Some hard problem who must quickly be set for paladin to become a good game again

  • We will start slowly with the least important between large quotation mark !! The balance of to say politely that she is to shit! Like a flank that can just destroy a whole team by staying depressed on the left click me I just say no! Half of the flanks need a good nerve and no useless nerves like "lol we will reduce the ammunition zhin lololol" not just no it's useless!
    Then the match making ... BORDEL that the making is coding with the ass! I fall with level 50 players in my games while I'm almost level 300! I do not find it normal at all. It is not NORMAL and I insist on the word NORMAL to have a level equator of 300 in a game between two teams! THIS IS NOT NORMAL FUCKING.
    And to finish the bugs ... they are well diminished I agree with that but it is still full that ruin the game ... kind that we can kill Lian during his ult, or the damage that is inflicted while we got the shield out ... and still plenty of other.
    AND TO REALLY END HI BOX !! Boxing hits are even worse coded than match making! It's still the basis of a game! It is not normal to be hit by a direct shot while we are behind a wall! Hi rez it would be time to wake up a bit and stop protecting yourself behind the "it will be the best year of all time" "we worked well on the bugs" because it's just not true. All you do is add bugs to update. You add skins when you are asked for CORRECTIONS of all the problems! The skins are not important! It's not thanks to the skins that we play the game! So wake up if not at the end of the year the game paladin will end up in the trash games that are dead because of their development!

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  • Well it seems that the team of hi rez are unable. If you say it's not that hard why do not you? Do you have the answer to that? I have it. Because it's developers who are just unable to do their job properly. You just have to be rethinking at one point and stop hiding behind apologies.

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    To start off, balance is poor, it feels like a flank can just destroy an entire enemy team by holding left click all game. Hirez thinks they can simply balance by nerfing factors as unimportant as say Zhin's ammo count for example. That doesn't stop his pressure and damage! Onto the second point, matchmaking: the algorithm seems terrible. I get level 50 players in my games when I am near level 300. This simply isnt normal to be putting such new players with more experienced ones so often. Another point is bugs: its true many have been fixed but so many more strange ones keep appearing out of the blue that ruin the game! Like right now Lian can be killed while ulting, and many times i get damaged while my shield is up. And finally the hitboxes of this game don't make any sense. Having good hitboxes is the basis of any game. It's not normal to be hit by direct shots while behind a wall. Hirez you need to wake up and stop ignoring these problems with comments like "this year has been the best for playercount" and "we will resolve all the bugs with 'the hunt'". All you do is create more bugs and add skins when we instead ask for stability and polish, I certainly dont care about skins they aren't the reason many players play your game. If you don't focus on whats important I fear this game will end up dead.

    Tbh the points are kinda valid but still seems like a rant to me

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