Champion Concept: Barren, the Forgotten Sentinel

  • Lore:
    Assassins are best used in a non-exposed manner. This is no except to Mars, a Leipori who couldn't suffice the capabilities of magic and summoning like all the other Leipori's around his village and drew much attention in sword weaponry. Looked down upon by everyone, he left the village one day and never returned with his modified short blade. While adventuring, he was found by a particular man with a wolf patch on his uniform, who were impressed with his blade abilities and offered to join the elite Sentinel Division.

    Years later, those knew the name of Barren. A little life brought big foes to their knees. Well respected, he agreed to join on his unknown final mission... the Gorlock Raid. Betrayed by his fellow comrades, he was left to die to the beasts as they fled, but luckily saved by the glorious Tiberius. Tiberius witnessed the act, and took Barren under his wing to become a student of himself, granting him prestigious training and a new blade: the Curator, who can change its composition to any material at will.

    Now as the war erupts, Mars realized that his potential as a "dead-rabbit" walking, he takes great opportunity to get revenge on those who took away his trust.

    Name: Barren (Real name is Mars)
    Role: Flank
    Species: Leipori
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Resistance
    Title: the Forgotten Sentinel

    HP: 1900

    LMB | Curator - Your basic sword slash, deals 820 dmg per slash. Holding the button will increase the range of the sword slash (base 15 units range to max 25 units). 0.7s to 1.2s.

    RMB | Betrayed Destiny - Do a small jump forward. If you land on an enemy, it causes you to grip on an enemy, stunning them and draining an instant 400hp, following 250hp over 2s, jumping back afterwards. CD: 9s

    Q | Chi Blades - Store up to 3 energy charges on your blade. By activating, you release up to 3 mimics of your blade around yourself, and attacking releases a projectile that does 650 damage per hit. Can cancel ability to save charges. CD: 1 charge every 4s

    F | Feathered - You do a burst leap omnidirectional. Can bounce from walls and midair. This overrides your passive and gains instant momentum afterwards. CD: 6s

    E | Savagery - You channel your inner chi for 1 second, and load up your sword. You use your hidden power and do 1 powerful lunge that does 2000 damage if hit in a long, straight line at rapid speeds.

    • Voice line (friendly): “Let it guide.”

    • Voice line (enemy): “No escape.”

    Movement Passive (Rabbit Foot): Consecutive Jumps after the 3rd one builds up momentum and moves the user faster, 4% per jump, up to 24% extra movement speed. Affected by nimble (makes it faster by diminishing returns play)

    Prodigal [Starting] - Extends Curator's range by 5 units but removes the charge to extend it.

    Dark Humility [Second Talent] - Gain 30% Damage Reduction during Betrayed Destiny and it lingers for 3s afterwards.

    True Assassin [Third Talent] - Now able to double jump and carries momentum even when attacking.


    1. The projectile speed of Chi Blades is Imani and so is the cast rate of her ice things. It is cast and recharged like Ruckus's rockets.
    2. If he attacks in mid air he keeps momentum but when he lands he loses it (momentum removal only applies when True Assassin isn't equipped).
    3. His ult is a like a Zhin dash forward with ult but pierces enemies like Jenos.
    4. You can be CC'd or killed of during Betrayed Destiny. For familiar context, it's kind of like the Jockey from L4D2 but you can't control where they move.


    This was my first every champion concept that I made about a year ago, and I haven't really shown it to the general public except for a few of my friends. I have more to come but I want some extra feedback to maybe rework some ideas I have for the future ones I'll post here. I have an entire document of these concepts that I come up with, with some aid from my friends in a private Discord Group Chat, and I plant o make great ones that are fun to play, have a lot of viability with talents and abilities, unique lore and/or abilities, require a certain amount of skill to utilize, and console friendly too (to an extent)