Keyboard change

  • So i changed my keyboard from an AZERTY to a QWERTY meaning i used to use ZQSD to move around but now i have to use WASD but for some reason paladins wont let me use WASD and only lets me use ZQSD? I tried changing the bindings to Z instead of W to sdee if it will work but it doesnt work unless i press the Z key? Its fine on other games except paladins. Ive uninstalled my keyboard, resstarted my pc, uninstalled paladins but it still doesnt work. However after i use Imani ult it works but then goes back to not working?

  • nevermind i found the problem, I had to reset each champions key bindings

  • Moderator

    I'm glad you found a solution!
    In that case, I close this topic!

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