Game crashes back to champion selection / main manu

  • Re: Game freezes and crashes.

    Haven't found many posts about this crash, only the above and one in reddit. Anyone found a cause/fix for this?

    I usually get one game ok, but with next when map loading/connecting starts it freezes there and then goes back to champion selection screen with nothing going on and nothing responding.
    I alt-tab, close paladins, reload game and start connecting. I get to map loading/connecting and I end up back in main menu with nothing responding.
    I alt-tab, close paladins, reload game and start connecting. This time I have gotten to the game a couple of times, but it's also likely the game is over by now.

    I've tried reinstalling game and updating geforce drivers.

    Here is an older post about the same problem that magically went away.

  • Hello,
    I had this problem few days ago, so I reinstalled the game, updated graphic drivers and the next day it was magically solved.
    my brother is having this issue now... When we play together, my game joins with no problems, but he is stuck at the screen with characters windows... Even by forcefully turning off the game and re-login, he can't join us and is stuck at the screen again and then send to the menu where he can't click anything. ...... It sometimes works and he can play a match or two, but then again cant join... It is really annoying for everyone. He is angry because he can't join in and we are sad because we lost one player.

    I am desperately searching the internet for any clues that could help now, since we like playing Paladins.

  • After two days it now seems to be gone.
    What I did after trying reinstall was this:
    -From \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Paladins\Binaries\EasyAntiCheat I ran Repair. Then in EasyAntiCheat I clicked the uninstall for Paladins.
    -Then I ran Verify integrity of game files from Steam
    -Then I ran EasyAntiCheat install for Paladins from \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Paladins\Binaries\EasyAntiCheat
    -Then I found another .exe for EasyAntiCheat in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat and I ran Repair for Paladins from there.

    Not sure if this fixed anything or if the bug just magicked itself away, like other people have reported.

  • Didn't work out for me. Which region do you play on?

  • I've been having this issue for a while now and it literally just happens with paladins. it happens to my friends as well, but most often to myself. I've reinstalled a few times and always do it through steam. Has anyone actually found a fix for this? Support tickets seem to do no good and they just suggest it's my internet...even though my only problems are with paladins.

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    Also you can send info about crashes here.

  • @Lukash369 it's been over a year and there is still no answer from anyone on this. and there are posts of it going back even further. really not sure what to do about it. i emailed support and they tried to say it's my internet. my internet which has 0 issues with any other games including games they've made.

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    @Paragrin Did you tell them their other games were working fine for you in response to the email? The first support response does not always have to be correct.

  • @Lukash369 this was the 3rd response. i have to keep filing tickets because they just tell me it is my internet and stop responding after that

  • @Paragrin did you fix it?

  • @Kolyan6666 No, it does seem fixed for me with the most recent patch though. I did figure out the issue was substantially worse whenever I alt tabbed to something else before the game was loaded in. Also spam clicking the game screen while loading in seemed to help a lot. hope it fixes for you as well. Don't bother with the support team as they are completely useless.

  • @Paragrin This is annoying af. I am facing this same problem since last Wednesday. But for stupidity, this Monday I decided to buy de DLC due to my birthday but I have being unable to play and Steam don't want to refund me. I need a fast solution or my money back, please. I've send ticket to suporte 10 hours ago and still no answer. Btw, I tried almost everything listed here and made no difference att all.

  • same here man and this happens in ranked too

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