Running 2 instances of Paladins with a single copy of the game on the same PC but with 2 different accounts.

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    Screenshot taken from Extended Dual Monitors.

    Kreepers Video Tutorial: Make Paladins playable via Steam and Epic using only one copy of the game.

    As I've got Founders pack and spent a lot on crystals buying skins in the past, I already own all champions & skins advertised in the Epic Free Bundle and also have tons of Diamond chests unopened waiting forever for Hi-Rez to add something to it.

    So, at first, this video tutorial was useless for me until I noticed that I could launch 2 instances of Paladins at the same time from just one copy of the game in the same PC but with 2 different accounts as I've tested it using the same account on both instances and it disconnects one of the instances when the other is logged in.

    Well, now I can mess around experimenting with things on Custom lobby and also appreciate my skins with their emotes and stuff which is way better than doing it with the Imani Ultimate bug in the Shooting Range Training mode so I thought I'd shared this information.