Why Paladins Strike have the best skins.

  • Why doesn't the paladins strike skins come to the original paladins? Mobile skins are much more beautiful, hi-rez is wasting time and money.

  • Because the Art Team for Paladins Strike stole assets from Overwatch.

  • I suppose the skins are easier to make as they don't have to be as detailed. In main Paladins there's all sorts of technical issues that come with skins which I doubt are as big in Strike.

    Man I completely forgot about that game, I used to play it all the time before they ruined it with pay to win updates and stopped listening to the community. It could have been great. I generally dislike mobile games but Strike was different, it was fun. I wish it wasn't left in such a sorry state. I wish they could've reverted the updates before they left it there to die. I used to listen to every dev podcast where they would explain the new updates and I would always be excited to see what was next. I guess it just didn't make enough money. They were probably operating it at a loss I suppose.

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