This Week in the Realm | July 15-21

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    Happy Monday, Champions! We have a crazy week coming up!

    • The Assembly of Champions Summit is underway! Our elected AOC members are at Evil Mojo for 3 days of discussion and 2020 planning. Follow along on our Instagram Story.


    • 4AM ET | Free Champ Rotation: Barik, Lian, Evie, Ying
    • 7AM ET | Sun & Moon Update on all platforms When this goes live, the Street Style Event & Steel Forged Battle Pass will be leaving Paladins for good!


    • Day with a Dev hosted by Champion Programmer Chris Malloy. Join us on the EvilMojoGames Instagram as he answers all your questions!

    Weekend Event: 2X Everything! Kick off your Shore Patrol Battle Pass with a boost this weekend by earning double BP XP, Champ XP, Account XP, and gold!

    Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team Assembly of Champions: Kill to Heal triggers not only on kills but assists too, which can make it a great sleeper pickup as a support.

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