Thoughts on a Theatre/Replay Feature?

  • Hey Community and any Paladin Team members, I am a big fan of capturing amazing moments from my previous games in Halo/Call of duty/Overwatch and hopefully this because Paladins clearly has the potential to make a replay feature. I will even do community labor if that's what it took. Thoughts about a possible Theater/Replay feature?

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    Moved to Miscellaneous Feedback. There is already a replay system:

    /replay [match id]

    But it doesn't work all the time. However, it should work if:
    a) someone spectated your match
    b) it is a competitive match

  • @Borvik would be nice if it was a actual feature on both PC and Consoles where you have the option to save a reply of a match in some folder to watch or edit later though.

  • Yeah, the fact that Replay ONLY works on some features is kind of unrewarding. There are some sick moments that i thought were cool in quickplay i wish i could have went back and captured. But apparently you HAVE to play comp or have someone to spectate for a replay 😕

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