The Trash Bots

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    Title. I know there are 7297483092 posts about this topic in the official forums, reddit, old forums, steam community, etc.. ALL paladins player are crying for a bot improvements for many years. Results: Phi. If someone asks for something community don’t want, you agree to him, if the community CRIES for something you do nothing.. seriously guys why?

    I hope this will be the last thread about the trash bots...

  • Truth

    I think there are more posts about trash bots. 😄

  • @NoMemeNoLife

    They have a hard time with death cam and you expect them to figure out better AI for the bots... Way more complicated than Death Cam that's for sure.

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    @Shadowpuppy I know, fixing bots is much important than fixing the top play/kill cam. at least they can fix the bug that makes them jump in the base....

  • @NoMemeNoLife I agree that its more important but its not going to happen. There are companies that do nothing but single player games that still have issues with NPC AI... I love the game but they do not have the skills or back ground to fix the bots and even if they did it would take way more time and money then i believe they are willing to invest.

    Rather than dream we should be advocating for something possible.

    • Knowing when someone is a bot

    • Bots not giving credits

    • Pausing the game for two minutes to allow the person to reconnect

  • What if five players had connection issues and each were disconnected? How many minutes of a match would be paused?

    Bots serve a purpose. I've only been disconnected about five or six times and couldn't return to just one of my matches. When I've been disconnected and managed to return, I wonder if anyone noticed the difference?

    I have always announced my return - to no fanfair.

    Additionally, some of those "bots" may not be bots at all. They could be players with connection issues struggling to stay in and play the game. It's hard to tell as most random players refuse to communicate with their team.

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