IO - Gameplay - Fix Hitbox

  • PC

    When you use IO's ULT/E Near a wall. It'll mostly hit the wall before hitting the player. As you can see in this video. It hits the wall before the player. Either fix the hitbox of her ULT/E or Is this ment to be like this? "Offtopic: Even Seris AutoAttack is stupidly OP. Her orbs hitboxes are nothing like IO's. She can nearly hit the wall and even hit players close. Please fix this. For some reason the Hitboxes of things are weird its easy to attack from the left then it is the right. Please Pleaseee Fixxx. Theres been many times ive ULT/E'd and Never hit anyone because of this. I'm not bad. Its the game. As Proven.

    Link to prove hitboxes are broken:

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