Use for gold anymore?

  • I tried searching the forums, but the search feature is pretty daunting.

    Except for the very, very occasional basic skin, is there any reason for gold anymore? Buying character levels seemed to be the only thing worth it, and that was barely since extra character levels really bring any more power to the character after level 8.

    This change has devalued my account so I was hoping they added some things to use gold for.

    Thanks much!

  • No, gold is worthless, you can buy pricey titles for it and that is about it

  • @xxorionxx150, basically, I'm saving my gold so that I can be the richest person in the Realm (wishful thinking). I don't have much now, 'cause I've been spending, but I will one day. Now I'm spending less gold and saving more.

    Think of the gold as a status symbol - like your killcount, like your current character and account levels, like your trophy collection... It's an achievement representing time played and quests completed.

  • @Conrad_Max I have been playing for about 4 years now. I don't need anything else that is a status symbol. Using gold for character levels was the last thing worth it. Has anyone officially said why they took buy levels away?

  • @xxorionxx150, a few people on this forum complained that it was unfair and the ability to purchase levels could be misleading as to a player's skill in the game. That could be the reason.

  • People would just buy the golden skin rather than playing the champ to get it. So you could have a cold skin person running around that has no idea how to play the champ as they bought all the levels. If you can buy them then there is not reason to even have levels. It is not even a point of pride as even if you worked your way up to 150 drogoz everyone just thinks you bought the levels and at this point that will continue well after level buying is gone.... They ruined that as soon as they put it in the game.

  • I'll admit that I did buy levels. My reasoning is that I wanted certain skins and talents to more more quickly to personalize my characters and make better use of them. Once I had the skins and talents, I no longer purchased levels for those characters. Admiting that, I also work pretty hard to do my best in the game to win for the team and advance. And playing the game, I never pretended to be better than I was at the time. My ability to play a better game came through experience, time and knowing my characters' role and purpose. Basically, I would have leveled up and earned those skins and talents by playing as I do now: honestly. And I'm still learning.

    Most of my characters are level fifteen and below - I use them infrequently and as needed. The characters I use most often are currently at levels 119, 80, 36 and 26 respectively. The one at level 119 is always needed.

    Have I sinned?

  • @Conrad_Max said in Use for gold anymore?:

    Have I sinned?

    Nope, it was in the game and you used it. Lots of people did. Like i said people just assume that anyone over hundred on champion levels just purchased it.

  • I never saw buying levels as a bad thing. Higher levels gave you nothing beyond the talents at 2 and 8. Even before that I would see people have a 20+ character and not be able to play well, so the issue with buying levels seems like a perception issue.

    So now the question is, what can people buy with gold? My gold was worth something and now it is not. I have been playing for almost 4 years, I bought the pack to get all the characters, I have purchased crystals to get skins, VIP when they had it and not battle passes. During all of that I got extra gold for what I spent, and the battle pass offers gold as rewards.

    Unless Hi-Rez puts something in to spend gold on they have dropped the value of my account and their battle pass. That does not seem like a good business decision, but then again Business is my specialty and many software companies don't make sound business decisions.

    Have fun everyone. Time to find a new past time.

  • @xxorionxx150, as I have stated before, gold can represent status, just as a game trophy or achievement does. And having a huge amount of gold can be used as bragging rights, as it does if we had real gold. With that said, if gold isn't removed from the game, I'm guessing that it may be used for future purposes.

    Now, if you are going to quit playing do to the uselessness of gold, why? Is simply playing the game (with the other rewards) no longer meaningful for you? As skins are just for looks and give no powers or benefit, so is the gold currently. Nothing's changed other than gold can no longer be applied toward purchases, as skins do not buff and trophies and achievements cannot be put on shelves to show off.

  • @Conrad_Max the game is less attractive to play when a company devalues your account without adding something somewhere else. Hard for me to support that type of business philosophy. I also was working on getting all characters to 10, 20, 50. So now instead of buying levels with gold, I should make other players suffer playing with me as I play champions I absolutely suck at.

    Account level is a status symbol, so my lv 214 account does just fine as that. The biggest reason to buy levels with gold is to get the talents, so they could have just made it so you could buy them. They could have made levels cost more, so that most would not be able to buy the higher levels. Really not sure why it was an issue. Some players will suck and have a high level champion, even if they did not buy the levels with gold. Some people are real good with their champions but suck going for the win as a team.

    Have a great day.

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