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    Hello everyone,
    I present you my Furia guide

    Disclaimer : I am not the best furia, however I was pretty good with her in S1 (top10 thebettermeta and in game) and I know many will say what I say is wrong or weird, and yes, many won't like how I play furia, also this guide is mostly for ranked as with communication you can do things quite differently.

    So, Furia is probably the most difficult support to play, but she has a great value.
    I'll assume all of you know about her base kit, if not then i suggest you read it ingame.

    First things first, legendaries (or talents or whatever) :

    Most of you probably know this but Solar Blessing is the most useful one for healing, you know that giant beam healing people for no less than 6000/sec, it is the highest heal per second in the game so why wouldn't we use it, also note that it allows you to heal 2 places at the same time which is really strong

    Cherish is pretty strong too right now, way easier than solar blessing and more importantly way more aggressive

    And last, Exterminate, I don't suggest to use it if you are the only support, but in a 2 aggressive supports composition it's actually quite good and will probably force some resilience

    But let's start with the healing one

    Loadouts, here is what i suggest and why
    solar flare - 3 : the beam size is quite tiny so this one is absolutely necessary, lvl 2 is still too small to get consistence on the heal, more than lvl 3 you'll end up with people touching it when you don't want them to, lvl 4 might work if you have trouble hitting the beam
    light force - 4 : this one is essential has your beam has high cd so kindle soul will be used a lot and is your primary way to heal damage and flank, i don't suggest lvl 5 cause it's only 0.25sec and you need points for other stuff
    burning oath - 5 : so this is the real deal and what most people ain't doing right, this card is the thing allowing you to play furia, I often see players without it or with it at lvl 2, that's not good, all supports need a way to heal themselves since no one will heal them, it also prevent you from waiting the out of combat every 2 second when someone try to kill you, and of course it allows you to defend better against mad people rushing you, seriously, have it at least at lvl 4 but I highly recommend lvl 5
    light of dawn - 1 : you can put lvl 2 but it's not that useful, having it lvl however is great since it prevent lots of deadly combos from killing someone (especially for people at 2100hp)
    stroke the fire - 2 : well this one is obvious, it reduces the cd of your damn beam, lots of people have it lvl 5 but that's useless, wings hit 3 times, lvl 2 reduces 6sec, half the cd, with chronos you almost have no cd, you can use lvl 3 if you prefer an even lower cd, but don't forget that a dead support won't heal and that using your only escape to lower cd isn't the smartest move

    Now, about strats
    First Furia is great for few reasons, she has the highest heal/sec in the game (even against caut3 it's still 600/sec) she can heal two persons at the same time for big values, she has freaking high dps and a pretty good ult

    at round start you usually should send a beam to the tank on the point if there is one while following the other tank and healing the side with kindle
    then when beam is finished use wings to reposition into the backline, then heal point tank with kindle and send a beam to the other tank, that's an exemple of situation
    the point is, try not to use both heal for the same location, use your wings mainly to reposition yourself and not to run away from someone or to reset cd (except if really necessary) but wings are here for a reason so use your cd, furia doesn't have lot of range on kindle and the beam can miss easily, you need to move around a lot, don't be afraid to close up to a tank if needed then to reposition with wings, that is really important, don't simply wait in the backline like a stupid healbot, furia is damn aggressive, she has a great weapon so use it, harass their damage and support, melt their tanks, burn them all

    One of your main problem will be flankers, the easiest way to kill them is to beam then wings then shoot, you lose your main source of healing but you survive which is always better than dying
    Also if you see the flank coming you can easily deal with it, just be sure to kindle someone right before you fight so burning oath heals you
    you actually should always be kindling someone simply to get burning oath effect

    your ult is good for surviving and escaping, that's how people use it 90% of the time, well, that's bad
    okay it can help survive in some situations
    but this ult is op, it's a damage and speed boost, it'll win teamfights and 1v1 situations for your team, don't simply think about yourself, especially since most of the time you will ult then die like an idiot and your ult will have no value
    an other use of this ult is to get highground, you can reach most highgrounds with it and that can be quite useful sometimes, plus it'll surprise enemies as most people don't use it like this nor even know you can go this high with it

    oh and you can beam kinda random when team is zoning, maybe someone will pick it up to heal a bit, always useful
    you can use it if you are sure to finish a kill with it, but that's always risky

    Now about cherish loadouts, I'll give two loadouts, one made for healing,
    light force - 5, pretty obvious why, kindle is your only source of both heal and self heal
    burning oath - 5, again this card is essential so at least lvl 4 but 5 will really be great here
    light of dawn- around 3, this tiny shield isn't a lot but it can save people sometimes, especially when they are under caut, 5 points isn't really necessary cause it won't change much the damage people receive
    the two other cards are up to you sorta, I prefer to use solar flare cause it's really nice when you are under attack, stoke the fire can come in handy for the same reason, but a card for ammo can also be great if you want to be more aggressive

    the other one to play furia as an offheal or even a damage
    ruthless - 3, you can use more lvl if you need to, since you won't heal that much, this is really important so your dps is always at its maximum
    burning oath - 4, this card is so good that you shouldn't play without it
    pyretic dinamo or devout dexterity - 4 or 5
    light force - 2 or 3, nice to have for self healing purpose as well as keeping wrath at max
    last is up to you but I prefer inner fire if I play with pyretic dinamo, solar flare is always good, but you can use any card really

    Now about exterminate, here would be a deck for the combo
    stoke the fire-at least lvl3 (less won't work but it's hard to put more cause you'll need your points)
    ignition-at least lvl3 for same reason
    solar flare and ruthless - lvl is up to you depending on how you manage to hit the beam and maintain your wrath
    conviction-i'd say around lvl 3, it gets countered by resilience but it kinda allows easier kills when enemy don't have resilience
    I suggest you try different lvls for the card till it fits you, some will prefer to have more in cd reduction while other will need the beam range and so on
    the combo is quite simple, beam someone, wing, beam wing, till he dies, you can also shoot between both ofc, it's really deadly, more than you think (kinda like stun damba actually)

    Yes I love to play supports as damages or flanks, furia can't flank but can damage, I'll never say it enough, don't assume someone is bad cause they pick damage support, they actually are usually better than the other regular damage in your team

    Well I think that is all for now, it's a bit difficult to explain how I play furia cause it's so weird and I usually don't think about what I'm doing since it's natural to me (like positioning and such, which for furia is totally different than for other supports)
    I love furia since her release, she's hard, yet strong, she's risky, yet can do so much
    also you need to be chill cause lots of people will avoid your beam even from 1meter away (like this ash shouldering back)

    I hope this will help furia get a better reputation, and help people understand and play her better

    Tell me what you think of this guide hope it helps

    have a nice day everyone

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