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  • Barik guide, lots of details, lots of playstyles, and how to deal with enemies.

  • @maczerofun There is one rule this guide breaks preventing me from adding it to the list. I do not see a strong argument against tinkerton. If you can remove that throw pick line out of your guide then it looks detailed enough to add though it is pretty hard to read.

    Basic Rules for Guide Creation

    Guides should focus on what you have experience playing well, NOT on what you believe to be trash.
    Example: I play precision Lian, If i create a guide it will be on how i play that and succeed with precision, not why i do not play the other talents. I am really good at playing precision Lian, however my skill in that play style does not make me an expert in how to use the other talents or even other loadouts.

    Coach to your experience and knowledge of what you play frequently.

    Do not coach to your bias of things out side your experience and knowledge.

    If you suck at Precision Lian then that is not the area you should be discussing in your guide

    Guides should encourage new players to trying something fun or learn something new.

    They should not be used to discourage new players from exploring new play styles.

    If you are doing an overall guide that includes all the talents of a champion and you would like to explain why you would not use a talent in competitive, I am ok with this so long as you have a strong argument to back up your claims. That argument should be based around why the talent in question is not viable, NOT why another talent is better.

  • @Shadowpuppy
    I've edited the guide with a full section about Tinkeren, when to use it, and why not to use it.

    But, you are contradicting yourself, the other guide on Barik posted by Dusklicious does not even mention that talent.
    plz fix.

  • @maczerofun You miss understand. You dont have to. mention anything, tinkerton doesnt have to be in your guide... The rule is you cant just make statments that this talent os trash or a throw pick.

    I do not want our guides to discourage new. players from exlporing talents. Exploring new builds is allot of fun. But i understand that some talents are not viable so if your going to mention a talent as bad and recomend not using it, then there should be an articulated reason way you have deemed it so.

  • @Shadowpuppy Well the argument against Life Link was also not convincing. After all the benefit of Life Link is not to increase the maximum healing output on a tank by adding Luna heal to Io heal.

  • @Shadowpuppy I've addressed it in the guide as I said so it should be added, and I even removed the words (throw talent) from the guide, check the section between //////
    so I think the guide should be added.

    And in regards to enjoying the game, I also have a troll guide (that has a high winrate and K/D/A demonstrated by screenshots) which is this one for Dredge:
    and I don't want this one in the database because I know that it's a casual only build and have that in the title.
    The Barik guide seems to have gotten approval from a lot of community members and they even called me out for not mentioning never ever removing any points from double time 5 even though all the loadouts have that (except the CC one).

    The 2 distinctive cases of having Both healing and only Io healing are detailed, on the Io guide, and the point of Life Link is losing the early game advantage of a near invincible flanker (8 seconds to get killed).

    Life link on Caut1 does not make you (Io) take 1 more shot to stay alive if you're alone, you need to stay alive for 3 whole seconds (exactly the time you need to kill the enemy flanker by the way) in order to tank 1 more shot, once Caut2 is online, that no longer happens to be the case.

    The math details are good enough

  • @maczerofun I looked at the rework and it explains your reason well enough. But there is a typo in body shot damage.

    Barik does 500 body shots not 600.

  • Fixed, thanks for that ❤

  • PC

    Have a guide up for choosing a point tank. Unfinished Work in Progress, only have sections on the main three.

  • @Dusklicious ill add it Tonight or Monday when im at my desktop...

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