General balance issue

  • I’m a firm believer in buffs over nerfs. Certain things come up every once and a while that obviously need the nerf hammer (thank you Zhin Damage Immunity nerf). Every character should feel “really good”, just not OP.

    That being said, I’d love to see champs more on par with each other. I suggest looking out for suggestions by pros who main that role. Vex30 and Rubbu especially, as tanks and supports feel a little weak right now. They have tier lists and give some super constructive criticism.

    Tanks (especially lower tiers) feel like meat shields. Ash NEEDS to be able to damage things. Up her damage or make the splash deal full damage. Makoa could use a damage buff, it has insane fall off and is sort of hard to hit. Torv needs a rework lol. Also I feel you might have over nerfed my boi barik, but haven’t tried him yet. Only thing op was double time man.

    Supports need to feel impactful or really solid, like Furia and Jenos respectively. Grover and Ying are in good spots. The rest feel mediocre, they could use a little oomph. Except channel healers. Io and seris are either heal botting or not healing, and it feels bad. It would be easy to fix, just make it a faster channel or increase the healing.

    Item shop. RandomNoob has good input on the shop. Nothing needs nerfed really, but things could use buffing. Nimble, please, the game feels good with speed and mobility. It also helps get caut off and make caut feel fair to Supports. Heallllliiinng items. Feel bad. Rework veteran and as for the rest, either make them unaffected by caut, or give them a buff.

    I don’t want to talk too much about damage or flanks because they’re in flux a little and I almost never get the chance to play them. But Evie and Moji could use some love (moji slight rework). And pls make my man Dredge good, not a spammer being carried by a good front.

  • Makoa needs more damage on each shot. Nimble needs to be 20 then 40 then 60 or at least 15 then 30 then 45. Seris is a healbot; she needs to be able to damage more. Like reducing duration of heals.

  • @thenextyay Yea that nimble change would be silly. It should probably return to 10 20 30

  • @Shadowpuppy yeah really didn't understand the reasoning behind the nimble nerfs, it was such a good compensation for weaker characters to be able to move faster than a snail atleast

  • @OriginalEquinox They nerfed it because no one ever bought over nimble 2 so they assume that nobody even needed or wanted nimble 3 so lets make nimble 2 the new new 3.... But its only because it was so costly that you could never afford it after getting caut 3 and a couple other things.

  • @Shadowpuppy weird, after seeing it's potential I would even max it during short onslaught games at times or get tier two atleast while also getting caut and life rip etc. They should've just made it cheaper if their reasoning was what you mentioned

  • @GoatFlow About "Veteran"
    This item is actually good,but u need to know when to buy it,or when not to buy it.
    So 1 thing first this item gives u so much healing out of combat,which for tanks can be very helpful considering how long it takes tanks to regain all 5k hp(4600) back
    2 its useful without any healer in team.I know it happens very very,very rarely but still it can be helpful item for u to buy,plus Veteran cannot be countered by caut)).Which is a very good thing.Plus i find this item more consistent than kill to heal,just because u dont have to rely on getting something from your team.Which can be very terrible sometimes.
    But since u want a rework here it is
    Now veteran heals u for 3%More health out of combat,but now its actually giving u 100 more hp for your champion once you bought it.So max would be 300 more hp which doesnt seem so strong,neither op.
    So i guess that's kinda cool rework,plus i got few things to say
    1 Dmg champs not gonna buy it because instead of increasing healing out of combat or increase your health its better to just buy some defensive items like "Haven" "Blast Shield" and all that.
    So this would most of the time be tank item,thats it.

  • @Supervlad007

    Well its base out of combat healing is

    300 HP + 4% of their maximum health, per second
    takes 5 seconds to get out of combat

    Veteran adds %5 10% 15%
    So i assume you want to add 3% to each one so
    Level 3 would be 18% plus the normal 4% would be 22% + 300 Health a second

    4500 x 0.22 = 990 + 300 equals 1290 health a second

    Ash ultimate last 8 seconds
    so she could ult stand the doing nothing for 5 seconds go into out of combat healing and heal for 3870 before her ult ends


  • @Shadowpuppy hehe u forgot that even when ash ults she still can be stunned or crippled or hooker which can take here away.Plus u forgot that even tho ash ults and gets Dmg imunity she still can be hitted,yeah its kinda weird but thats how it is like every shot hit at you,even at ult stops you from healing out of combat and its actually applying caut too.
    I tested this out and thats how it works...
    But i still hope they would give something to veteran,like a litle buff for more hp or somethinf just to make people buy this.

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