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    West of the Realm is an unreleased extension event for A Season In The Abyss Campaign. The original draft featured 3 new champions in the following categories : Tank, Support and Flank and would have introduced the Heroic/Passive ability.


    The Realm is at war. The Resistance is still strong despite an heavy toll in lives. Magistrate Raken is gathering his forces for a fatal blow. Resistance must be annilihated at all costs.
    Thus, mandated by the Magistrate and sadly preceding by a reputation for sacking cities and forced recruitment, General Narok reaches the coast west of the realm.


    ZEIA The Doomed Goddess


    Suddenly a golden light filled the room as the soldiers were pulled out with force.

    And the was there. The Lioness of Imura, The Goddess in Armor.

    She bent next to the now orphan girl, talked to her softly.

    But the soldiers had returned.
    " We have a fleet of thousand" yelled their leader
    " we are the soldiers of the Magistrate, blessed by the Abyss.
    Even if you defeat us today, we will come back. Ever"

    She closed the dead child's eyes,smoothly, and got out the house, escorted by soldiers.
    " Great Goddess" Said their Priest " it is forbidden for you deities to interfere in human affairs, otherwise" he added with a smile " you will be doomed for eternity"

    The Goddess turned her head back from the Priest , considered the fleet at bay for a moment.

    The shield at her side began to shine . Intensively.

    • Type: A mobile situational Point Tank

    *Appearance: Picture yourself an insanely tall black Athena in her hoplite armor . Her skin the darkest tone possible. Under the helm, a beautiful elongated face with tawny eyes. her long smooth black hair cascading in curls on the round shield on her back. Her weapon , a golden sacred spear.

    Abilities breakdown

    LMB : Spear Dance
    A series of quick circular attacks between close to middle range.

    RMB : Cyclone
    Zeia spins her spear so fast it becomes a large circular blur that deflects any projectile. Maintain R-Click and move your mouse to change its direction.

    Q: Athletic Jump
    Zeia uses her spear to perform a long jump, like a pole vault without the bending.

    F: An Impossible Throw
    A powerful spear throw that, if landed right, can nail the enemy to any surface behind him ( tree/wall..) where he is stuck for 1,3 s.
    Then in a golden light, another spear take form in Zeia's hand.

    E: Discobolus
    The round shield on her back starts to shine before transforming itself in a disc of pure energy.
    Standing on a discobolus stance, Zeia throw the disc with all her strenght.
    The disc has an incredible bouncing effect and its best to used it in closed areas ( Brightmarsh objective point for exemple) . After making damage, it travels back and retake its place as a regular shield.



    A Discobolus thrown , even without any allies in the area can now contest point.
    Also Cyclone can push enemies some feet away

    Illusion Ruse

    Cancelling Discobolus before any damage done transform the disc thrown into an illusion . Confuse your enemies by throwing the real disc afterwards.
    Also, Cyclone make everyone behind the blur turn invisible


    Spear is longer , deals more damage, but reduce speed.
    Cyclone is wider . Jump is longer. Throw has a shorter range but can nail several enemies at once.

    Heroic : Wrath of the Goddess

    Every additional enemy killed during Discobolus increase the disc's speed and damage.

    2nd Character


    HOPE of the Sands

    • type: The swiss army knife of the support category . A Paladins version of Overwatch Ana

    • Aspect : A young woman whose appearance is something of a mix between arabic and amerindian culture . Sharp face, green eyes , a short mohawk and nose chain. Her actual name is 26 letters long, so we'll keep up with its meaning : Hope


    "WHO are you ?"
    " Oh, Gods of the Realm, can she even speak ? ...Officer ?
    -Oh, er, yes Sergeant, she can, through she won't speak to you
    -She was sent by The Sands. She said she's here to help us to protect the coast from the Magistrate. She's their best element, obviously.
    -The Sands, eh?
    -A matriarchal society, deep in the desert. it is said they have ...special powers.
    -And she said that to YOU? Is she as capable as she pretends
    -Well, Sergeant, she 's just broke two arms on the soldier who tried to threaten her.
    -What did she said ?
    -She said that you smell like horse's shit ,Sergeant

    Abilities Breakdown

    LMB: Mother of Sands " Ricochet" Carbine
    Shoot a special ammo than can restore health to allies and deal damage to enemies.
    Has a " Ricochet" effect when shooting at an ally : the healing effect bounces to allies nearby, decreasing with the distance
    Aim for the head for a full restoration on an ally

    RMB : Eye of the Eagle
    Scope up for a better accuracy

    Q ( Daytime ) : Flash of the blade
    Tap Q to dazzle enemies with the flash of a knife.
    Hold Q to focus on a point and start a fire

    Q ( Nightime ) Serpent beach, Marauder's Port -
    Throw a flask of Black Oil. Black Oil is highly flammable. One bullet at the puddle ...

    F : Campfire
    Set a campfire that restore health in a radius. Only allies are able to see the smoke dispersion. Works like Grohk's totems.

    W : Prone position
    Lie on the ground to make her harder to hit and to shoot from a relative safe place

    E: Sand Demon
    Hold E to disintegrate your body into particles of sand than can go anywhere at incredible speed
    Release E to get back in human form
    The procedure may be repeated at will within 10 seconds


    Gold Hunters

    • Every successful shot gives you extra credits
    • Extra credits are automatically shared between teammates
    • Provide they stay within its radius , Campfire allows Hope and her allies to buy items


    • Hope can now choose between her two abilities on Q

    • When using Dazzling On Night maps , her knife has an internal light

    • Even if chosen from the same mouse button, Night Q and Day Q have separate CDs

    Talent Breaker

    • several shots at the same enemy start to deny his items.

    • One every item denied, or in the case if the enemy player haven't choose any item at all, every successful shot start to deny his Talent's effects.

    • Once Hope has reached the Talent Breaker level , her teammates then gains the ability to deny item with every successful shot.

    • Effects stops if Hope dies. She then has to start from the beginning

    Heroic : Wendjinngo

    • Every additional successful shot and every life fully restored on Sand Demon grant Hope the ability to stand mid-air for a short time , her inferior half transformed in the shape of a tornado.

    • She can fire her shots in this form.

    • She's not static. She can move/position herself in the Wendjinngo form

    3rd Character


    LIZ Bride of the Abyss

    *Type: A flank with swift attack & retreat mechanics and an ability to isolate an enemy from its group

    Aspect: A female pirate with a pale skin, a dark curly hair, blue eyes and red lips . She wears a long , now black, ripped dress that must have cost a fortune in its time.
    She hold a black leather whip on her right arm, with an old percussion pistol on the other.


    No wedding ceremony turned out as bad as Elizabeth Malazere's did.

    She was the governor's only daughter and He, he was the great Admiral of the Realm. A hero who won many battles at sea. Too many, actually, especially for a mere human. But the one who sign a contract with the Abyss, he sure can win numerous battles and make a name .

    Alas, every contract has its price and it seems that the Great Admiral gave nothing in return.

    So the Abyss took his bride.

    Many years after the event, many of the villagers invited to the banquet would recall with fear the broken porcelain, the kraken surging out of the seas and the screaming maiden, she, who the ocean swallowed.

    Rumor has it that Elizabeth is now back from the abyss, wanting her revenge. The Abyss granted her with dark powers, a ship , and a crew.

    ...and a contract she 's willing to honor with every blood spilled.

    Abilities Breakdown

    LBM: Whip Lash

    A series of whip lashes dealing 450 damage each

    RBM : Cloud Ink

    The lower part of her dress transform itself into a bunch of tentacles as she throw an ink cloud to confuse the enemy .
    Then, in her kraken form, she can float weightless to swiftly reposition elsewhere.

    Q: Percussion pistol

    Liz shoot one bullet from her pistol dealing 700 damage at long range

    F: Spinning kick

    Title. Deal 500 damage and pushes enemy away.

    E : A Touch of Abyss

    Part I : The Grab

    Grab starts like Cloud Ink / RBM except that, this time , one of the tentacle ( or many -see Heroic ) fly forward ,dispersing the Ink Cloud, to grab the enemy.
    At the same time, an abyssal portal open behind Liz.
    In the following second , Liz disappear into the portal with her prey, dealing 150 damage to her enemy.

    Part II . Den of The Abyss

    Both players end up into a small map , the size of a medium spawn room.
    It is a weird place with bizarre geometry , inclined columns, floating algae.

    Liz has her kraken form permanently , with a 30% increase on speed .
    Some of her abilities have changed :

    • Reverse tentacle smash replace spinning kick. does 750 dmg.
    • Ink Cloud act as a teleport

    There's no time limit in the Den .

    Whoever win the fight escape the Abyssal plan and get back into the game.

    Notes : If the enemy's health's bar is 150 HP or below, Liz simply throw his enemy inside the portal and it all stops here. No Den.


    Grab & Lash

    • Whip as a grabbing effect. Also whip can wrap around some elements of the architecture from which Liz can swing herself to get some feet away or upward.

    Poison Cloud

    • Ink Cloud has a poisonous effect and charges faster.

    Ghost of the Abyss

    When victorious on the Den the Abyss grant you 4 seconds for repositioning wherever on the map in total immunity.

    Heroic : Siren of The Deep ( SOTD )

    • In Touch , The player can target multiple enemies at once and bring them to the Abyss to defeat them all

    • Every additional defeated enemy is reward Liz with extra armor for 5 seconds, available even outside the Den . Time and Armor are added with every enemy defeated.


    Spinning kick + Pistol

    Spinning kick+ Whip Lash + Pistol

    Whip Lash ( with Grab) Spinning Kick + Whip Lash + Pistol

    Whip Lash ( with Grab) + Cloud . Repositioning behind. Spinning kick + Whip Lash + Pistol

    Next : The Silver Age

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