* * * The Atlas Scrolls : A season in the Abyss * * *

  • A Season of the Abyss is a 3 parts season campaign for Paladins . Production unfortunately stopped after the 1rst season
    due to poor reception

    Plot: As the battle between the Magistrate and the Resistance intensifies, The Abyss find a way to take advantage of the conflict.
    Pushing their newly forged weapon in the frontscene, they intend to bring chaos into the Realm.
    Allegiances changes and , at the same time, an old prophecy resurfaces.
    Do the Ska'drin people really have the cure to the magic of the Abyss?

    During the event , 3 new characters are revealed on the following categories : Support / Tank and finally Flank

    Valera ,The Heart of the Resistance


    • Type: A mobile ressource management support
    • Personnality traits : an inspiring, dynamic, brave and altruist character .

    Description: Leader of the Resistance, Valera uses in battle the exact same sword we see in the cinematics . Her healing /protecting power lies in the big blue crystal on her forehead.

    Abilities Breakdown

    LMB: Sword of Mana
    A series of Slashes with her sword attack dealing damage at middle range . Active Hyperspeed Dash for a faster paced attack. Each slash, 450 damage.

    RMB: Hyperspeed dash
    Dash to any direction at incredible speed

    LMB+RMB: Back to Back
    Near an ally, pressing LMB&RMB altogether put the Valera player fighting back to back with the mentioned ally. No CD.

    • Release both button, or cancel to another ability to end the Back to Back ability.

    F : Shockwave
    Valera delivers from the palm of her hand a gigantic blast of energy that hurts and pushes enemies away. 900 damage.

    Q : Presence
    An increasing healing aura that reacts to her other abilities:

    • Presence + Sword of Mana depending on damage done, make the aura grow larger
    • Presence+Back to Back : make the aura focused on an ally for a stronger healing
    • Presence + Shockwave is the stronger association. Adds an healing power to the blast. Can heal multiple allies at once.
    • Presence + Hyperspeed Dash :allies benefit from her healing in the wake of her dash.

    Passive : health force meter

    E: Enhancing Crystal

    Valera put back her sword between her shoulder blades, join her hands on her heart and start to levitate on lotus stance. At the same time , a giant blue transparent crystal take shape around her .
    when the crystal is fully formed, isolating Valera, a circle of 16 item cards appear. All items has the number 3 written right under the card.
    The player must navigate with arrows and pick the item needed. Once the choice is made, Valera hit the floating item with the palm of her hand.
    As the crystal disintegrate , the item 's effect flow through Valera and her allies in the zone . The effect last 7 seconds.

    Comments on Crystal:

    • Until the crystal isolate her completely ,Valera is vulnerable to any attack.
    • If one player have already reached the maximum of an item , he is granted for another 5% on the selected item.
    • On replay ( 3rd view ) we can see that her forefront crystal is glowing at its brightest when the big outside crystal is taking shape


    Speed Angel :

    • Multiple dash. Up to 3 times

    Protector of the Realm :

    • Allies benefit from damage reduction when close to Valera

    The True Power of the Crystal

    • The item chosen in the Crystal is applied to allies and denied to enemies.

    • Crystal takes longer to charge


    • On 3rd view, the intensity of the glowing crystal on her forehead is an indicator of the intensity of the healing effect of Presence
    • Dashing from the horse pushes Valera some feet above the ground. A good trick to get swiftly on top on small stairs and parapets.
    • Shockwave can be used as an escape tool , or as an aptitude to get Valera to high ground due to its recoil effect.
      For a maximum recoil effect , use Hyperspeed Dash backward or upright right after Shockwave

    Raken Magistrate of the Abyss


    • Type: A powerful versatile off tank with not much mobility but who can wreck his ennemies from any range and from any angle
    • Personnality traits : an evil , brutal juggernaut who can manipulate lighting

    Corrupted then possessed by the Abyss under Tool's influence, Magistrate Karne, renamed as Raken is pushing his troops a little too far into the battle . many of his soldiers have already noticed that strange fever in his eyes. And those frightening new powers, who did he sell his soul to to get them ? But not a single word they'll dare to speak, for no one would want to be the victim of the Magistrate's wrath. He holds the exact magic staff seen in A Realm Divided.

    Abilities Breakdown

    Part I : The Paladin Abilities

    LMB : Lightning Whip

    A series of vicious lashes with a whip entirely made of lightning

    Q : Thunderstruck

    Lifts his left hand. From above, a red lightning strikes him , restoring partially his health.

    F: Shocker

    Recall his lighting to wrap his forearms with it , granting him with a huge armor/protection benefit and a speed increase.

    • Cannot use LMB in this form ( actually cancels the CoL ability )
    • Instead Raken can deliver a series of electric punches before it goes on CD by taping F .

    Part II : The Abyssal Gifts

    RMB : Tornado of Tormented Souls

    Hooded floating dark ghost figures appear and float in a circle around Raken forming a tornado.

    • Tornado absorbs outside damage and make it difficult for enemies to cross through.

    E : The Mouth in The Sky

    A vertical version of Series' Ult mixed with Corvus' one. A vortex appears in the sky right above Raken. And that Vortex has an octopus beak. Enemies in the radius are grabbed by ghost lighting tentacles and attracted to the center of the Vorex when they are devored.

    • Vortex has an HP pool and can be destroyed.


    • Shocker

    In Thunderstruck , damage is spread around the Magistrate & Raken benefits only from 15% of the healing

    • Electric Wrath
      The 1rst attack after cancelling F deals more damage .

    • Paint It Dark
      Tornado recharges faster and can be moved


    Tool , The Body Thief

    • Type : an opportunist and a sapper flank character

    • Personality traits : A scary, psychotic teen assassin with a story

    • Backstory : Sunya was an unnoticed poor girl who lost her mind the night her whole family died in flames in the Seris village.
      Naturally gifted with the talent of mimicking, copying other's abilities, she ended soon under the control of an agent of the Abyss ( The bearded mage seen in A Realm Divided ) who turned her into the most subversive weapon the Abyss ever created. Later, she would present herself to the Magistrate as a more loyal Koga.

    • Appearance: Hooded figure, slim and athletic silhouette. Pretty face but tired eyes. Anise green hair. Tubes with magic substance going right into her nose , eras and mouth. Faint wheezing

    Abilities breakdown

    Even if her moves are slightly different , Tool has the very same abilities as Koga's except for his Passive and his Ultimate.

    Passive (Q): allow her to climb a wall using her claws. Can reach higher spots than Koga can.

    Possession (E) :
    As she enters a trance state, Tool incarnates herself into the targeted enemy . She can use all of her enemy's abilities, except for the ultimate.
    If theres' time left on the countdown bar, she can possess other enemies.
    Enemy player can regain control over his character if :

    • Tool have switched to another character
    • Possession countdown have expired
    • Tool's original body 's dead
    • Tool 's been dead on the possessed body



    • Tool can regain energy by pausing in her climbing . She can fire her submachine gun from the right hand while keeping her left hand claws stuck in the wall .
      By doing so, Tool consumes energy as she put more damage into a single submachine gun.
    • Possession time is reduced by 30% if activated when Tool have her claws stuck into a wall for it is harder to maintain her position while using another body.

    Suicidal tendencies

    • The less health you have the more the damage you deal to enemies.
    • Possession doesn't change the outline color when possessing an enemy,
    • Please note that:
      1- you can be shot by your own allies.
      2- You can only benefit healing from the enemy support.

    The sharpest

    • Dragon Stance consume health instead of energy

    • Possession time is cut by half but allow Tool to use the enemy's ult if it had been charged

    • There is no recovery of CDs when the enemy player retake control over his character, and if his Ultimate has been used during Possession, it must be charged again .

    Side notes :

    • Possession duration time can be reduced with Resilience
    • Just like Imani, Possession leave's Tool's original body defenseless.
      Tool's claws are of a glowing red
    • Tool appeared 1rst as a new Koga's skin before having her own distinctive icon on the Champion Panel.


    KOTH- Tower of The Magistrate
    a 2 floors dungeon with a basement leading to the Abyss

    Assault- Camp of the Resistance

    Team Deathmatch - Skal'drin spaceship vessel

    Seige- Burning City ( Seris)
    A treacherous map just as Spitstone Quarry is

    Test map -Inclined geometry ( which would be used later for Liz's abyssal den )



    • Let for dead/Bandaged skin


    • Koga's apprentice skin
    • Redemption/warrior of the Resistance/defender of the Realm
    • Female Skal'drin X-Men Wolverine type skin
    • Obsidian Assassin


    • Skad'rin armor
    • Gold Cloth


    • Paladin Karne
    • Technomancer
    • Janus, the two faces god
    • Obsidian


    • Skadr'in IO
    • Cyberfox


    • Secessionist/House Alco Armor


    • Soldier of the Apocalypse


    • Victorian area style . Platform hat & Monocle. Royal armories engraved on the black metal of the Chronocannon

    • Indian ascete Guru

    • Chinese 's 3 Kingdoms War General 武聖

    • Gridiron . w/ helmet. Shoot balls .Name of the player on Statis Field

    • Moses .
      Hebraic writings on the cannon.
      AquaField .
      Unstable Fissure create Burning Bush .
      Angelic , ethereal voices play on 2nd Chance


    • 20 000 Leagues under the Sea style diver
      riding a two headed moray fish
    • Female Looney Tunes Marvin The Martian
      riding a two headed stallion on one ancient roman carriage
    • French girl with a beret
      riding a two headed grey dove
    • Copacabana
      riding a two headed parrot
    • Genghis Khanessa
      riding a two headed grey wolf
    • Hot Dog Cart
      riding two sausages breathing fire
    • SW Jawa
      riding a two headed dragon droid


    • Bolt & Ruckus Coronavirus protection masks

    Legendary Skins


    • Maiden of the Pyre
      When Furya took the Pyre sword for the 1st time after the dramatic events. It is a younger version of the character with a torn tunic.
    • The model has less health but more speed and damage

    ( abandoned concept work for Ta'lia ,Talus ' sister)

    • Nintendo's metal Sonic
    • Lil' Vampire Count

    Battle Pass objectives :


    • Heal X allies
    • Protect X allies


    • Possess X enemies
    • Use passive X times


    • Stay X times on the objective
    • make a total of X damage

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