Tips to Improve Playing Flanks



    Three types of flanks

    • Damage
    • Dive
    • Nuisance

    Each flank excels at one of these areas however people that have truly mastered the art of flanking do all three.

    • Damage flank is in short when a flank resorts to straight up damage roll, aka Androxus on point firing an entire mag into a tank or busting shields has shifted to a damage roll.

    • Dive flank is running in to kill a high value target and will likely die because of it. Many people seem to think that this is what a flank should be doing exclusively.

    • Nuisance flank is not putting down excessive damage or kills but is maintaining a presence in the enemy back-line.

    These are the rolls you can play but what is your job?
    There are many ways of doing your job so it can be hard for people to understand what they should be trying to achieve!

    People have come to believe that a flanks job is to kill people and that is not true at all. It is only one of the ways in which you can perform your job. But everyone can kill people so you do not need a flank for this.


    • Draw Fire
    • Kill People
    • Pull People Away From Point
    • Control an Area that a champs excels at
    • Dismount
    • Maintain attention

    All of these are ways in which you can reduce pressure on the point fight. Killing people is the most effective as it removes that pressure for the longest duration, however if you die in the process of that kill, it loses the value and just becomes a trade.

    If people are shooting at you, you are doing work....
    Do not underestimate the value of standing behind cover as a sniper is watching that door.
    If you can get the sniper to hyper focus on you and they are not shooting point, you have already won.
    Do not peek, do not attack just stand there and enjoy the small pleasures in life.
    Countering a Strix by being so scary they cant do anything else. 🤘

    Be sure to listen

    • Listening for sniper fire is a vital skill in the flanks tool box.
    • This is how you annoy a sniper without being killed.
    • It can seem like an eternity but if they are not shooting they are still scoped in waiting for you.
    • As soon as they shoot you either dive them or just poke them some more to make them look at you again.


    • Reducing point pressure without dying is what separates a great flank form a good flank !
      Keeping damage dealers from firing at your front line or support will win matches. The front line that is taking straight damage form the damage class is the front line that will have to retreat first, and as such is also the one that gets pushed hard. Once your front line is being pushed backwards the enemy team will take up spots of advantage. Once they have these positions it becomes much harder to push back in to retake.

    Have you seen a front line get on point and run away less than 3 seconds later?
    This is not a support or front line issue....
    This is entirely a flank issue....

    Allot of flanks make the mistake of hiding to much...

    Being sneaky is great however the value of a flank is relatable to police cars. Police would catch way more people doing bad things if they all drove different unmarked vehicles. They drive cars with signs and lights to provide a presence and that presence is more valuable that actually catching people as it keeps more people in the law than they could ever possibly catch.

    If you are hiding behind walls every point fight looking for an opening to kill something, you are doing it wrong.
    Yes your chance to kill something from a sneak attack goes way up and it can be valuable. I will discuss how, later in this guide.

    If you are hiding behind a wall for 10 seconds and your team is getting 4v5 on point, you have already likely lost that point unless your sneak attack turns into a triple kill. That triple is unlikely in upper level matches.... Once again people scared of you has more value then that sneak attack. That Cassie holding down the left side flank just trying to kill you with 20 arrows is way more valuable then her looking left and then going to point because she did not see you coming.

    Because you where hiding she just goes straight to point and blows up your tank. If you are going to hide it should be for maybe 2 seconds and no longer. Now later in the match after you have made your self known as the person that kills their entire team, hiding for extended periods can have value. Aka I am on a 30 streak with Androxus and I know that the entire team is hard focused on killing me. If you have made your presence known on the battle field then you can sometimes do your job by making the team try and figure out where you are.

    You do not want people to know what you are doing. If they know they will hard focus counter you.

    • If you are flanking every round that is bad.

    • If you are going to point every round that is bad.

    If the enemy team is hardcore counter flanking, you have options. Remember the goal of reducing pressure on point works both ways. If they are all watching all the flank routes that much then that means they are not putting pressure on point.

    • Go straight to point and delete the tank.
    • This will force the enemy to either go to mid or lose mid over an over.
    • Once they go to mid your flank options open back up.

    This is a good example of changing rolls to force the enemy team to play the lanes you want them in.

    • Providing more point pressure will draw the enemy team to point. Flanks are not good on point unless there is no real damage dealer watching it then they make excellent alternate damage dealers.

    • I find that this is a good way to start matches as everyone seems to be very anti flank at the start of a round, till thier tank complains that Androxus killed him 4 seconds into the point battle.

    I mentioned diving and it is a valid thing for flanks to do but it requires that you understand allot of things to work.

    • You cant just dive all the time it doesn't work, it can be better with master riding but for the most part you dont want to play like this

    • You need to be keeping track of who on your team is dead, who on the other team is dead and what champ is worth your death at this exact moment...

    Example: Everyone is alive on both teams, your tank is healthy and the other tank is retreating from a pounding. Diving this tank for the kill is worth your death, as its going to generate a ton of cap time. But if the second tank is a strong enough point tank to jump on point then then that dive is not worth it as you gain nothing but a loss of threat potential.

    Example: Same thing your healer just died and the other teams healer is getting away low health. Worth the dive for the kill as it will keep the other team from pushing your team to heavy as they don't have heals either. If your healer had not died it might not be worth the dive as you are part of the damage needed to really push the other team backwards.

    Diving the healer while the other team is trying to push is always value, as you will return around the same time as the healer and they will have a hard time pushing even a weak team without heals.
    Note: This statement is my opinion more than fact but i stand by it...

    Protecting Players The flank is the ultimate protector of everyone.
    It is your job to keep the support safe. You may be asking how do i protect the support and flank?
    The answer to that is PRESENCE !!!!

    You cannot always be around the support however, you should make a strong effort to be around enough that the other team does not just rush your support unchecked.

    It only takes one or two times of killing someone trying to kill your support and they will be more cautious about just diving them. The inverse of that is, if you provide no backfield presence ever and just auto flank the entire match then the other team will just be rushing your support at every opportunity and that is going to end in a loss. This is where hiding has value, if you are doing it to make a point about rushing your support.

    Be advised though, point pressure is still the main goal, this is secondary after you have made your flank presence known. It is a good way to achieve value when the other team starts hard focusing you.

    This is just another element in the bag of tricks...

    • Is he flanking

    • Is he protecting

    • Is he killing the tank

    WTF is this guy doing !!!!


      Cauterize is mandatory for a flank and should be purchased every round! Its simple, flanks have low health pools and they are not made for extended fights, the longer the fight goes on the higher the chance that you will lose it. Healing is the hard counter to flanks.

      Master Riding is just so good, it doesnt matter the map or champ really this is good all the time and i buy it almost every match This allows you to do some pretty crazy flanks routes. If you have read the Death & Position guide, Master Riding can get you past those sight lines before someone gets to visual range of them making them think that side is free when you are about to run on behind them.

    • DR

    I do not find the cards needed unless your main targets start picking them up. Just mirror what other people are picking up to keep it balanced.

    • NIMBLE

    This is really good when peaking high burst champions like Lian Cassie Shalin Strix.

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    I swear I'm not necroing x) I just forgot to reply to these a while ago XD
    anyway these guides don't go out of date so...

    you are kinda right and wrong when you say each flank excels at one role
    sure evie is better to annoy enemy backline for exemple, but she's also more than decent at poking and finishing of kills, in the end all the flanks can do these 3 things properly (and if they can't they ain't flanks but something else, like moji is more of a super bursty close range dps than anything, but these 3 points are the best way to know if you are playing a good flank or not, you should really think about that, try comparing talus and lex on these 3 points^^)

    you are too fixated on the point fight in your guides imo I mean it's kinda the goal but not really, the point is to either wipe the enemy team or make em retreat, if you can't, then you wanna secure the points by putting all resources into it, but only if you can't do anything else

    I'd say a lot of flanks make the huge mistake of committing too much rather than hiding too much, flanks are meant to be passive champs with active phases

    don't go for a kill if you think you might die after getting that kill, even if it's a tank or support (well depends on situation but most of the time it isn't good)

    for items, veteran can be a good option, rarely, but not to be overlooked, resilience too

    I could talk about flanks for hours honestly, it's the role I know the most I think, it's also the most complicated, there is so much to say, it requires a lot of experience and awareness and knowledge to be a good flank, and a great gamesense as well

  • @TangAce I can agree with everything you said here. Its probably not possible to put in writing all the elements to flanks as the role they play is very dynamic. Knowing when to alter tactics when to die and when to live is what separates flanks from people just playing the champ.

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    it's also a role that changes a lot depending on the enemy and your own team, as well as the map
    flank is the most versatile role (I mean they are meant to be versatile so yeah obviously)
    requires to be truly good at the game to be played properly

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