more often than that because I probably play a bit more aggressively (in a way you kind of have to when you get into higher level lobbies or against certain matchups), but I'd say it's still probably less than half the time I really use it. Evanescent's movement speed boost really allows you to go ham in their backline especially if you get Nimble on top of it (though at that point diminishing returns apply if I'm not mistaken). And you can have it nearly non-stop if you don't have to use the teleport.

  • @Dusklicious Yea nimble two gets you up to 50% movement speed level three gets you to 53% so i dont normally get level 3 nimble unless its the last thing.


  • @Dusklicious

    The thing is, is that Talus is already one of the fastest champs in the game at 390

    Zhin 390
    IO 380

    So 50% on top of already being faster than everyone else is huge.

    390 * 0.49628 = 193.54 + 390 = 583 Movement speed

    Most champs have to get nimble just to get close to matching his base speed.

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