Hero Concept: Lan The Cheery Brawler (Support)

  • (Hero Concept) Lan the Cheery Brawler (Support)```

    Lan is a defensive support that wields powerful energy gauntlets that can be used to attack directly or create an energy staff for mid-ranged fights. She does relatively low damage but bounces around the battlefield buffing allies and herself. Her ult is called Iris Ki because Irises symbolize hope, friendship, and valor, so this is meant to show that Lan will put all her energy into promoting these precepts throughout the realm.
    Lan is Kinessa's half sister of European (possibly french) descent


    Following the half-sister, she idolized Lan joined the Sentinels as the youngest ever recruit. Despite her high aptitude as a soldier being the younger sister of a sniping prodigy like Kinessa was tough. Showing no prowess with a rifle, she donned 2 prototype crystal energy gauntlets and proved her worth. When her sister and her shotgun-toting master left the sentinels Lan didn't become a bounty hunter like her sister, but instead, decided to work to promote peace by doing her best to help the magistrate as their most talented healer.


    • Type: Support

    • Title: The Cheery Brawler

    • Health: 2200

    • Weapon: Energy gauntlets and Staff

    • Move Speed 380



    • Every 15 seconds Lan generates an energy field around herself which gives allies 10% damage reduction for 10 secs or as long as they remain in the field.

    Staff Swipe/Gauntlet Rush (left click)

    • Lan does a slow series of lunging attacks (every 1.5 secs) dealing damage with the weapon she has equipped. Gauntlet rush gets .5 secs faster with each hit while staff swipe is ranged deals 200 damage with 8 ammo. Pressing the reload button equips the gauntlets and causes Lan to do a short cc immune backstep from the direction she is facing.

    Power Field/Adrenaline Rush (Right Click) 12 secs/10 secs

    • If Lan's Staff is equipped, she lunges then smashes the ground applying a short 0.5 sec knock up to enemies in a small frontal cone and creating an energy field which heals allies for 300 health per second(6 secs) and grants her 5% dmg reduction (during casting). If Lan is using her gauntlets, she throws a volley of energy towards a nearby teammate. Doing this increases their movement speed by 10% (for 5 secs) and heals for a burst of 1500 health.The movement speed buff ends if the affected player(s) attack.

    Acrobatics/Pole Vault (F) 12 sec

    • If her gauntlets are equipped, Lan does a series of 3 short hops that can deal 200 dmg and can be done off walls or heroes knocking them back. If Lan's staff is equipped, she uses her staff to vault away in the direction she is facing. (goes on cooldown when either skill is used up)

    Mode Change (Q) 15 secs

    • Lan transfer energy to maintain either her gauntlets or energy staff, cleansing herself of CCs and healing allies in range for 800 (range is similar to grover's efflorence)

    Iris Ki(E)

    • Lan slams her gauntlets together channeling for 3s before changing the energy output on her gauntlets into overdrive mode refreshing all her cooldowns, restoring her health by 50% and creating a field refreshing ally skill cooldowns for 4s and restoring shield health by 1000 per sec.



    • Acrobatics is lowered to 2 hops with greater knockback, and Lan now does a kick at the end of pole vault stunning and applying knockback. The cooldown of Acrobatics and mode change are lowered by 30%.

    Tuned to Perfection

    • The range of power field is increased, and adrenalin rush now affects all allies in range but heals for 10% less. Hits with either skill lowers her cooldowns by 1s.

    Empowered Mantra

    • The Charge rate of her ultimate is increased by 20%, she is immune during casting and activating her ult causes allies to gain 20% of their ult charge. Her ult no longers lowers ally skill cooldowns.


    • Zen's range is increased by 100% and its cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds, but the cooldown on Lan's skills are increased by 1. Zen now affects Lan as well.

    This is a concept I thought of, and I'm looking for suggestions from anyone on how to make it better. I'm not that good when it comes to games and the numbers behind them.