How to fix bugs - Sands of Myth update

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    Bug: Kinessa/Strix scope don't work.
    Solution: Change scope sensitivity is settings (ESC --> Settings --> Controls --> Scope Sensitivity)

    Bug: I don't hear voice lines/Announcer pack voices. (Fixed)
    Solution: Changing the game language to English temporarily helps. This will be fixed soon, but there is no other solution at the moment. How to do it?

    • Steam
      • Right click on the game in library --> Properties --> Language --> English
    • Consoles
      • In this case, unfortunately, you need to change the language of the entire console.

    Bug: I can't start the game. During startup, an error pops up that I have missing .dll on the system.

    1. Reinstall the software from the Redist folder. To do this, go to the game folder (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Paladins\Binaries\Redist) and run the file UE3Redist_vs2012.exe
    2. Update the system
    3. Download and install this software:

    Bug: I can't get access any of the training modes?
    Solution: Change crossplay settings to "allow all". (ESC --> Settings --> Controls --> Crossplay --> Allow All)

    Bug: I have lags/delay/other weird bugs in the game caused by servers
    Solution: Unfortunately, there is no solution - you have to wait. Servers for most people are already working properly (in addition, they are actually faster than before the upgrade).
    In short - server technology has also been updated during the latest game update. Thanks to this, there is finally a chance to get rid of, among others delay in the game when you select the champion in the lobby. This will also speed up loading of matches.

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    Voice packs / Announcers is fixed now!

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    This post is deleted!

  • Servers on EU crashed again...hi rez u can do something whit servers EU? The Euro zone servers are working very poorly. The developers completely ignore the technical problems of the Euro zone players. Is this attitude going to change at all?

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