kinda new, coming from ow

  • hello everybody i'm (kinda) new to paladins, i've played this game looooong ago, but then i unistalled it because i went on overwatch, but since that game right now is a huge mess and is 99% dead, now i decided to come back and to give paladins a second chance.
    so, how is doing on paladins? is it dying too? is doing well?

  • Paladins is doing okay rn I guess, youll encounter a lotta new things if you haven't played for a long time, but its still kinda the same.

    The game: still not that polished, sometimes getting stuck, because of environment that isn't even there. Still lots of bugs, but theyre working on it and they fixed a lotta them, but every update new bugs come in.

    Champions: the game is fairly balanced rn, you can perform well with almost every champion and there are a lot of different comps that can work really well.

    Ranked: lotta toxic guys, thought I play with a 5 party or 4 the last few weeks and I must say, I won way more games then I ever did when I played solo

    Also, z1 recently got elected into the AoC, he knows a lot of the game and got frustrated by it too xd, so I think Paladins will improve

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    I play OW some. My son plays ranked OW. He will avoid ranked when they ban his favorite hero. How is it dead?

    Anyway about Paladins. The game is alive but this last update has introduced a lot of issues with crashes, lagging and disconnect problems. My PC doesn't crash but I get the other two issues and I have very stable internet and not using Wifi. I really hope they figure it out soon.

    If you're going to use an existing account I suggest you clear ALL loadouts and rebuild them from scratch.

  • @DaddyOoker said in kinda new, coming from ow:

    How is it dead?

    well, in overwatch we have 17 offensive heroes with an extreme damage output, we have 7 tanks(half of them have no barriers, and the other half hasn't enought barriers to hold out all the damage uotput) and 6 healers, almost half of them are barely viable, so, lets say 5 viable healers and 5 viable tanks(and from here, you can see that something is wrong)

    there are very few maps, too many dps and not enought halers/tanks(and the variety as tank/healer is really nonexistent), then, we get the hero/map bans, so, 1 or 2 out of 6 helaers/7 tanks get banned, they made fun of us for a long time, making us believe that more healers/tanks would come, yet, we get the umpteenth dps hero( btw, we get like 1-2 new heroes per year.... i should say... "we used to get")

    so, ow in short is:

    extreme toxicity level in every match, no tank/support variety, the healers and tanks category gets "choked" by the developerts itselfs purposely because they only care about the dps playerbase, playing the healer/tank role is extremely unfun and ungrateful,, because dps players always use you as a scapegoat to hide the fact that they are incompetent, so, if the team lose, it's your fault, you play the same map over and over again, there is no balance at all, every changes they made is just nosense, buff and nerfs are just made randomly,..and cherry on top, they just abandoned us players, just because they arent able to properly fix that game, and to "milk" more money from the ""fans"" by making a future update that is clearly a dlc , but they're disguising it as a "new game....and that is"overwatch 2"

    and thats the full story.

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    Thanks for the in-depth explanation. Explains the experimental 1/3/2 role Q.

    People like DPS for the impact and fun of it. I can't blame them for that. Paladins has a bunch of powerful DPS as well so don't be surprised when you get vaporized.

    Anyway, you have nothing to lose but time by downloading Paladins and giving it a chance.

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