2020 Matchmaking

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    I am TheMightyQuinn1. This matchmaking should not be happening as it ruins the new player experience and makes it more difficult to get into paladins. Being pared with better players and getting stomped is not a fun experience. You want to feel secure in your impact on the team and that the game is competitive.

    I believe this can happen for a couple reasons.

    1. Player numbers are low enough that the process for making matches desperately fills spots to reduce wait time.
    2. The system is building teams based on some misguided system that results in large gaps in skill. A level 6 player (unless a smurf) should not be pared with a level 354 player. That averaging provides and environment where the experienced player is playing against bots and the new player is having no impact.

    I would personally rather have everyone be roughly the same skill level on both teams. Not averaging the account levels to get an "even matchup", but ensuring a competitive environment and each player can have impact. I'd rather have less carry/anchor player games and more balanced games.

  • I don't know why matchmaking did it that way. Everyone was solo, so they really should not have been together, especially the low elo people.

    I think it should depend on elo, not levels. I have a friend higher level than me at 500+, yet he's way worse than I am. Like I'm diamond and this guy is silver. If going by levels, I would go against him which is bad. With that said, Androxus was low leveled and low elo. He should not have been in this match at all. Matchmaking seems to screw this guy quite often looking at his win-loss ratio.

    This is why matchmaking is trash now. It seems less like the teams are even and the win or loss is determined by strategy, team work, and drafting, and more about how gets the bigger bots or which solo/duo can carry harder.

  • @TheMightyQuinn1 I remember seeing a video regarding this issue a while back, basically according to that guy this is standard for MM to put one or two high levels per team and just fill the rest in however possible, then it determines if you should be able to win or not, if you lose a match it thought you'd win you'll lose more points, but if you win a match you were likely to lose then you gain more points. I don't know how accurate this information is but considering personal experience I'd say he was pretty spot on.

    Ofcourse they need to address this issue if that's the case but it's Hirez so I'm not holding my breath...

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