Androxus' Lore

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    his lore misses 3 important things:

    • The Name of the goddess or whatever who cursed him
    • The former name of androxus (I suggest Andrew)
    • Why is he a "godslayer"?

    1. It used to be Nyx (Nox) in the old lore but I don't think it is any more. The old lore suggests that the game was set in the same universe as Smite which would explain Grover.

    2. Probably just Androxus

    3. In the original lore he killed Nyx (Nox) which then cursed him. The new lore seems to hint at the "goddess" not really being a godess but pretending to be one. She then cursed him so he then killed her. It never really says what happened other than he was decieved.

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    Not 100% sure but I think Wekono is the godess who cursed Andro in current lore

  • I bet it was Io! She is sneaky.

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    • I have two theories: one says Wekono and the other says Seris. I do know whoever it is, they are opposed to the Void based on some of his voicelines. I would suggest Wekono is the more likely of the two, based not just on the color of his crystal, but also because if she has enough of a stake in this fight to summon Mal'Damba to fight for her, it's more than likely she has enough of a stake to lay a curse on Androxus. Which would mean that Wekono should theoretically be fighting for the Resistance instead of being neutral (according to the current lore), but whatever.

    • Probably just Androxus as is.

    • In the OG lore he was cursed after killing Nox (Nyx). She is the Roman/Greek goddess of the night. That was back when Paladins lore was more intertwined with Smite's lore, which is how we got Grover in Paladins (being that he's also Sylvanus' treant).

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