April Rage Thread

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    Today's not looking much better than Yesterday. Throwing flank instalocks, a Khan that goes straight to point and dies then afterwards completely stops playing the game...

    Oh and let us not forget the Buck that somehow struggles to flank a Sniper when they focus the healer (Me, of course).

    When I say bad matches, I'm talking like this one:

    https://paladins-tracker.de/match/971524090 (Not censored, but not calling any names on this one)

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    Also, I really wish they'd put more focus into trying to make each of every character's talents equally viable. I say this after making a sort of Tank Talent List... Lian's Shield is below bottom tier, but yet Vortex Grip is top 5 among all of the tank talents. Just the most egregious example of the problem.

    Not to mention, in the case of Ash all three of her talents are in the top 10. She's the only tank who can even come close to have that distinction. Barik's got Tinkerin that kind of sucks, Terminus has Undying that more than kind of sucks, Raum has Subservience that's pretty bad, and Khan and Inara each only have 1 in the top 10... None of the other tanks have one. Also all of Torvald's talents are low tier at best...

    Also while we're on the topic of things EM should do, can we please get third talent Mastery 5 instead of 8 now?

  • I put in the happy thread that I'm most likely going to get promoted soon, but I'm raging in the meantime. I'm getting Androxus players who pick Androxus instead of a 2nd tank, leaving us with a solo tank Khan. Then this fucker fed Talus who wasn't even godtier. How do you feed a Talus as Androxus??? You reflect his damage with reversal, you outdamage him outside of his overcharge (which in that case you can just use reversal), and you have vertical mobility so you can outplay him. How do you lose??? Then that same match had a Furia who went exterminate and also fed Talus. Yes Furia, we have a solo tank Khan and the best thing you can do is go exterminate. Why do Furia players go exterminate for more damage anyway? You do less damage ironically. You have a card that gives you wrath when your beam hits an enemy for a damage build, yet the beam stays on one person instead of passing through multiple enemies. Therefore you build up less wrath with exterminate as opposed to Cherish. And you heal less and less frequently with exterminate compared to Cherish, therefore your wrath charges up slower. Therefore, you do less fucking damage. Exterminate is not a damage talent or even a cc talent, it's a garbage talent.

  • @Dusklicious said in April Rage Thread:

    Terminus has Undying that more than kind of sucks,

    Undying doesn't suck. It's not as good as the other two maybe but damage reduction is a nice Talent. Other tanks would be happy to have Undying as talent. 🙂

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 anyone played against a terminus that has a 25% Life Steal and 15% movement speed from Corvus yet... Super fun being chased down, NOT

  • @Shadowpuppy said in April Rage Thread:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 anyone played against a terminus that has a 25% Life Steal and 15% movement speed from Corvus yet... Super fun being chased down, NOT

    Io offers 40% movement speed and so does Grohk.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Yea not even close to the same advantage.

    IO has to be pretty close and healing him. As Corvus i can just give him 25% life steal and 15% speed for the entire match without having to do anything. He can be on the other side of the map with that buff killing things will im healing the main tank and him.

  • Everyone us just wasting their life time writing here, just like me now. They will never fix all these problems in the game, there is so much unbalance but they release Corvus. Nonsense. Too many characters are silly, a joke, overpowered. Why Viktor is in 90% of ranked games? Simple answer and I don't need to tell you. This game just milks money, they advertise as esport but that's a farce, there s no esport game with this incredible unbalance. It's all marketing, they will not listen to us they just give a place where to rage, letting us dream that our words can change something but it is NOT like that. This is all a farce, they just want money, they don't want to balance. There will be no balance for matchmaking and no balance for characters. Just new purchasable things because they only want our money.

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    I'll agree that what we say probably makes no difference (in this topic or another) however venting can be a form of mental therapy. You feel better now, right?

    Is Viktor really being picked that often in ranked? Are you sure it's not just noobs/smurfs that have nothing else? Haven't played ranked since 3.1 and even that was only 6 matches - no Viktor in any match. The only possible "OP" part I find with Viktor at the moment is the charge rate of the ult.

    PS: Not my down vote.

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