Lian Precison


    Precision is viable when played correctly.

    Manifest Destiny x 5 --> (Increase dash travel by 25 units)
    Inheritance x 4 ---------> (40% Cooldown reduction on elims)
    Superiority x 4 ---------> ( Plus 4 Ammo)
    Eagles Emerald x1 -----> (1 ammo per person hit with Valor)
    Heraldry x 1 ------------> (Reduce presence cooldown on hit)


    Precision damage after 4 shots
    512 body shots
    768 head shots

    This build is a positioning build, if you do not understand what good position is, i would advise you to read the
    Death & Position guide before trying this out.

    This build gets allot of value out of eliminations.
    -2 seconds off Grace
    -3.2 seconds off Valor
    -6 seconds of Presence


    • This is not a presence reset deck, you should not just waste it firing it at the first person you see.
    • Since hitting your presence is not your combo you are not punished for missing it.
    • It does get reset allot form the eliminations card so do not be overly greedy with saving it.
    • This skill goes through everything except shields so do not tunnel vision on what is in front of you. Aim for the back-lines or healers hiding behind the tank


    • Valor is the same damage as your left click, you should not use it as a burst skill.
    • It hits everyone in your vision, so you get credit for the elimination for anyone about to die
    • The ammo card gives you 1 ammo for everyone hit, 1 point cant give you 5 extra ammo

    Lian with 14 to 16 round before reloading is pretty crazy if your hitting the shots.

    • 14 rounds at 400 damage is 5600 damage without using your other skills or calculating precision.

    400 + 428 + 456 + 484 +512 + 512 + 512 + 512 + 512 + 512 + 512 + 512 + 512 + 512 = 6888 damage

    I do not hit every shot but i do not have to !!!! Extra ammo equates to room for error, and this deck is built around shooting like your a pro already. All the extra ammo takes the stress off shooting and allows you just to get into a rhythm and once you find that rhythm you will start to excel at the champ.

    Effectively using the Dash Mechanics


    • Grace is very good at catching people of guard.
      30 units base + 25 units... 55 units in an instant is the golden goose of this build.

    • Dashing off high ground increases the distance to a level that makes lian just appear in places no one expects.

    • Playing this build is going to require you to dash off all the high ground to learn where you will land. Dashing up stairs will send you flying right off the map in some locations. Stairs are ramps with this build.

    • Dashing behind a terminus or low shield tank is also really good.

    The map knowledge section will highlight some handy dash locations.


    Lian is one of the best cauterize champs in the game. Every skill she has counts as a weapon attack meaning that everything she does applies cauterize.

    • You should priorities cauterize over everything else PERIOD
    • Lian fires once every 0.45 seconds and cauterize last 1.5 seconds. 3 missed shots is 1.35 seconds.
    • So cauterize would drop in 0.15 seconds and Lian would fire again in 0.30 seconds. Meaning you could hit every 4th shot and the healer would have a 0.30 second window to heal without cauterize on them.

    Missing that much is unlikely however you can see that you do not need to be a pro to keep cauterize on someone.

    The build and extra ammo only add to that advantage

    • 8 rounds is expended in 3.6 seconds
    • 12 rounds is expended in 5.4 seconds
    • 16 rounds is expended in 7.2 seconds

    The other thing to note is i have discussed how you can miss a ton and keep caut on people. Well you can also hit every shot and keep cauterize on two or 3 people. Plus grace and Valor hitting everyone. Lian is the Queen of Cauterize

    This is not a stand around and shoot from the backline build. Its not a flanking build either. It requires that you move around to get good position on the enemy team and as such Nimble is fantastic with this build. It easy to hit your shots and Lian is so thin that she is already hard to hit and nimble just makes her that much more difficult hit.

    There are other items but they are all just match dependent. I would focus on the two above and pick up what ever you feel suits you. Haven & Master Riding are always good choices.


    • Makoa Ulting --> Head Shots = Crazy how fast he dies
    • Dash range will put you just out of range for allot of people to commit to killing you.
    • Flanks will dive you only to find that you 55 units away and they have to hard commit or run away.
    • You should not wait for the flanks to jump on you, if you know they are coming just rotate away from them.

    The Bright Marsh dash is a good example of you fighting from your side of the map and you see a flanker peeking and poking and you know they are just waiting for a movement skill to come off cool down to dive you. You can move over and dash to the other side of the map, kill the healer with a presence to the back and start burning the tank only to find your self shoot the Buck on your side of the map from where his healer was standing.

    • This is not flanking, this is rotating away from threats, I need to make that clear, this is not a flanking build however, sometimes the safest place to be is on the enemies side of the map. Knowing when to rotate is the part of positional play that you have to learn to make good use of mobility skill that have a high up-time like lians every 5 seconds.

    Map Knowledge

    Lians greatest weakness is mobility, she has it allot but it does not really take her far enough to be viable running around the map. If you are not going to be moving around, this is not the build for you. The dash range will get you outside of any blaster damage that tries to dump on you. It also gives you the ability to quickly reposition when you see an opening.

    This build may take several rounds to master as you need to learn how to use the new dash distance if you want to get the value out of it. Do not use your dash for damage, it can be damage if your using it to rush some one however, do not waste it for 400 damage.

    The dash can cover huge amounts of ground when used off high ground.

    • Timber Mill you can dash off the roof into these side rooms on point.

    • Bright Marsh you can dash across the dock side

    • SplitStone you can dash off high ground into the enemy teams backline

    Game showing me using this build


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    @Shadowpuppy Where can I get these maps arts?

  • @DambaKing they are on the wiki

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