Buck cards changes (my suggestions)

  • @Supervlad007 I asked it, coz its actually not a buff, but a rework (it's rather a nerf, instead of a buff). So it wouldn't solve the problem its the worst talent (in your opinion).
    Bounce House interrupts many abilities, e.g. Seris' Shadow Traveler, so I don't think its havely countered by Resillance.

  • @KicsitCsicska heavily countered by res?
    I dont understand what you talking about?
    I mean every stun,criple effect stops your leap.

  • @Supervlad007 said in Buck cards changes (my suggestions):

    Bounce House every cc in the game such as stuns,cripple effects and all that conpletely shut's you down,but u have 30%dr (Damage reduction) for 4 sec's so unless u facing 2 or 3 oponents you will be fine.
    While with ensnare if u miss your net shot,there is no benefits from it like no bonus dmg,no healing from card "Bully" and if no bonus dmg from talent,then why even picking it?

    The 30% damage reduction is not from Bounce House but from the Momentum card. So you can have it even if you miss net shot. Net shot is more reliable since you don't have to attack with a jump.

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  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Well,yeah ensnare is more conistent i guess,even if u miss net shot u have 5 sec's cooldown for it which is not really big,while with Leap u missed or used it u have 10 sec's.
    But i still dont understand why did they nerfed ensnare,like nobody even bothered to play with this talent and now its pretty much the worst among all of the talents...

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    Stomping Ground need 5s cooldown and zhin Fan the Flames also on 5s cooldown cause this character can get kill fast so its easy for them too spam this skills

  • @roiwtto999 Zhin change ok
    Stomping grounds 5 sec,really u know getting kills on buck is not ez,espically if u not playing with blBounce house or Ensnare.Really dude there is a exilirate card for buck to reduce cooldown on F when land and it has 5 sec cooldown,ehy stomping grounds?

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    @Supervlad007 not ez you say 2 hits on head or kill a near death player is ez cooldown if you do a correct cards you can make the jump to 2s or 1s cooldown only

  • @roiwtto999 2 Hits on head,but before u say anything u gotta hit the head.So its not ez which means getting kills is not ez too without headshot it takes 3 sec's for buck to finish off oponent.
    Yeah,u can make it so u have 3 sec cooldoen on your leap and Q,but u gotta kill someone to use Stomping grounds,but if somebody is killing your enemy who u tryed to kill with your leap or shotgun.Bassicaly if someone steals your kill u dead u have 10 sec for your leap and your therapy is not gonna save u.
    Lets be real its Paladins,like anyone can steal your kill,without even realising that you playing with Stomping grounds.
    So i guess your nerf to Stomping grounds is completely irrelevant,due to how hard its actually is to get a kill,without someone stealing one from you.
    So this card is pretty risky and you suggesting to nerf it to the ground where Buck not gonna be fun or viable champ to play as.Like even 3 sec's of your leap cooldown after a kill is still 3 sec's like you can die in 2 because of strix and maeve with jenos 15%dmg buff.
    So idk whay were u thinking while writing this comment...

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    @Supervlad007 but killing a near death enemy by jump chase kill rinse and repeat also if you use the talent on net 30% dmg boost or jump dmg it can do extra boost on dmg

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