Recruitment Amnog The Realm

  • Welcome Denizens Of The Realm
    We Take Uppon Us to save the realm Thus do Feel Implored to Join Oure Humble Ranks
    Be A Paladin, a Hero Ther Realm Needs
    [](link url)

    there are three vows You need to take
    -Vow of voice; let it be heard that you have a microphone and can speak english (any comunicative english level)
    -Vow of PG-13; let the realm not see You discriminate another, nor watch obscenity that shall be acceptable only among intimate individuals
    -Vow of Exemplar; Shine as Paragon of Virtue and Skill slaying oponents that cross ranks of You and Youre Comrades.

    Plans for the Invasion
    As Oure leader said we need to be strong as a group, thus both casual and ranked que are to be overtaken by us when we will be playing in group ques. As there are many skills people can shine with we are going to meme with dumb strategies, tryhard with the top meta champions and group que for any and all kind of matches that Paladins(you) deem wrothy,
    We also do have a text channel for searching for teammates and recomending builds.

    PS. My Paladins nick is "elpipos22" and i am responsible for helping out here for the upcoming month.
    You can private message me if You need assistance.

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