Removing "Kill Cam" and "Top play" and e.t.c

  • Em,i mean alright i understand why they removed customization(Because of the art work,they done to champ so u know it cant be like Triggerman buck with BUck Wild moustache)Alright even tho i kinda miss it,but alright whatever.
    But,then they removed "Payload" mode
    which,I... I loved so much and probably some of u...I was litteraly crying when i heard that they removing it.
    But alright i can handle that...
    I can take much more,than that,its not gonna break me.
    I really miss Payload mode ;(
    And now they removing kill cam,explaining that with simple sentence
    "It will remove bugs from the game" well some of them.Which is kinda true,but here is a catch this kill cam actually showed u that this guy is playing weird maybe he is a bot or Cheater or something like this.
    Plus u could actually train yourself with that.Now its impossible,not to hate this litle bitches,such as Ying,Pepper,Maeve
    Who constantly showing up every time you die,idk why maybe just to troll you,or they like an ad From some Porn sites)
    I dont like it.
    But,the last thing i liked about this game was A Top Play,now there is nothing just nothing...Completely now there is no point of being tryhard,because no one will see it in Top Play.Now it doesnt matter how much pentas you get u now gonna get what you want.
    The thing that piss me of the most is doesnt matter how good you are at the game hoe much kills you can have.
    You not gonna get your "Moment of Glory"
    Which is A Top Play.
    Maybe for some od you its like meh idc all that much,because i dont like it so it doesnt matter for some new players,but for some old players...Its Kinda SAD.
    I'm Done,write your opinion down bellow what do u think.

  • @Supervlad007 I only miss kill cam....i hope it will return

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