Which D&D Classes Would Fit Each Champion?

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    This is sorta related to the other D&D related thread I posted here:

    So, Paladins is a Fantasy game.

    And why don't we put the Champions into D&D (because it's fun)?

    I'll only do the first few Champions that come to mind. Tell me what you think down below and feel free to tell me what classes you think will fit a specific character. I may make use of UA (Unearthed Arcana) now and then.

    Let's go:

    Corvus (The new guy): Warlock. Pact of the Fiend. Gimme suggestions for his patron!

    Raum: Barbarian. I was thinking Berserker. I'm not so sure about this one.

    Imani (Oh, God this is a tough one): Monk? Way of the Four Elements? I don't know.

    Andro: Uh.... Warlock? Fiend Pact?? With a firearm? I'm not so familiar with the Gunslinger class. I did also find a homebrewed Warlock patron that fits him better:
    Pact of the Souleater: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/The_Souleater_(5e_Subclass)

    Lex: Gunslinger? With dual wield feat?

    Seris: Uh... I'm thinking Mystic. I dunno about this.

    Furia: WAR CLERIC!! I'm thinking Hoar as her god.

    Koga: Rogue (Obviously). Assassin as Roguish Archetype. Need I say more? OH WAIT: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Ninja_(5e_Class)

    Tiberius: I'm thinking Totem Warrior Barbarian (Tiger Totem because it makes you YEET YOURSELF REALLY HARD) or maybe Way of the Open Hand Monk.

    Maeve: Rogue. Arcane Trickster or Thief. Most probably Arcane Trickster.

    Fernando: Paladin. Don't really know what oath. Maybe this:


    I think that's all for me.

    Feel free to tell me about what you think which class fits which champion below!

    ~ Memesis

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