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  • @SNIper-poTAto I agree about Skye. She is a solid flank/healer/damage hybrid. The low ranks of Seris and Kinessa are reasonable though. If you look at Vex30 tierlist for example, the poor only character down there at D is - Seris. Her winrate is low. I checked her winrate with soul-collector, it's 47% over all ranks (54% at Diamond though). Kinessa is a sniper and as such map dependent. If RockMonkey at Frog Isle plays her she is good, but for the average player at a random map not so much.

    @TangAce Vex30 has Strix higher than Kinessa, Randomnoob also - well, on the other hand he has "noob" in his name, so he has no idea probably. 🙂

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    depends maps and comps, and what they are used to, most pros play strix because he was really broken a while ago, so they play him better than nessa
    strix is easier to counter, that's why I'd say nessa is better or at least not worse
    but I can hear that strix might be better than nessa, why not, but don't put nessa 10 tiers bellow strix lmao
    still since her tp buff I don't think she's more than 1 tier bellow or above strix

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Winrate is an absolutely terrible way to determine the viability of a champion. I agree with @TangAce on the reason why kinessa is not being picked over strix in the PPL or PPC. And before s3, vex30 called Seris trash even at lower ranks although she was pretty strong at any competitive level. And after s3 happened, vex30 still had the same opinion even when she's much better now. Now all of a sudden he's saying Soul Collector is a viable strat for solo healer even when he said mortal reach is like his best talent in every situation in his eyes recently that is until @TTraw convinced him otherwise for almost years or whatnot. At this point I'm not going to value the opinion of any well known pro player towards champions who fall under either the low tier or underrated but decent category(Kinessa included). Better to play the champs yourself and have your own opinion. PPL players don't know everything.

  • @SNIper-poTAto said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    Winrate is an absolutely terrible way to determine the viability of a champion.

    Depends how you define "viability". If you define it as "personal opinion" then you are right.

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    @SNIper-poTAto said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    Winrate is an absolutely terrible way to determine the viability of a champion.

    Depends how you define "viability". If you define it as "personal opinion" then you are right.

    Viability to an extent isn't really that much of an objective thing. It's subjective to an extent. At least that's how I see it.

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    oh damn thank you for saying this
    that is so true
    by the way soul collector was always viable as a second heal, and now I'd say it's really great for offheal (and I've been playing soul collector since a pretty damn while)
    I could also mention how vex played a furia loadout that wasn't even that good (like self heal at lvl 2 lmao) yet everyone will listen to them
    anyway with my playtime experience and everything else, I don't consider myself being a ton worse than pro players in terms of game knowledge and strategies/gamesense, because I have really poor aim and still, I'm able to stand up there with all these players having godlike aim, just cause I know the game a lot and use my brain
    pro players are used to always play the same things, so they lack open mindedness, and it's more difficult for them to adapt to a meta shift, look how navi struggled so much during Io meta just because they couldn't play Io comps properly

    now imagine saying viability is subjective, honestly, there is nothing beside statistics that can be objective -.- so sure viability comes down to what people can achieve, yet there are things you can say are worse or better more or less objectively, so nice reply from you two really, cause it wasn't super obvious that most things in this world are subjective -.-

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    Imagine posting an opinion on the internet, on a forum with a few over-inflated egos that can't remotely understand the concept of an opinion. Anyways...

    Tier List 3.3 Week 2.jpg

    • Strix- Since I heard a lot of whining and moaning about Strix being too high (which didn't and still doesn't make any sense to me but whatever), here you are. Strix out of high tier. You happy now? This is the absolute lowest I could place him without feeling like I should get laughed out of the room. Problem with him is that you try to flank him and most of the time the coffin dance may as well start playing for you BECAUSE HE CAN TWO SHOT EVERY FLANK IN THE ENTIRE GAME EXCEPT BULK UP BUCK, FROM WHATEVER RANGE, WHENEVER.

    • Kinessa- Upon reflection and thinking about the games I've had against really good Kinessa players, I opted to place her a bit higher on the list. She has a decent amount of burst mobility and her damage output is pretty decent. Problem with her is that she can't almost constantly output it like Strix can, and she actually LOSES to flanks like a sniper SHOULD. Which really is a no-brainer if you rub two brain cells together and actually think.

    • Dredge, Ruckus, and Skye- All only really slightly higher. They're all still very counterable or in Ruckus' case, sacrificial, choices. I say sacrificial when referring to Ruckus here because you sacrifice having an off-tank with actual sustain or having a top 3 off-tank which are really just significantly better than the rest overall. Though when Vortex Grip gets nerfed in the near future, expect that 3 to become a 2. In the case of Dredge, he's a very easy flank and he can be quite map-dependent. Without long sightlines he can really struggle to output good damage, making him frankly pretty much unviable on several maps. As for Skye, I really think she was VERY much a flavor of the month pick before they nerfed her healing build and before people thought once again, maybe I should just buy ILLUMINATE? Or better yet, just have decent game sense?

  • @Dusklicious Playing dredge at long range is a mistake. He works just like bombking, you get into close range and people just get deleted.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in Dusklicious' Tier List:

    @Dusklicious Playing dredge at long range is a mistake. He works just like bombking, you get into close range and people just get deleted.

    lol no. Dredge close range against characters who aren't also bad close up = you do some damage to them, but still get deleted. At least in Dredge's case you'll get some harpoon damage, but at the end of the day, it should rarely end well. But he does do well against Evie pretty much in general, one thing going for him.

    But I think this is a troll anyways because your guide is a bit more in line with what I said about Dredge.

  • Io - yeah. Willo - boo. Willo is the only dps I really have fun to play atm, even more than Dredge. She can steamroll other teams with her ult. Escape the flanks. Blow up death balling teams. Counter double support. Always fun to play except vs pro-gamer snipers.

    About Strix. The problem with tierlists is where to place situational champs. A high tier champ should work on every map so it makes sense to place snipers lower.

    The list looks very good now. Not many champs where I would say misplaced, like at the beginning, with Io low tier and Damba high tier. Only champs I see as misplaced in this list are Willo and Moji.

    Quick stats check. Io has reached 61%(!) winrate at Platinum. Insane. They buffed the 2nd best support while they nerfed the best one. Oh, and 63% winrate on Diamond, rofl. Hirez balancing at it's best. Furia who is still number two has 53%. BK is still the King of damage at Platinum. Lex is in the statistic where he is in the list. Buff the guy Hirez, give us the air slide. The worst champ of all is Atlas (41%) the never winning miracle with the high tech gun.

    About Dredge. He is useless against airborne champs therefor Lower Mid is a valid placement. If the other team has just pedestrians he has better chances, also against flanks. After all he can shoot at the flank, teleport away, and the flanks remains with half HP at exposed position.

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