March Rage Thread

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    @DaddyOoker @Dusklicious I wasn’t bad BTW, I bullied the enemy’s koga, grohk and jenos. How can I be bad??

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    Did you win?

    • No, I blame YOU just because and no way could I have been at fault.
    • Yes, game was won because I the supreme being carried YOU.

  • @DaddyOoker I have to say that flanks do in fact keep the tank alive. If they are annoying the damage enough it takes allot of presure of the tank...

    Some flanks play damage and that gets the tank killed. because they are not drawing the fire or attention needed, or they are dieing to much.

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    @Shadowpuppy True but some people expect the poor flanks to do everything. Kill the support, kill the dps. The rest of the team needs to create opportunities to make this possible.

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    I guess Furia still works. I don't get this accolades. I have top healing and top damage on my team so I get Calamity?

    1: a disastrous event marked by great loss and lasting distress and suffering
    calamities of nature an economic calamity
    2: a state of deep distress or misery caused by major misfortune or loss


    Something needs to be done about the scope sensitivity problem. I told my teammate how to fix it but it looks like the enemy didn't help theirs out.



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    Champion Icons still vanish after all this time?


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    Even with the new update patch it still not block hackers, the hacker i post in ticket is still online.....WTF is this new patch its buggy as hell and now hackers can do aimbot and wallhack cause no cam.....he got 47/5/9 on competitive match what the hell is this game doing.

  • @roiwtto999 what is the match ID so i can look it up on Guru?

    If your going to keep spaming the forums i would like to see a match with this person.

    47/5/9 what is the match number?

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    This post is deleted!

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    I love it when people say something that's obviously a personal attack isn't a personal attack with an essay long strawman.

    Seriously, people on Steam review boards are petty and hypocritical.

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    @roiwtto999 We do not permit the act of Naming & Shaming, also known as Witchhunting, on the Paladins Forums.

    Reports system really work. I don't work in EM, so I don't tell you that, what they want etc. I just use this feature myself and work every time (sometimes after one day, sometimes after a week, the reported person gets a ban). Spam never helps.

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    Until today AFKs seemed nonexistent. I knew it couldn't last. Got my first loss for this patch today due to AFK.... Next match enemy had two AFKs. They're friggin back... UGGGGG

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    What is the cancel for if it doesn't cancel? Also got some crap.



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    I've never encountered this scope bug on snipers, but it just lost a ranked game... Must be a serious problem.

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    @Dusklicious said in March Rage Thread:

    I've never encountered this scope bug on snipers, but it just lost a ranked game... Must be a serious problem.

    It's the scope sensitivity setting has been set to -20. It's serious because so many people aren't aware of it. It's causing a lot of snipers to AFK - on top of the usual AFKs. When I see a sniper I ask if they fixed it.

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    I absolutely love it when I get a useless teammate that blames ME because they have no idea what they're doing. Like a Koga I had last match pretty much just fed and blamed it all on me. Also didn't help we only had one tank... It's almost like you're supposed to be incompetent with people like this, or else you're the problem because you have 2+ functioning brain cells.

    Also he fed a free kill and said look behind you while I'm securing what should have been a free kill on a very problematic Sha'Lin. The kill was free and it would have had so much value at that point, but nope he just dies and blames it on me. That was also after he TOLD ME TO DO THAT. I mean if he did, you know, what a flank SHOULD do in that situation and follow up, we would likely have swept most of their team as long as the backlines didn't have bad positioning.

    Diamond Ranked by the way... 😠 And I get arrogant and bad players like that, IN DIAMOND.

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    @Dusklicious looks like the Brainshit champions have raised their rank.

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    Explain to me. HOW DOES SOMEBODY NOT KNOW HOW TO USE WILLO'S DEAD ZONE. Seriously, I just had a Willo that spammed VVGG the entire match and right clicked a grand total of twice.

    Oh and they blame the healer because they must have no idea how to right click (in that case, they shouldn't be playing the game in the first place). Or they were purposefully trying to piss everyone off. Those really are the only two possible explanations for that f***ery.

    YOU KNOW IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO USE, YOU KNOW, THE ONLY GOOD PART OF THE WORST BLASTER IN THE GAME? Nope, just flanked, died, and did nothing to help cap objectives. NOT A SINGLE THING. I have no idea HOW that f*** only had six deaths when I could swear they were ALL OVER THE WRONG SIDE OF THE KILL FEED.

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    All of this throwing makes me sick. Just had a team that pretty much ignored me the entire game and acted like I didn't exist. Of course, we lost pretty badly... Between the last 3 or 4 games I've probably reported about 10 people. 😡

    Also, hope you don't have to first pick in ranked right now. Pretty much no matter what you ban SOMEBODY will whine about it and ironically call you salty (it's ironic because in the very act of doing so, they prove that they're salty as f***). And then you ask them what they want to ban, AND THEY DON'T ANSWER! I mean at that point it's quite obvious that you might as well dodge anyways, because they're obviously trolls who intend to lose the match.

    Also, Tiberius is a bad ban? Really? I have a hard time finding how anyone could reasonably come to that conclusion. He's got a lot, and I mean a LOT of damage, good mobility, a great ult that is one of the if not THE fastest charging in the game with Morale Boost plus rank 5 of the ult charge card, AND HE JUST GOT BUFFED. I mean this has nothing whatsoever to do with him being the newest champion. He's just really, REALLY strong. And I also got fussed at for banning BK, which doesn't make much sense to me either. His nerf did almost literally nothing. In fact, I saw people in PTS debating that it could even be a buff (which it isn't, but it's not much of a nerf surely).

    I'm just going to add this here: avoid ranked right now. It's REALLY bad, as high as DIAMOND games are won and lost based on which team has more idiots on it. Every Inara I've ever seen runs the wrong talent, People STILL ban Koga and Zhin and EVEN TORVALD though none of them are remotely worth banning anymore, oh and what I already mentioned. If you pick good bans as first pick, you'll get a load of toxic nonsense flung your way. Must be better to ban garbage than top tiers, right? Anyways, point of adding this rant: don't play Ranked right now, it's absurdly toxic even compared to normal.

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    @Dusklicious I have to laugh that you thought it would be any different in higher ranks 🙂

    Friggin BK in the hands of a good player is insane.

    Had one on the enemy yesterday - likely smurf.

    Tiberius complaining that I suck blah blah blah. You friggin kill the BK cause I can't and he got Illum L3 so I can't get near him now. End of match Tiberius says he's (Tib) top flank. Except I was the top dmg and the BK really was the top flank. I also made the game winning set of kills. DF moron.

    Remember my comment the other day about the team has to create opportunities for flanks to be effective? I as the flanker was creating opportunities not the other way around as it's supposed to be. Besides, Skye isn't a real flanker.

    Edit: I wanted to commend the Tib for being top moron. Why isn't that an option? Joking... sort of.
    I wanted to commend the enemy BK but can't do that either.

    The commendation system is for the dogs.

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