Just a random rant and feel free to tear me apart as well =)

  • I guess my complaint is about viktor. He can single handly wipe a team and it seems like his ult has a very fast Cooldown's compared to others such as like the new IO support character. I wait forever to shoot a pretty fox face OOOOOH NO EVERYONE RUN. Then Vicktor is like oh HI looks through stalkerish binoculars and is like okay your all dead. Then like 40 seconds later you are running only to to hear missles again and start pooping yourself before you you can shoot your pretty kitty face ult. lol I get he is meant to damage deal but even other damage dealers feel a little less scary compared to him. At least I know the other DD are gonna use their ult's. All I get from the perv Viktor watching me from the bush is a quick 2 second sound then his load blows all over all of us leaving us sticky and dead. Sounds about right for most people playing him. PUN intended ROFL 😃 PLUS WHEN WILL US HEALEARS EVER GET A TOP PLAY FOR MAYBE KEEPING OUR TEAM ALIVE! I really do love the game just wish with ult's like his who could take out an entire team in one one go a tiny more warning like more sound or time limit. I have to say I forget whose ult it is where you see a loong like looking beam coming at you and you get like 3 to 4 seconds to move. Viktor is like "Missles incoming" .....okay from where? how can you dodge when you cant see a target to dodge from. I love the warning I get when it kills me in my screen. "Some Ultimates let makes noise letting you know where they are coming from so you can dodge".....How do you dodge when you can't see a spot on the ground or a plan in the sky? lol Either way jut wanted to have fun with my random rant and keep up the good work spying from the bushes and shooting those rocket loads on our teams. 😃

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    @Wylesong Please keep posts like this to the rant thread. Thanks.

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