Starting up Paladins takes a long time

  • Can anyone explain why I have to download updates for Paladins every time I run it?
    I don’t use Steam. Usually when I run the game, it would say “ready to play”. Now, it has to check for updates and then starts downloading about 3,000 MB.
    At first, I thought the game was updating, but this has been going on for nearly 3 weeks now, and the game downloads that
    3,000-something MB over and over again every time.
    Today, I tried to exit the game and then run it again. And well, the downloading began again, even though I had just closed it 2 minutes before.

    Despite this nuisance, the game runs well. Still, please explain to me this situation and how to stop it because it is very irritating to wait nearly 45 mins to play your first match.

    Thank you.

  • Moderator

    Have you tried reinstalling the game? This looks more like some Steam bug than a game bug.