Paladins (mysterious) game mechanics

  • This guide is about those game mechanics of Paladins which are not explained in game (sometimes not even in the Wiki). It's inspired by the video "why I hate Paladins" which criticizes how important information is not given to the players. That gave me the idea it might be useful to have this information gathered in one text. I added links to the wiki for further information. This is not a strategy guide so I wont explain which items are best for which champ and similar stuff.

    Items can be bought for credits at the spawn room by pressing "I". Credits you gain for doing damage, standing at the objective (point or cart), healing others, doing eliminations, taking damage or absorb damage by shields.

    Your Weapon shots reduce the effect of healing on your target by 25/50/75% for 1.5s. Sounds simple? But the devil is in the detail.

    • What the wiki says about cauterize is wrong. Cauterize reduces not just healing but every method of gaining HP. Healing, Life-drain, regeneration, and so on.
    • Weapon shots means shots by left-click. Secondary attacks like Fernando's fireball or Androxus shooting during his ult don't spread cauterize.
    • Cauterize doesn't stack. The higher caut will overwrite the lower. A champ hit by 25% and 50% cauterize will only receive 50%.
    • Willow's Dead Zone. This skill doesn't count as 100% cauterize but means zero heal even if a champion has increased healing by rejuvenate.

    Provides a 5% healing received by mostly Support Champions bonus per rank. This explanation is also not completely correct. The bonus is only received if the healing comes from other champions. A Pip healing himself with his potion or a Buck using his self-heal, they get no 5% healing bonus for rejuvenate.

    Rejuvenate is the direct counter of Cauterize. A champion with 75% cauterize receives 25% healing, but with 10% Rejuvenate it's 35% healing. Once this was different and the Rejuvenate bonus was added to the reduced healing but this was change a while ago into: 1000 heal with 75% cauterize and 10% rejuvenate = 350 heal.

    Unlike Cauterize Rejuvenate does add up. Tanks have cards like "Immovable Object"- Increase your Healing received from others by {5|5}% while at or below 50% Health. With Immovable object V (25%) and Rejuve III (15%) Fernando can despite cauterize III get 65% healing instead of just 25% (75%-15%-25%=35% reduction). Inara with her skill Mother's grace plus rejuvenate can even receive 80% healing despite cauterize III.

    • Healing is not limited to 100%. With Rejuve III a champion gets 115% healing.

    • What I don't know, if cards like "Immovable Object" effect the full heal. So if Fernando is 1HP below 50% health and healed by Seris, does he get the 25% bonus for the full 1000HP heal?

    Haven and Blast Shields
    Haven vs direct damage and Blast Shield vs area damage. Seems easy but can be tricky. Some attacks like Evie and Drogoz shots have a tiny area effect and Terminus axe can hit multiple opponents. Barik's Shotgun is a direct attack while Ash does area damage. Champions can have both kinds of attack like Viktor with his gun and grenade. A chart with all attacks you can find here.

    Resilience is a Defense Item passively reduces the duration and effectiveness of Crowd Control effects and Slows.
    But what does it exactly? Usually only the duration of a Crowd Control effect is reduced. What makes sense since it's hard to be an 80% chicken (while for blind this would be possible and quite cool).

    There is an exception though, judged by the wiki. Slow. This is new to me and would mean that Resilience can counter Slow-effects that are constantly re-applied like Inara warder and Tyra fire bomb (I wrote in the old version of this guide that it cannot). Inara warder reduces movement speed by 60%, so with resilience III (60%) it has no effect on me anymore?

    • Resilience also works against ultimates by reducing the duration of their CC-effects. Maeve midnight, Strix Flashbang, Pip chicken, Atlas banish... those have a minimum duration though, 2 seconds for blind and polymorph and 1 second for

    Nimble provides a 7% movement speed bonus per rank.
    Which means walking speed (I guess) not flying speed. The explanation at the wiki that it stacks with ability effects but not with card effects was removed so I have no idea anymore how this works. Maybe a reader knows more, the whole thing is quite unclear to me.

    The cooldown reduction from this item is applied after the passive reduction from the champion's cards, says wiki. What means that Chronos has less effect if a cool down was already reduced by a card. Buck's Recovery has a cool down of 10 seconds. Whit the card Reconstruction V the cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. With Chronos III it is reduced by 3 seconds. But those effect don't add up. With Reconstruction V AND Chronos III the cooldown is reduced to 5 seconds by the card and then for another 30% (1.5 seconds) by Chronos III so it's finally 3.5 seconds.

    A hard cap!? Rumors say there is a hard cap of 50% how far a cool down can be reduced. That means Buck's Recovery cool down cannot reach 3.5 seconds but will remain at 5 seconds even with Chronos III. This is not true though, at least at the shooting range the cooldown of Buck's Recovery can reduced below 50% from 10 to 3.5 with chronos III. The card Brittle Reduce the Cooldown of Shatter by {0.5|0.5}s. plus chronos III indeed reduce the Cooldown to from 4 to 1 second, so it might just be a rumor.

    Wrecker or Bulldozer
    Increased damage to shields or Deployables (for detailed shield mechanics look further down). Inara wall and warder are a Deployable, also Barik turret, Grohk totem, Ying clone and Imani dragon. Terminus Siphon is no shield, it is indestructible like Atlas shield.

    Deft Hands
    Deft Hands provides a 20% weapon reload speed bonus per rank.
    Reload speed is not fire speed, it's how long the weapon needs to reload when it is empty. Mostly picked if the reload is an attack like Damba's snake throw.

    Deployable and personal shields: Deployable shields are those who get carried around (Fernando) or are put on the ground (Barik). Personal shields are not visible and just an extension of your health bar. If Torvald puts his shield bubble on you then the blue extension of your health bar represents the shield.

    Deployable shields are not part of the champion, negative effects applied by direct hits like cauterize, can be blocked by deployable shields. They can even block some ultimates. Hits on personal shields count like hits on the champion.

    • Both shields are effected by Wrecker and also cards and skills that effect "shields".

    • Wiki says that deployable shields block line of sight. I think this is wrong though. An experts opinion is needed.

    Barriers: A Barrier I call everything that is used to block damage, but is not a shield. Inara's wall is a deployable and not a shield. Terminus' siphon, Atlas and Moji "shield", the counter skills of Zhin and Andro, are no shields, they are indestructible barriers.

    Diminishing Returns
    This is a mechanic how different types of effects (positive and negative) are stacked up. The formula is y = m+(.95-m)*((x-m)/((x-.3)+.8)). Any questions? Read the wiki.

    I only will explain this in general. Inara is under heavy fire and uses her Earthen Guard skill to get 30% damage reduction. She also deploys her warder, for addition damage reduction, since the card Sacred Ground V (Reduce your damage taken by {5|5}% while standing in Warder's Field) is in her deck. She doesn't get 30+25=55% damage reduction though but just 45%. If Inara also has Haven III it's not 30+25+21=76% but just 53%. The Haven III, instead of 21% only offers 8% damage reduction in this case. I know all this because I used the Diminishing Returns Calculator:

    If a player disconnects they will be replaced by a bot (AI controlled opponent). The game will try to hide the fact that there is a bot in your team, so the bot will move around in the base and spam random voice messages like "sorry" or "no problem". The bots are playing very bad, get stuck at corners, run straight into the enemy if they are a support, and so it will be a loss 90% of the time. If the player logs in again the bot will be exchanged by the player. If a player was a bot one can see it after the match because bots get only half the credits of players.

    There are Killing Blows and Assists, both are Eliminations. A killing blow gets whoever lands the last hit while an assist you get for damaging an enemy, healing the teammate who killed the enemy, revealing enemies for teammates and dealing CC effects to an enemy. This is important for cards. While Zhin's card Fan the flame reduces the billow Cooldown only after a Killing Blow, Androxus card Watchful needs just an elimination (Assist) to reduce all cooldowns.

    Overtime is an extension to the normal time you got to cap the point. You get overtime if a character touches (steps on) the capture point 3 seconds (this is 90% on the counter) before the timer runs out. Overtime is six seconds but gets shorter the longer the timer is blocked, down to one second.

    Comeback Mechanic
    The (in)famous Comeback Mechanic, known to those watching pro-gaming streams, causes the team to cap the point faster that has less points. The team that is 2 or 3 points behind gets 4% capture per tick while the team in the lead gets only 3%. If one team is just 1 point behind they get only 3.5% instead of 4%.

    The Payload
    While pushing the cart, each team inside its spherical radius shown on the ground receives 2 Credits and 50 Health Points every second.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 I am going to add this to the guides area, can you add some stuff on comeback mechanic and overtime?

  • Overtime and Comback Mechanic added because of special request. ✌

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 You should add in there the 50hps healing received by being close to the payload when pushing. I'm pretty sure the team trying to stop the push does not get this healing.

  • @Vaporized said in Paladins (mysterious) game mechanics:

    You should add in there the 50hps healing received by being close to the payload when pushing. I'm pretty sure the team trying to stop the push does not get this healing.

    Judged by the wiki you are wrong: While pushing, each team inside its spherical radius receives 2 Credit and 50 Health Points every second. 😜

  • PC

    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Paladins (mysterious) game mechanics:

    @Vaporized said in Paladins (mysterious) game mechanics:

    You should add in there the 50hps healing received by being close to the payload when pushing. I'm pretty sure the team trying to stop the push does not get this healing.

    Judged by the wiki you are wrong: While pushing, each team inside its spherical radius receives 2 Credit and 50 Health Points every second. 😜

    Either way, add what's correct.

  • @Shadowpuppy Btw, add that drogoz' firespit, or any other dmg increase onto a champ counters the effext of dmg reduction, meaning that if u apply a firespit onto an inara with mothers grace, her DR will only be 20% for the duration of firespit

  • @Carlolrac555 But isn't that what's to expect? Speed counters slow, Rejuve counters Cauterize, damage increase counters damage reduction.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 No it doesnt counter it, if it countered it then everyone shooting inara would be affected. This is just off setting it with more damage from Drogoz only. The DR is still working its just Drogoz is doing mroe damage which equates to be the normal damage he would have done.

  • @Shadowpuppy said in Paladins (mysterious) game mechanics:

    The DR is still working its just Drogoz is doing mroe damage which equates to be the normal damage he would have done.

    130% x 0.7 = 91%

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