Talus Faustian Bargain


    Talus is an amazing flank that far to many people play as damage


    • Use speed and position to out maneuver everyone, creating massive havoc in the enemy teams back-line.
    • Faustian bargain allows you to keep your speed up 100% of the match.
    • This also means that using your teleport skill, is a desperation move only with this build.

    40% speed boost and 30% DR is your escape

    • Getting into the back-line and staying there is what this build is all about.
    • You ultimate is the ultimate back-line insertion tool if used correctly ?

    This build requires excellent knowledge of position as well as flank insights to fill your gaps between burst.


    Overcharge is your bread and butter for killing people. First and foremost this is not an Overcharge reset build so you should not just activate it on the first person you see. Knowing when to use it and when to hold it is pretty important. Most people are prepared for talus to just pop it as soon as they see some one and that is why they get out alive.

    Do not be predictable, if they expect it, likely they have planned to avoid it.

    BUT !!!!! Most players do not plan to play around a Talus that has 40% movement speed so all the hiding around corners and stuff does not work with this build. They cannot just back around a corner to avoid all the damage because you can round that corner fast.

    • It does a crap ton of damage however, it does not prevent you from taking damage !!!
    • You need to bait out burst skills like Blastshot or Presence before going for the kill.

    Your fast real fast, people do not make this connection because Talus is a rapid fire champ but, this is important, probably the most important part of this entire guide.

    • Shoulder peaking is not how Talus kills people but, he is really amazing at drawing fire. Just because you can not shoulder peek a Tyra to death like an Androxus does not mean you should not be using shoulder peeking. You can peek and return to cover without taking damage pretty easily with 40% speed.

    • Getting people to fire at you and chase you is what your built to do. If you get a Tyra to throw a firebomb at you congrats you are flanking.

    • They will get annoyed and turn and commit to getting you out of their back line... If only one comes your going to Overcharge them to death. If two come your just going to run further into the back-line... They cant catch you unless you wait to long to start backing up.

    • Sometimes they will try to ignore you at which point you Overcharge them in the ass.

    NOTE: Shoulder peaking is the annoying tactic to get people to engage you. If they are already after you then its not really needed. IF they break off from engaging you and you cannot just kill them then this is a good way to mess with them while you are waiting for your overcharge to come off cool down.


    Advantage is movement use it.
    Plan your routes at all times. Where are you headed how are you getting there.
    You can literally run circles around people chasing you.

    • Use misdirection often, they cannot catch you by chasing so they are going to try and guess where your going.

    • You can make people run to places your not even going. This is where allot of my fun comes from. I will get a Tyra chasing me all over her backfield and then leave her looking for me as i go to point and blow the healer up. Only to run away about the time the Tyra shows up again.

    • Anything with travel time is screwed with trying to hit you at range. --> Drogoz simply cannot land anything on you.

    There is not allot to say about this skill, i rarely use it for damage.

    • Mobility to make that space to get around that next corner while being chased is probably where 75% of these dashes are used.

    • Knocking a tank away from their shield, Barik is low shields i knock him back and follow it up with over charge. He either dies or dashes away from point.

    • This is like a Maeve pounce so if a shielded person is lower than 600 health you can kill them through a shield.


    Dismounting the other team is not a good usage of the ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes you heard correctly !

    • If you could kill something and get out alive it would be great, however with this build it puts you back at your spawn with a 15 second cool down before you have your super speed back. This is the worst possible usage with this build.

    • Plus it goes against what flanks should be doing. Where do we want to be? Enemy spawn, not our spawn.

    Correct Usage

    • You should be targeting someone leaving spawn alone, kill them and end up in the back-line with super speed ready to go.

    • You can also use it to get a high value low health target that escaped, but the above is about as good as it gets...


    There is no real counter to this play style.

    Burst is still the strongest counter.
    The ability to change directions so fast makes it much harder for champions to confirm allot of burst combos.


    • Any and everyone so I am just going to focus on champs people have issues countering.


    Maeve has a really hard time hitting you consistently. She needs to hit all her daggers to win duels and it just not going to happen if you have good movement. When you engage her the overcharge is going to force her to burn skills and i find that her one pounce is not enough to get away from my speed so she will have to burn all her skills just to get away from me alive.

    • Maeve lives on escape and she cannot just casually run away from me with this build.

    This is one of the few counters to Zhin. You are fast enough to actually avoid his shots. Keep distance and he will have a hard time hitting you. If you run into him or he whirls in close punch him away immediately.

    • Zhin has counter and reversal so you do not want to use your overcharge to start a battle unless you have team mates around you.

    • If you have help burn your overcharge, he will reversal and then quickly realize that he is going to die and billow. He may have another reversal but he is going to pretty much be on total skill cool down meaning your team can kill him. Do not do this alone as he will just win the 1v1 to follow.

    • If your alone just shoot at him and avoid his shots, if he gets the better of you just run away and make him chase you. You have not used your overcharge so if he chases he is probably using his mobility and this is how you win. You pull him away from his healer thinking he can finish you and then burst him down with over charge after he commits to many skills to kill you.


    Koga cannot with stand your overcharge, he will have to burn all his dashes just to survive it. Once again this is great if you have help. If your alone i would try to 1v1 him without using the overcharge.

    • You counter him the same as Maeve, he will find it hard to just dash to safety because you can just follow him pretty quickly.


    • This is a must, Talus is an excellent at keeping cauterize on people.


    • This only helps elevate your speed advantage, you will find that people will try to counter your advantage buy purchasing nimble so you should match it to maintain your advantage.

    Map Knowledge
    Not much for map knowledge, using your punch to move between these two positions can be very handy on defense and offense.



  • It's an awesome guide! Could you upload some videos to present how you're doing this? 😎

  • @KicsitCsicska i could try, I have never recorded anything, Is there some free software i could use?

    I could play some rank and give the match ID, I dont know hiw long it keeps the matches.

  • PC

    @Shadowpuppy Windows 10 has it built in Windows key + G. It's called Game Bar. It's what I use.

  • @Vaporized Cool, ill give it a shot, thanks.

  • @Shadowpuppy Once I streamed just for show how I play Ying for my friend I used OBS studio. Recording consumes a decent amount of capacity, but if you're not streaming, just recording it's definitly better 🙂

  • @KicsitCsicska its not a great game as the comp totally blows but it does high light the play style to an extreme. If i was going to put a video with my guide this would not be it as it makes it look like i am just running around like a nut all the time. When i get a balanced match with good players ill upload that.


    I have another one uploading that does not really show off the build very well as it was probably one of the hardest comps to play talus into but i thought i would upload it any way.

  • @Shadowpuppy


    I was getting my but kicked pretty good, but it does show that you can still be effective as a flank even in a bursty comp. But its more about backline dismounts and drawing attention rather than outright killing people

  • @Shadowpuppy Cool, thanks!
    I think your loadout is perfect 😄 You often die instead of use your teleport, idk why 🙂 Ik that it doesn't realy worth to waste the speed boost but still better than die in my opinion. I feel I will use the dash a little bit often for end the enemies. In the second match you had a free knock out from the map to Cassie, and you rather activated Overcharge 😮 You didn't show shoulder peeking xD

  • @KicsitCsicska I wast able to show allot of stuff. I got nothing but blow outs either way as soon as i tried to get a video. Shoulder peeking dredge cannot be done really.

    Teleporting is not so great as im not normally planning for it so my teleport locations are not in great spots, i guess i could try to thing sbout that aspect more.

  • PC


    I played around with Talus in some bot matches last night. I was stuck with the default talent in the first match because he was only L1 on that account. The loss of the speed for so long was horrible. It got much better when using the proper talent.

    I tried playing with the filler "Primeval Might" vs "Perseverance" and really couldn't determine a winner.

  • @KicsitCsicska


    Finally got a good Talus game. Still did not use shoulder peeking. But really I am only doing that against champs that can insta kill me. Lian and Cassie are the main ones.

  • @Shadowpuppy Thank you! Your videos helped me a lot! I got the most kills even in the first try 😀

  • @KicsitCsicska Awesome, i am glad it helped.

  • Fun build, been enjoying it way more than Inner Strength. Not very strong, tho.

  • @TTraw I think its stronger than inner strength, the value is in how much time i can tie up. You end up having two people chasing you around while killing a third. Inner strength is more straight up damage. If that is how you classify strong then yes its not as strong.

    But i can say from past games that i have been at round 3-3 final point fight with a strix that has not fired a single round for 40 to 50 seconds because they are doing nothing but looking for me.

    I agree that its so much more fun to play, and i am all about the fun...

  • PC

    @Shadowpuppy said in Talus Faustian Bargain:

    @TTraw I think its stronger than inner strength, the value is in how much time i can tie up. You end up having two people chasing you around while killing a third. Inner strength is more straight up damage. If that is how you classify strong then yes its not as strong.

    But i can say from past games that i have been at round 3-3 final point fight with a strix that has not fired a single round for 40 to 50 seconds because they are doing nothing but looking for me.

    I agree that its so much more fun to play, and i am all about the fun...

    The build also has a lot of mobility (if you don't teleport you have an almost constant 40% MS boost) and an on-the spot escape whenever you need it (with the CD reset) which Inner Strength lacks. That talent just gives you more damage really. If I'm being honest Faustian Bargain is his best talent and it's very much slept on.

    Part of why I initially thought Talus was kind of mediocre in the first place was because I had the misperception that talent was his best, when it leaves you with a serious mobility/escape issue. It left him so vulnerable when Rune was on CD. It still does even with the indirect buff it got, but it's not quite as bad from what I can tell.

    Though I'm only Mastery 21 with Talus at this point so I can't say too much.

  • @Dusklicious I would say 20 is enough to understand a champs kit pretty well.

    6df0df25-f5f7-4a59-88ec-780adbf0d275-image.png 6f693a53-fb37-48b1-a329-22ba24804310-image.png

  • @TTraw I think it is 🙂

  • @KicsitCsicska Idk, I just always found Talus to be deadweight garbage champion deleted with 0.3s by an average sneeze. No matter the talent.

    If other people can make him work, so be it. I definitely can't. Neither the teammates I am matched with.

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