* * * Scroll III : The Silver Age * * *

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    The Silver Age is an aborted season for Paladins. it was supposed to conclude A Season in The Abyss Campaign.
    The following notes are actually a compilation of diverse scratch notes & annotations now reunited in a comprehensive guide.
    Like its predecessors , that new extension season would have featured three new champions in the Tank, flank and Support category


    Finally. The Abyss have been defeated with the help of the Ska'drin people.

    For the Realm, it is a time to bind its wounds, a time for redemption and mutual comprehension. A Silver Age.

    The Magistrate and the Resistance agreed on an arrangement and so the Committee was created.
    The use of crystal is no longer prohibited BUT regulated. Their use discussed in Great Assemblies and then submitted to the vote.

    But even the most peaceful area isn't without threats . If some can just be considered as nuisances : The sabotage fairies , The Shadow dolls, some others are more concerning.

    For somewhere in the Realm, a Dark Mage is using the Crystal to create an army of evil clone versions of our Champions of The Realm



    Seth, the Leader

    Type: A high skill floor environmental Tank who has the ability to break and disperse the enemy's formation

    Appearance : A young man in his twenties with an androgynous look. Mid long blonde hair, earrings. A pauldron covering his right arm, but shirtless otherwise, and from hips to feet , a long skirt with segmented lacquered armor plates.
    Seth floats above the ground , just like Jenos.
    His weapon is a war fan , which he wields on his left hand.


    Something was wrong but Zhin couldn't put the finger on it.

    The raid had been successful. The Shadow dolls destroyed in their own headquarters . A conflict of interests quickly solved.

    But their leader, "The Leader" was missing and Zhin had this bad intuition all his way back to the Palace.

    And when the later appeared silhouetted upon the moon, he knew.

    The gates were wide open . The guards , nowhere in sight, even after one hour of investigation.

    Then the evidence struck him : "The Concubine's Pavilion !"

    As he rushed with his thousand, one of his horsemen fell, his throat pierced by an arrow, another quicly followed, then a third.

    Zhin stopped his horse and his gaze met the ghostly silhouettes upon the roof.

    He could not believe his eyes.

    Later, when he stepped into the Women's Pavillion, he was breathing heavily.

    " Damn you . You made me fight my own concubines . You'll pay for this...and in other things , you won't make me your doll !"

    " Who knows, Flame Thrower ? " The Leader was hardly hiding a smile.

    He was sitting in Zhin's throne .The Tyrant 's concubines lying in lascivious poses at his feet , their eyes white .

    Zhin didn't answer back. He simply armed his sword and prepared for battle.

    "Very well, Flame Thrower" said the young blonde man, levitating and raising his battle fan.

    " It seems that we have deaths to settle !"

    Abilities Breakdown

    LMB: A sudden gust of wind
    Waving his fan twice, Seth blows a violent wind that pushes enemies away.

    • Wind does not deal direct damage. Instead, damage is dealt when an enemy, pushed by the wind, hit a surface or another enemy. The later being the most effective as both enemies take damage from the Wind.
    • Recharges every second

    RMB : Tainted Glass Rainbow Shield
    Seth cast a shield that deploys itself segment by segment . When fully formed his shape is that of an arc, like a battle fan shield .

    • When an enemy is pushed against the Shield, he bounces back whereas the segment hit disintegrate itself .

    Q: Wind out
    After a charging animation, Seth swings his fan with force

    • The recoil pushes him away or upward. An ability that allows him to retreat swiftly or to reach higher grounds.

    F: Air Scythe
    Seth 's fan quadruple in size, every segment of the fan growing into a sharp edge. With this "augmented" fan , Seth is able to slash from right to left , at short range, dealing damage in the process.

    E: Swap
    In a blink, Seth exchange places with the targeted enemy.



    • On the last move of Wind Scythe , Seth throw the fan to the enemy. After making damage , the fan returns in his hand. Same effect when activating Wind Out !

    • The segmented shield is made of sharp glass. When one of the panel is broken , the enemy who hit the panel has an extra damage after being hit because of the shards.
      Feather Ballet in Summer

    • Wind out is able to disperse his enemies

    • Air Scythe has a deflect effect


    • Seth can push allies and enemies alike, even the payload even if it is slower to push. Allies does not take damage from the push but benefit from a speed boost instead

    Heroic : The First Airbender

    Every enemy killed after Swap grant Seth with extra armor

    2nd Character


    B, The Annoying


    Appearance: A fairy, not much taller than Evie, in a black and orange stripped suit. A pair of translucent wings on her back.
    her shiny black hair rearranged in a shingle bob haircut. A smoky make up covering a pair of chestnut brown mocking eyes. Tanned skin.
    Glittery cheeks. Black glossy lipstick. Tattooed tongue. This is B

    Her weapon is a funny looking bean/pod shaped two handed cannon way to big for her , which fire rate and damage potential are not to be underestimated.
    Inside the transparent magazine chamber, dark shapes are fluttering in a green liquid with a muffled buzzing sound

    Lore : Lore is missing , all we have is this furious handwriting :

    "We, sistas of the Sabotage we don't need no f***** Lore ! we live free , we rob , we fly drunk above the Realm , Abyss yeah !! "*

    Abilities Breakdown

    LBM: B's special

    • B fires at middle range at high rate a continuous streak of bloodflies directly toward the enemy .
    • Even if the fire has stopped, the trail keep on dealing damage until there ' s no bloodflies left.
    • Has a fall off effect with the distance.

    RMB : Lock on !

    • Put a mark on the enemy so that the next bloodflies streak is able to track and deal damage to an enemy even if the later is hiding behind a wall.

    • Has a fall off effect with the distance

    • release RMB to unlock
      Q: Dragonfly

    • B shrinks herself to Cassie's bird size and deploys her wings. She then fly to reposition herself swiftly in a middle distance perimeter.

    F: Detonate

    • B goes in fetal pose, floating in mid air, and start to twinkle.
      After a short duration, there's a explosion whereas B is pushed away on a long distance. Works a little bit like Ash's shoulder bash as the player is able to choose the direction where he will be pushed to.

    E : Swarm

    • B casts a swarm that wraps the enemy. The swarm make the enemy to loose all of his abilities save for his primary fire. All of his items are denied .
      Swarm last 6-7 seconds.


    The 8th Plague

    • Swarm can wrap multiple enemies but does not deny their items.
    • two enemies can be "Marked!" but damage done is divided between those two.

    Hold up

    • Detonate make less damage but allow B to steal his enemy's items
    • Swarm gives B all the enemy's items for the duration of the swarm

    Robin "B "Hood

    • Swarm makes the enemy invisible to his own allies
    • The twinkle in Detonate is shorter

    Heroic : Chain Reaction

    Killing two enemies on Denonate gives B the ability to Detonate again, right after the 1rst explosion. Every single enemy killed after that activate Detonate


    St Jon , The Jack of Hearts

    Type : A Tactical Support with enchanted abilities

    Appearance: a handsome hunky indian man with short hair, beard and sunglasses. He wears a light brown jacket with a pair of wings engraved in his back.
    In battle, he makes full use of the Prototype 7 Signature Blaster , an experimental weapon which he stole from the Committee 's Weaponry Research Department


    Legends says that he was once a Prince of a mysterious eastern country who chose exile before volunteering in the Realm's army.

    And she, she was a fairy in the Autumn Court. A caramel skinned fairy, truly a beauty. Lyneh was her name.

    Who knows where and when those two met. But it happened.
    An ex-Prince, Soldier of the Realm , and a fairy, an impossible match.

    Ah, but sometimes, sometimes, miracles do happens. And that miracle did.

    Unfortunately, Fairies see their lifespan get shorter when mating with humans.
    But, hey, who could have guessed. For in all the Realm's history there hadn't been such a case.

    Ultimately, Lyneh felt ill and neither Grover or Torwald had been able to find a cure.

    And Lyneh became weaker every day.

    Jon did everything that could be humanly possible. But it was not enough and , in one sunny morning, Lyneh died in his arms.

    " Don't worry my Love" Said she in a last breath " We will meet again. And from the Afterlife , I will watch your steps and assist you in your duty"

    Abilities Breakdown

    LBM : " Proto 7"

    • A versatile armored weapon gun , which type of ammunitions, fire rate and spread depends on the Talent chosen.

    RMB : Umbrella Shield

    • From Proto 7, Jon shoot a shield that deploys itself mid air, before landing on the ground. The shield has the shape of a Sun Umbrella, inclined on the side.

    • The Umbrella shield can protect at most two allies, has an healing effe and a scope accuracy effect

    Q : Guardian Fairy / Ghost Love

    • Lyneh's voice : " Beware!"

    • Jon's army knife fly by itself from his side belt to an enemy.

    • As the enemy is pushed backward, the ghost of Lyneh appears, butted bow on the enemy's chest in a graceful stance, pressing the hilt of the knife on the enemy's torso.

    • after several meters , the ghost of Lyneh disappears in an explosion of light, adding more damage to the initial hit.

    F: Passage

    • Lyneh's voice : "Here! "

    • In a celestial/enchanted burn mark like light, a hole expands on the targeted surface. After a while, the hole is larger enough for Jon and his allies to cross through.

    E : Healing Missile

    • Proto 7 transforms itself in a Bazooka with a scope on its side.

    Part I : Smoke Screen

    when hitting the ground, the missile delivers a thick smoke cloud, making Jon's allies invisible for 1, 5 seconds.

    Part II : Healing Effect

    Smoke disperse and an increasing healing effect applies in the perimeter hit . Lasts 8 seconds.



    Jon fires 7 shots in succession until reload. The next series of shots starts with a net shot. The third series starts with a net shot, followed by a grenade .


    Jon fires 2 grenades, then a quick succession of 6 bullets before a Weapon Charge. The next shot knock back enemies .


    There's 30 ammunitions in the Chamber , 9 regular ammo and 1 incendiary grenade. To be shot at high fire rate.

    Heroic : Level III Items

    • Lyneh 's ghostly presence altered St Jon's items (Burn cards) , giving him the unique ability to choose between the regular Lev III item or the item altered by Lyna

    • Items can be acquired in Lev III and after a successful/numerous health restoration with the Healing Missile

    Defense :

    • Illuminate / Footsteps : Highlight the footsteps of the enemy when on steath mode
    • Resilience / Breaker of Chains : Lyneh's ghost take the place of St Jon. Crowd control applies to Lyneh, letting Jon free of his moves.
    • Blast Shield / Umbrella Parry : The umbrella shield appears briefly, diminishing damage for Jon and his allies
    • Haven/ Fight Back: Add an ability boost after taking damage.


    • Master Riding / Flying Mount : Instead of a horse, Jon has the ability to fly on the back of an Hippogriff .
    • Morale Boost / Souvenir : Every time Lyneh's ghost appears, it double the rate at which Jon recharges his ultimate.
    • Nimble/ Blur : Add a blur/stealth effect on every move.
    • Chronos/ Time Master. Has 2 abilities.
      1srt ability :Jon is able to speed up the Match's countdown
      2nd ability: Jon is able to slow down the Match's countdown.


    • Kill to Heal / Kill 2 Heal . The closest ally also benefit from the healing effect.
    • Life Rip / Thief Mark : (added effect) Jon steal the enemy's healing if the later receive an healing from his allies 1, 5 seconds after having taken damage.
    • Rejuvenate/ Armor up : Jon benefits from armor every time a shield is up in his area.
    • Veteran / Ghost of the battlefield ( Effect added) When standing still, Jon 's mind can fly through the battlefield. A view like Imani's dragon's , but way faster, and without the dragon.


    • Bulldozer / Confusion : For a short time, turrets change allegiance .Dragon and Ying' s alter ego are confuse and have less accuracy
    • Deft Hands / Weapon specialist : Give Jon the ability to combine his Talents ( only in spawn )
    • Cauterize / Slow effect : For a short period of time, everything is slowed down for the enemy : fire rate, CDs, speed, healing recuperation
    • Wrecker / Piercer : The first shot is able to get though everything : shields, barriers, enemies, walls.


    • St Jon appears in both Paladins and Rogue Company
    • Lyneh 's a tall Fairy ,just like every Fairy in the Autumn Court. Which means that she doesn't have childish features and looks more like a grown up young Lady, with wings on her back.
    • On 3rd view ( replay ) Lyneh appears standing on the Bazooka ,her arm pointing out to the enemy , when Jon uses his Healing Missile
    • Jon is the character who would introduce the Journey/ Story mode in Paladins . Jon's journey's purpose is to find the mysterious mage and to bring back Lyneh from the dead.

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