August Rage Thread

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    nah the problem is that it's always like that, I'm seeing people who should be in high dia or master laying in plat or low dia simply cause this matchmaking is doing shit
    I can't understand how it can put 3 unranked in the same team, or 5 golds vs 2 masters 2 diamonds and 1 plat, how can it think it's balanced if the lowest player on a team in higher than the highest on the opposite team, okay maybe they are in party, but still why would you match them against players 3 divisions above?
    I don't like OW but at least their matchmaking makes sense, parties are against parties, ranks are similar between teams, it feels more balanced
    paladins machmaking works mostly based on team average lvl, so yeah thanks to that some low lvl will climb to diamond but they don't know how to play, it will ruin many matches before they eventually rank down, higher lvl players will get matched with lvl around 50 just because they ain't enough high lvl players so it needs to balance somehow, but the reality of this is simply that the team with at least one useless player will struggle and usually lose

    when I started the game 2 years ago, I was placed in plat, honestly I was playing like I'm still plat after 2000+ hours even tho I reached master, even tho I almost always have best stats in the game and at least in my team, I always feel like I'm destroying enemy team, but at the same time I feel like it's 1 or 2 v5, then I see the stats and I understand...always someone with awful stats, 1-2k less credits, sometimes there is even a bot, almost always one with not even decent stats, they usually have no gamesense
    tanks stacking, dmg playing like sniper farming on tanks, healers thinking they are tanks, people thinking flanks are superman who should win 1v3, people spamming vhs when they are miles away from heal range, and so on
    the only way to climb is to have someone to play with, even better, playing with a smurf, ah yeah that makes it way easier
    the last few days, I stopped playing paladins at al, only playing when my friend plays, and eventually solo on console ranked where I just end up being 1v5 because the lvl is so low on console and the matchmaking is even worse...

  • PC - I don't know what to say. I out damaged my entire team as IO. The Maeve was murdering us. My team was allergic to caut for most of the game. (I'm Zhin) - IO healed 300 - that's not a typo. Two bots - is there no bot code for IO?

    Word of advice. Don't play live matches when you're sick or you will end up with this. Not all of these are my fault but still.


  • @TangAce I think I also faced you sometime, and you had the master frame. The MM is really unfair sometimes, but when 5 gold/plat is against 2 dia/master and 3 unranked it's a two-chance match. Masters can carry the matches as the MM knows it as well. I think it's not cause to rage until you still can reach good KDA.
    E.g. I'm satisfied with this match, even though I lost:
    Our Zhin was a good DD, but he never flanked, so I had to flank the enemy Kinessa all the time... It was a shame but be a top healer flank Seris was funy as well 😄

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    oh yep I know you

    the problem is, the MM knows, but we don't, how can I know if my team is lvl 200+ plat or lvl 20 unranked? am gonna save them something maybe, and it would just be a waste, I gonna take tank or heal cause they don't want to eventually...or like yesterday we'll end up with no heal no tank just cause 3 lvl 20 ish unranked
    so yeah maybe 2 will be way better than enemy team, but it doesn't replace for the 3 others, 2v5 is hard, and frustrating

    I mostly lose with top stats while my team seems bot to me...the worst part is I'm often insulted for no reason...
    but anyway people insult all the time for nothing, especially against supports... I got insulted for playing pip dmg in casual (I took to heal but they all went flank...) -.- I'm tired of being a support who can't play support just cause MM and insults

  • @TangAce Yes, supporters are the most often insulted even when they have top heals and even by GMs while noone defend the supporter just wait for heal (from an already dead sup).
    If you suck than just blame the supporter, ez 😄
    Anyways there are some terrible supporters in the game, I usually experiance it while im tank and don't get a single heal until 0-3 match stat. Last time I saw a Furia with 250 total heal in Kreepers' new video 😄
    Ppl just used to blame the trash healers and they do it even when they have a good healer, just the enemy is stronger.

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    usually people who insult me as a support are the one playing the worst, they ask for heal when there are 3+ walls between them and me, I get flanked but usually I can defend myself, but of course I can't heal during that time, or people overextending so far even with 300% range I can't heal them...

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    how is it allowed to be with the same 4 players twce in a row when they are unranked or silver and I'm diamond? of course enemy is full gold/plat
    just how can the MM allow this
    worst is I destroy enemy team, even managed to win one barely, but just why would you put me with them a second time? just to see that they are rly bad? they were all newbies just starting the game...

    link text
    link text

    what's even worse is that there is at least an entire division difference in average rank between teams...

  • I still see FL rushing alone into blaze of glary 1 v 5 when their support is dead and they respawned first. And then, when they are gunned down within a few seconds, VHS spams started.
    Just saw it last night when I was trying out running Viktor build (Grover was the supp harassed this time), what the heck is going on? It's 2019, think a bit ffs.

  • @TangAce that is disappointing. Sorry.

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    Not my best IO match - still sick too. Anyway, I know it's casual but why are the front lines allergic to rejuv these days? Meanwhile the enemy always has it.

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    I've done that when I think the match is toast - I don't spam VHS though.

  • Lian makes me salt so hard. Good god.

    It's like fighting a robot. You can't escape from her because she has two moves that auto aim at you. Even with haven, she still manages to snag my ass. Its frustrating.



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    @AYYDIMITRI said in August Rage Thread:


    This is somewhat understandable, ash is going to get a new skin soon. Buck, however...

  • @marantzz Yeah ha, when they run out of skin ideas so they ask the community to make them.

    There is many environment, lore, theme skins that ought to be done but.... meh.

  • Why are people so scared of playing tanks? I haven't had one match today with a single tank on my team unless I play them.

    Come on guys. Stop trying to get your frags for your montages nobody cares about and give your team some bulk.

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    can we play on other maps than fish market and bazaar? plus these are among the worst map in the game...

  • I was playing ranked on EU and suddenly transported to SEA
    WTH ?

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    @Gao-Shun said in August Rage Thread:

    I was playing ranked on EU and suddenly transported to SEA
    WTH ?

    I had the exact same issue a while ago, I got put in australia for some reason, the match after I was back in EU

  • @DaddyOoker said in August Rage Thread:

    I don't know what to say. I out damaged my entire team as IO. The Maeve was murdering us. My team was allergic to caut for most of the game.

    • IO healed 300 - that's not a typo. Two bots - is there no bot code for IO?

    I know reporting for bad performance is wrong,

    but if they don't know how to play, thats feeding right? and reportable?

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