• We all know that in almost every game we play in paladins, there is going to be at least 1 toxic person, if not the whole team (btw I need healing). To get to the point, we should let at least Casuals be a place with minimal toxicity. My idea is to make something similiar to TeamTrees, like TeamDetoxify (We need a better name please I know the name I came up with is cringe). Anyone who sees this should spread this in Casuals by chat, by telling them to not get toxic in at least Casuals, and should tell everyone to join Teamwhatever and spread the message. Don't say: "How would I make a difference?" , because only after everyone cooperates and spreads the message will Casuals or the Paladins community be better. I may have set my eyes on a difficult goal, but only after it becomes "our goal" that it will be achieved. Anyways now vote for me so I can be president.
    (I once again ask for your suggestions for a better name for my campaign.... ahm I mean a better name for this team or whatever)

  • It's a good idea. However, toxic people aren't going to care. You have Casual Toxic and Competetive Toxic.

    Unfortunately, it's not going to go anywhere. The only thing we can do is not to feed the toxicity, once the toxic person knows were not affected they will have no outlet to be toxic.

  • 50% of the toxic originates from the match maker.

    Causal , ok i get it ... i dont see the point in being toxic on a mode that doesnt matter if you win or lose. Like its just practice and you should not take it so seriously. Dont quit thats about as serious as it needs to be.

    Competitive though has the issue of qualifiers jumping in randomly into your matches blowing up the match maker and it screws you two ways.

    • you get get a qualifier that is on your team way outside thier skill level.

    • The qualifier is on the other team so the match maker puts this random silver in your diamond match to balance the teams out.

    It would not be so bad if i could see the ranks in the draft mode... This guy is silver, he should not be the main damage or the healer. Hey can you play off tank... Cool game not totally destroyed...

    But what happens is no one knows these two are way out of off base till the match starts.
    So the team that gets luckly and puts the low level at as a tank or even the flank does ok and the team that had him as main damage or healer gets destroyed

  • @Rauyne But I don't think its impossible to spread the message in at least Casuals.

  • @Shadowpuppy You misunderstood my point or I didn't explain well; what I was trying to say is we should all spread the message of not being toxic while playing casuals by ingame chat under one unified name.

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