Matchmaking and deserting

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  • Guys, I appreciate the bump ups, but didn't you go a little too far off-topic?
    Matchmaking sucks terribly. Everything else in the game is acceptable.
    Let's come up with possible fixes for the matchmaking. 😄

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    Sorry about that. I was wondering if we would get "caught" 🙂

    I've made suggestions before - If you want to look/laugh.

    Ranked requirements.

    About the placements.

    I'm basically burnt out on the subject. I wish you luck.

  • @Mvtabilitas said in Matchmaking and deserting:

    Guys, I appreciate the bump ups, but didn't you go a little too far off-topic?

    Depends. How to make Ranked more attractive to get more players would also result in better matchmaking.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Hi Rez wont admit there is a problem. The first step is them confirming an issue before it can ever be fixed.

    Until we can see our in game MMR there is nothing we can do... We cannot make any real argument that its broken if we have no clue what numbers it using...

  • @Shadowpuppy Oh, please. By this logic we can't make a real argument that an apple is spoiled until we see it's inside with our eyes.

  • @Mvtabilitas Sorry, but that is an pretty dumb analogy you created.
    A spoiled apple is your comparison for a company and a match making algorithm. Comical but not at all relevant to the real issue.

    Lets hear your argument as to why match making is not working correctly?

    • I have crappy matches
    • Guru that makes up its own numbers says it was not balanced
    • My feelings are saying that its not right
    • I played a match and was destroyed
    • I played a match and destroyed

    What are you going to bring to the table to discuss with Hi Rez to define the match making issue other than your feelings about it?

    Feelings do not mater and that takes us back to the real issue, the match making MMR is hidden so we have no real way of showing that its busted other than opinions that have zero factual information to back them up. Making our case garbage. They do not show us the MMR because if they did we would have the ammo to present an actual issue that they would in turn have to fix. But if they just keep us out of that info loop we have no ground to stand on to demand change other than complaining which does not help.

  • @Shadowpuppy I didn't even read below the first 2 rows because you are out of any topic here.

    The apple is the matchmaking. You taste it(You play one game); It's good, you continue eating(you continue playing games). It's spoiled, you spit it out(you don't continue playing).
    The only difference is that here we are all eating the same spoiled apple like idiots.

  • @Shadowpuppy There could be criteria for a good matchmaking like: If one player has more kills than the opposite team the match was not balanced.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Nah look, from what I understand, like most of their contents in Paladins, Hi-rez did not want anything to be the same as other games, and I guess that's why they came up with this MMR (who knows, maybe all those "classical" matchmaking systems are now patented or something).
    So, comparing a normal matchmaking system with theirs: what do we have?
    In a league-based matchmaking (silver with silver, gold with gold, etc), the problem is that the league does not necessarily represent the skill of the player, but only the luck that he had with matchmaking. Imagine playing in Paladins in the bronze league; It would be a freaking disaster. The advantage would be that, if you are a good player, once you're in gold or platinum you can easily stay there.

    What they did with this MMR, from what I get, is: they tried to assign a skill identifier to every player(I guess by reading kills, objective time, healing, damage, etc), and I guess they match the closest MMRs together. The only problem is that when you get bad team mates and pro enemies, it does not really matter how good you are, it is very difficult to get a positive feedback to your MMR, so therefor you will be classified as a "bad" player because of this, and you will continue getting matched with "bad" players. This is one case. The other case is the other way around, where bad players get classified as pro players because of good teams and weak enemies.
    So yes, the MMR matching system is theoretically good. The problems appear after one wrongfully bad or good game, and from there, it can last even for weeks until u return to normal.

    You can't classify a player as pro or newbie by judging numbers. It happens often that if you look at the scores you would think a losing team should have won, but victory in siege does not depend on any individual numbers, but only on team work. Five noobs playing team can easily waste five selfish pros.

    So yeah, another view on why Paladin's matchmaking needs to be fixed. And no matter how this MMR works, there must be fixes possible. Maybe an AI verifying system like you said: compare the system's expectations before the game with the real outcome, and work from there. Who knows, after all @Shadowpuppy is partially right. We can't suggest fixes if we don't know exactly what the problem is. However, it's pretty obvious that there is a problem.

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