Cursed Revolver


    Androxus is a positional flanker that requires exceptional map knowledge.

    I would not advise that he be your first flank however he will teach you how to play flank without crutches.
    The reason for this is when Androxus is played even remotely wrong you will die, over and over and over again.
    The best way to learn how not to die is to die a bunch & that is exactly what i did.

    Build Main
    Build Alt

    I am going to be honest, the reason I do not play the reversal reset is because i just completely blow at aiming reversal. The third person just throws me off. I also find that reversal is just too flaky to depend on. The amount of points you need to invest in reversal just to make it a viable reset for your dashes is just about all of them.

    • This build is much more versatile and works in and against all compositions.

    Watchful 5
    5 seconds off your dash every time you get an elimination.
    Those count even while in the middle of dashes so if you kill someone while dashing your cool down will be 5 seconds.

    • Androxus needs dash resets to work effectively.

    Drift Drift is Androxus ability to slow his rate of fall by holding down the space bar. This allows him to stay in the air for a good amount of time. You have air control while in the air so you can move any direction. This is greatly improved with Elusive as you are 50% faster with this loadout so that drift is moving fairly quickly.

    Horse Drift Is a tech that allows for some super drift. In order to perform this you need to ride off a ledge left click and hit your space bar. If done correctly you will be drifting at the speed of a horse. If that horse has master riding 3 its is just borderline stupid. But you can cover allot of ground while shooting as well. You cannot jump so it only works where you can ride off a ledge freely. Sadly there are only a few maps where it is useful. Serpent Beach being the best one. You can ride off the ledge at spawn and zoom straight to point.

    • Serpent Beach
    • Split Stone Quarry
    • Timber Mill (No So Handy on this Map)

    Elusive 5
    Provides so much utility in escape and dive that it should be in every deck at level 3
    The amount of distance you can cover with drift and Elusive work well together.

    • Base movement Speed is 370 * 0.5 = 185+370 = 555 for 3 seconds after ever dash.

    Quick Draw 3

    Androxus has a weakness and that is ammo count, you either hit all your shots or you die.
    While i am pretty good at Androxus, I do miss shots & this provides room for error.
    It also makes killing high health tanks much easier.

    • 3 extra ammo is just amazing.

    Buying Time 1

    Good filler card two extra ammo can really get you out of trouble when you are low on ammo.

    • The level 3 build version of this is pretty strong. But i just really like the resets and super speed so i do not know if i can justify using it over my main.

    Marksman 1

    If your out of ammo your probably going to punch someone to finish them off and if that is just shy, its really nice to get another round to finish them off with.

    Androxus Mechanics


    Reversal is a really good and really bad skill. Its not dependable for blocking damage and as such you should avoid using it as a low health tool. Reversal fires a projectile at 500 Units. Cassie shoots at 600 for reference.

    This issue is that the projectile will vanish if you are killed before it reaches your target. So if you are low health they can just shoot you as soon as it goes down and when you die the reversal is gone and does no damage to them.

    Ultimate 2600 damage that you shoot 75% back for 1950 damage, Just standing there as Androxus can prevent him from using his ultimate. You do have to time it perfectly so he cant get his siphon up.

    This is my personal favorite. When Rukus tries to ult you should dash into his face and reversal. Its that simple. 1 second of rukus ultimate is 4000 damage. Which is 3000 damage returned. Most of the time Rukus are not full health when they ult but if they dont look away or cancel it quick they are dead every time. Not to mention all your team mates you just saved. Oh I think he has like 10% DR in ult so that 1 second return would be 2700.

    You can walk backwards with reversal up and negate a bunch of the damage and fire a bunch back at people... Its not all the damage just allot of it. If your low health it will still kill you.

    Nothing can stop this ultimate but reversal and zhin counter. Aim your reversal down suck it and return the favor. Still testing this one. I have done it a bunch of times and also had it not work. Maybe it was server lag, not sure.

    The advantage is listed in order, Zhin being the worst match-up for Androuxus.

    • Zhin
      Zhin just wins 1v1 vs Androxus, this is not the match up you want, avoid direct attacks and attack him when he is busy. When I say avoid i do not mean do not shoot at him!

    Do not engage in a poke battle with him. If your both peeking corners you have already lost. Even if you kill him you will have wasted so much time that the kill wont matter. It is much better to back away and go kill something else and force him to chase you into the open or engage someone else.

    • Tiberus
      Tiberus has a skill that will kill you in seconds and your only defense against it is your reversal, which he has a sword that goes through reversal and returns through you as well. Nothing you can do in a direct battle. Make him pop his trance and run away. Once trance is down you can attempt to kill him. Though that sword slow will still get you killed. He is broken in my opinion but it very hard to kill him without help or cauterize 3.

    • Cassie
      Cassie just burst you down so quickly, she can kill you in under a second. It very hard to play around a good Cassie. I do not think she is broken however she is OP. Lucky for us there are not that many great Cassie players out there.

    • Lian
      Lian has the burst to kill you quickly, she is just good at hitting fast movers and that is how Androxus stays alive. You have to play much more conservative when she is in play.

    How do you play Androxus ??????????????????

    1. Cursed Revolver is mandatory ! In my Opinion, i just suck at making the other talents work....
    2. You need to be able to hit some pretty aim intensive shots.
    3. Androxus requires that you maintain good position at all times.
    4. The dashes allow Androxus to get angles on people that they are not expecting.

    This is vital to playing him effectively.

    • This is what it means to play Androxus, however you will dash up into the air and it seems like you are being targeted by everyone. Some times you will feel like you cannot even think about leaving the ground without instantly dying. This is what the positioning is all about. Going up in the air is a dangerous place, just ask Drogoz.

    Its probably the hardest thing to learn how to do well due to the fact that you need a fundamental understanding of every champ on the enemy team, where they are located and their current health. Its allot of crap to keep track of but that is what positioning is. You have to know where the enemy is if you want to spend time in the sky's of paladins.

    Try not to use your dashes to engage someone that is full health.
    Dashing in and getting a kill with dashes to retreat is viable.

    • You are using Cursed Revolver so you do not have to get close to kill. Dash up to get an angle and kill them from a distance. Androxus has pretty good range with this talent so you should not need to dive.

    • Rather than diving use your dashes to take up another angle to fire on those people from cover. This is where elusive comes into play.

    Dash --> Run super fast for two seconds --> Dash --> Run super fast --> Dash --> Run super fast
    You can cover allot of ground very quickly and this make getting to those positions quickly before the position loses its advantage much easier.

    Androxus played in my style of play is not a dive kill machine, while i can dive, what i am doing is attacking someone that is already being attacked. I am moving around the battle field protecting my team from flanks or putting pressure on people that are free firing.

    If you have read the tips to improve playing flanks it discusses Pressure on Point in Detail. I would advise reading that as a supplement to this guide.


    Serpent Beach
    The red arrows highlight a good route to get to the back-line damage that likes to camp these spots.
    This is another example of the power of elusive without the speed increase its harder to reach.
    Its also makes for a pretty handy escape location as no one can follow that route except for Evie.

    The orange squares highlight Up & Over Ultimate locations. Taking these routes will allow you to get excellent position to ult from.

    Wall Jumping The are several high ground locations on this map that you cannot reach with 1 dash. Using a wall jump will get you up there with one dash.



    The red arrow highlights an excellent flank route to get to people that like to camp the high ground at spawn. This is also a great place to ult from and normally people do not see you coming and kill the damage and end up fighting from the enemy teams high ground.

    The star is a Imani hiding spot for ulting from. Look for her here and kill her.


    These are excellent UP & Over Locations.... These are really good so long as you dont try and abuse them... You should not be using these as main approach vectors as they typically only work a few times before people start watching so try and use them tactically to make a big play when you need it. Also its not a great idea to use all your dashes for engaging people as it leaves you Sitting Duck.


    Split Stone Quarry

    The red lines indicate locations to stand. This structure has 2x4 that you can stand on. The ones over point are not to great a place to be standing but the ones in Lava are really good, people rarely look that far up and you can jump on them when the time is right or just shoot them and watch them flail around looking for you.

    The blue pentagon is a location to ult form.... If you place your self correctly the saw blade will block the other teams high ground from being able to target you. You can get a clear view of the point and anyone not on point cant really target you.

    The green lines show a good line for performing an ult coming out of spawn. Using horse drift you can zoom to the wall instantly and then dash up and over from there. If dont correctly you should be in the correct area to perform a pretty good ult on point. The closer you can get to that saw blade the harder it is for the enemy to get an angle on you.


    Ascension Peak
    The red arrow shows a flank route that takes all three dashes to perform with some drift in between them. NO turning back, its a hard commit flank route.

    The star shows a place where you can just sit... This is not tactical use as you can not shoot or see anything. But it can be super good for getting a ninja.

    The orange is a good up and over location

    The green is kinda an up and over location you get high and stay close to the building and you can get some really good
    ultimate usage at the start of a round.

    Through the Warp
    This card used to be meta, right now it is just garbage and people are still using it. Do not use this card.

    • Nether Step has a base distance of 31.5 units
    • 1 point = 5% increase
    • 31.5 x 0.05 = 1.575 units
    • 5 points = 25% 31.5 x 0.25 = 7.875 units

    So three dashes would give you 7.875 * 3 = 23.625 units of extra distance.

    Its just a really bad usage of points. Even with all three dashes and max points it does not even amount to the distance of a single dash.

    It used to be Andros base dash was 28 Units and with max level 5 on this card 50% it was 14 units per dash. 42 units extra total. So Andro would go from 84 units of distance max to 126 which was a big difference.

    This card needs to be buffed to be viable.


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