March Happy Thread

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    It's Spring, the perfect time for Spring cleaning and taking down that Christmas tree you've been putting off for the past 2 months.

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    Continuing my items comment. This is the items more experience players get.



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    Enemy Seris level 328... You think that's a main? Unreal.



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    Maybe if there is no damage they should put another role in there?

    20200301174513_1.jpg 20200301174532_1.jpg

  • @DaddyOoker That game is proof people can be very unselfish...

    How nice.

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    I have the invisible Seris skin πŸ™‚


  • @DaddyOoker said in March Happy Thread:

    I have the invisible Seris skin πŸ™‚


    @TTraw @KicsitCsicska

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    Well, those Andro wins were great while they lasted. Just fed a game with Andro, pretty bad. 🀣

    Though it was like they knew exactly where I'd go and when, so I can be happy that it wasn't because I had bad teammates (even if the tank wasn't too great). It was because I played badly, but also because I was against a team that knew how to deal with me. In other words, I LOST FOR THE RIGHT REASONS! YAY! πŸ˜„

    Also in the process of getting my Fat Cardio Barik video on YouTube. It's kind of a shame it won't work next patch, but it's for the better. After all, a build like that should never work! πŸ˜†

  • @Demigod New horse champion, sweet!!! What is his ultimate ?

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    @Shadowpuppy said in March Happy Thread:

    @Demigod New horse champion, sweet!!! What is his ultimate ?

    Ultimate - Bucking Bronco: Upon activation for 4 seconds spin wildly in a circle kicking with your hind legs dealing 800 damage to enemies hit and knocks them at a 45 degree angle for 800 units.

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    Heard something interesting that would make Zhin Gullotine seem not quite as busted (but still busted) if its true.

    Also, I JUST ALMOST GOT A BARIK PENTA. WAT. Though still have to say doing 20k more than everyone else as a tank and hard carrying wins again feels nice.

    EDIT: I'm actually in the process of submitting that near penta to Top 5 Plays. Better than a good few of the plays they put on the show, so I could see it making it for next week's show. Not an excellent play, but it did pretty much secure an objective capture and we're talking about Barik here, a champion that normally gets a lot of assists but not a lot of kills.

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    After getting all those losses with Barik, I had this absolutely insane game, where I once AGAIN got a near penta, never died, and got 700 credits over everyone else in the match. Also, 21 kills in a 10 minute game as Barik? Should that even be possible? I guess you can do that with just about anyone when you main them for long enough.


    Though where is everyone?

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    Today’s Paladins release contains major updates to our server technology.

    These changes provide a stronger long-term backbone for the game. However, there will likely be some issues and unexpected downtime as we stabilize the technology.

    Prior tech:

    New improved tech.

    Edit.. It's possible it was a network upgrade so maybe it's more like this:


    New improved:

    This will help...

    PS: Just a joke.

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    From what I can tell, this update might actually be the next patch... I'll edit this when I get to the point of telling or not.



    EDIT: Yep 3.2 is up. Had to queue to get in game though. Also, "Request Entity Too Large" is getting REALLY annoying. I can hardly take a screenshot of anything without it being too big.

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    @Dusklicious Try saving as jpg format instead.

  • Inspite of a few tech issues, I had a great win with a great team. Damn! I should have buddied up with them!

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    The lobby lag is so much better tonight. My first match we had a Jenos in the lobby but actually was a Seris when the frames came up. I'm like huh. After my second match it logged back in when I closed the scoreboard. At least it's playable. I still don't like the vaporized effect. It feels like I'm either full health or insta killed.

    Still have some effects staying when coming out of the spawn.


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    Well, game's working perfectly fine for me tonight aside from a few weird sound bugs. πŸ™‚ Got a game where I played badly and won anyway.

  • I don't know how many people give commendation points, but I do. And I did receive two points for leadership. That was pretty nice. I used to get a lot of compliments for leading the team when we had voice team chat, but since it's removal things have been quiet (other than the spam VGS).

    Thank you to those of you who do recognize players who do well. This can serve to further our Paladins community.

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    Not all that far from M30 with Andro or Grover. πŸ™‚ Both are at M28 right now, and I've been playing a decent amount of both in casual.

    Also, soon I might try for M100 Barik... πŸ˜›

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