The new Grohk

  • I did a few matches with new Grohk. Totemic ward Grohk seems still to be bad as main healer. He can stack 3 totems but since he is has to drop totems all the time he hardly manages to actually stack 3 totems. 500 heal with 2 totems is not that much. Fast champs like Maeve can hardly be healed with totems. His 40% speed buff on totem is insane though. On slow pedestrian champ like Ruckus can suddenly dodge shots.

    Spirit's domain feels weak now healing only 500 instead of 900. I didn't try out Maelstrom yet.

    The new Ghostwalk is quite nice. Run around the corner and put a totem to heal up. Did they secretly nerf Grohk's damage btw? It feels like I don't do damage anymore with the staff.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0

    Totem ward doesn't feel good. I was getting my dailies on Onslaught training, everyone bunched up, bots taking one path and just feeding . Easy benchmarking. Yeah it felt more active slamming the totems down, but the results weren't impressive at all. It takes 2 totems to heal 1 squishy in a reasonable timeframe... it took one totem before. All the rework did was make it so I don't ghost walk for healing as often in exchange for removing the only reasons I picked Totem (CC protection and % of max health heals). Now the only reason I'd pick Grohk is to rush the team to the point with a path of totems. Which is what his ult does.. so one of them's pointless, or at least redundant. Spirits Domain seems to be the only useful healing talent, it's half as good as it was BUT you can look at the enemies and allies instead of the ground the whole match trying to place your useless bandaids. I want to re-iterate that the totems felt useless against bots that weren't shooting them, I expect against humans they'll fare even worse. Lightning Grohk is only Grohk now.

  • @JackXombi said in The new Grohk:

    I expect against humans they'll fare even worse.

    I am not so sure about that. With old Grohk my tactic was to protect my totem. I place it behind the corner to heal myself and heal with the staff. Or I use the card that expands the healing range to heal myself and the tanks on point with the totem. The card that expands the heal range was removed. So the only chance to heal on point is to place the totems there. Then Dredge or Tyra bomb them away and I can't heal anymore.

    500/sec is simply not enough. I need 4 seconds to heal a squishy and 10 seconds for a tank if I - and that's the problem - hit 100% of my shots. Which means I can't do damage cause I spend twice the time healing than before AND are out of ammo twice the time. My old spirit domain loadout was with 10 point in ammo regen and max but this only makes sense if I get massive heal in return.

    A normal support heals up to 1K/sec. My support main atm is Io, and she can burst heal 3-4K if a tank is under pressure compared to that the new Spirit Domain is a joke.

    Only big bonus is "Spirit's Grace", a must have card, 40% speed is insane for a Tyra for example. But. In my opinion the worst card a healer can have is a card that boosts others like "Luminary". It's fun to have luminary for everyone in team except Jenos himself. I loved playing Torvald before he became the bubble-bot. I wont play Grohk the speed-bot.

    So all in all the rework failed. Old Grohk was fun (and balanced) and new Grohk is unfun and weak.

  • New grohk is awful.

    The good:

    • Ghost Walk duration increase makes it feel like an actual escape
    • New ghost walk heal will give Grohk so much needed self sustain (when, ya know, it will actually work)
    • Moving old Outreach 5 to base kit and giving him range card make his totems better on wider open maps

    The neutral:

    • Ult change makes it more supportive than dpsy
    • His totem speed card is amazing, but not what he needed

    The bad:

    • Multiple totems is a terrible idea that made him do the same reward for twice the work and cd. It doesn't synergize well with totem clunky placement either, it doesn't feel fun to use and clutters screen on certain skins.
    • Spirits Domain nerf is still something that I need a whole paragraph of explanation why
    • Totem CC immunity was unique utility that needed small push to viability, not a useless rework that collides with Spirits Domain's purpose
    • Literally all totem cards nerf
    • Bounce range nerf. Because apparently being mediocre dps requires nerfs
    • HP card nerf (even thouh it's still 100/lvl on live) makes it more consistent with other supports, except other supports don't stand this close to tanks

    The missing:

    • Spirits domain still puts out of combat while healing allies. Wtf. If your spaghetti code doesn't allow to modify out of combat requirements without causing the game to fall appart on its own butthole, then simply code something that will work like out of combat regen while using the talent and healing ally
    • Weapon range increase. Since his staff has falloff damage, this would help spirits domain without overpowering dps grohk

    Suggestion what to do with him:

    • Keep "The good" changes and ult sidegrade, revert everything else
    • Add "The missing" changes
    • Rework Healing Rain into "Gain {20|20}% of Totem's healing value while you are out of its range"
    • Replace 40% bonus healing of Totemic Ward with 40% increased range.

    That's all I have to say.

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