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    Currently in the process of moving this guide here. There's a metric fuckton of things to reformat and I need to retrieve some images. But the first version will have the formatting as well as some updates for the new card changes (Rip Scorch : ( ) and an overview of shattered desert and warder's gate (Haven't played enough Nando on Bazaar yet, might take awhile to get the energy to do that). There will be a few images and some paragraphs might be overhauled compared to the original. You will also notice that the champs section is gone as well, I may or may not re-add that in.

    Anyways, I present to you The sexiest and only Nando guide you need.

    Hi, I'm your local obsessive Nando main, I'm here with a guide about everyone's favourite crush regardless of sexuality, Fernando. Let's begin, shall we?


    Strengths and weaknesses:

    -Good burst damage
    -Large hp pool (4600)
    -Large shield with the highest base hp (8000)
    -Medium escape mobility
    -Medium sustain
    -Lex-level credit accumulation

    -Low range, very susceptible to snipers
    -Low dps
    -No readily available quick sustain
    -Minimal CC
    -Base movement speed is slow

    Kit and role

    alt text

    Flame lance: The flame lance does 350 base damage and 450 in total if you were to count the burn affect. The flame lance is your main source of damage, you'll be using this most of the time for all your murdering needs.. While the flame lance has an ammo bar, you can just straight up stop firing when low and it'll take less than two seconds to reload, and if you do overheat, it'll be 2 whole seconds, which still isn't much, but you won't be able to use your fireball.

    The flame lance also pierces through everything and is only stopped by shields meaning you can apply cauterize to everything on the point, thus making cauterize a must-pick on Fernando.

    The lance also comes with a burning status effect, this brings more suspense than most horror movies, it does 200 damage over 2 seconds and against most DDs and flanks, it should take down a single bar of hp, so you can leave them alone, turn around and they'll disintegrate into ashes.

    2-second reveal
    But in addition to your badass finisher, you can use the flame effect as a 2-second wallhack in case those sneaky bastards try to lose you by cutting a corner, it works especially well for teleporters like Ying or Evie since it gives you a bigger hint as to where they might be. It works for a split second on Talus but you'd need to spot that tiny outline flash.

    alt text

    Shield: Your shield is one of the best shields in the game in terms of usability, it has the highest base hp at 8k, the longest duration (non-resource-based shield) at 10 seconds and the easiest to move compared to everyone else. While it has a largely steep cooldown of 15 seconds, fearless leader helps a little bit with that problem while Aegis could lower it by 3 seconds.

    It's best to pop this up for your teammates if you see someone low, but your purpose is to make sure they run away to heal, you should be not to be using the shield to allow them to shoot safely since that's a waste of time and wrecker deletes your shield.

    If you're going to use this to protect yourself, it's best to do it at half hp or when you need to block some burst damage. Don't walk into an enemy at full hp with your shield up, you're wasting the cooldown. When using your shield to run, simply back the fuck away from the threat, nimble helps since they won't be able to catch up without a movement ability. Another thing to note is that the enemy will most likely shoot your shield, when combined with cards such as heat transfer, this allows you to reduce the cooldown on your movement ability which makes getting away easier.

    The shield itself also lets you counter Vik's ult as well as deadzone if you aren't at the centre. It also blocks cauterize and gives your healers time to heal you, if you see a shielding Nando, please heal him.

    alt text

    Fireball: Fireball is a medium-sized piercing sphere of death (hitbox is actually massive but the vfx was reduced at one point) that zones fairly well. It's the ultimate corridor killer and is the main stable point of most scorchnandos. It lets you easily snipe the backline without giving a single fuck, scorch even makes you benefit more from this ability.

    The fireball is a 6 cooldown ability that does a total of 450 damage without falloff with unlimited range (As far as I can tell), the fireball itself is just as fast as Drogoz's rockets and with the hitbox, it should be relatively easy to hit most things with this.

    alt text

    Charge: Charge is used to both start fights and get out of them. Due to the fact that heat transfer exists, you can charge straight into your doom without worrying about not having an escape plan. Charge can be used with your shield up and you can use your shield during charge. You can also move your camera during charge, and if you were to look backward, your view immediately clips to where you're facing after charge ends. It's not the best in terms of distance but it's more meant as a gap closer.

    You also have knockback immunity when using this, meaning you can plow through Torv's ult (until your charge ends and then you'll be pushed again) or you can charge straight into Ash.

    Of course, while it may seem that the shield is always facing the charge direction, there's a trick that I like to call the "moon charge". If you were to jump before charging (or fall from a ledge during charge), you can move your shield freely and in this case, move it backwards, allowing you to moonwalk at breakneck speeds with a shield that protects you.

    The mechanics behind this is self-explanatory, Nando's model is locked at the direction you are charging, but you can only turn if you're above the ground. That means, if you fall off a ledge, you can move your model freely. The mooncharge basically exploits this "feature", since when you're jumping, you're obviously not touching the ground. Therefore, if you jump, hit F (Or whatever key you bind charge to) and turn fast enough, you can dash backward, allowing you to make your shield face towards the enemy instead of away from them, this renders safe travel redundant.

    This technique is incredibly hard to do when you're jumping, just know that you can only turn in charge if you're not on the ground, that means you have less than a second to move your flick your mouse, try to do this in the training range till you get the hang of it.

    alt text

    Immortal: This ability is overpowered if I was a psychic, unfortunately, I'm not. The description of this ability is incomplete, they forgot to mention that it pushes your teammates back 20 feet away from you, but for those who bought common sense III, this ultimate could save lives. It has a very large radius that could compare to the range of Grover's blossom.

    For those who don't know what this actually does for your team because you ran away from your Fernando half the time, this applies Fernando's effect on to you, so you too can become immortal. The best part is, 1500 is 75% of most of your squishy hp compared to the 40% I get so you can pew pew all you like for 4 whole seconds without worrying about anything. And the best part is, this thing goes through walls too, use it on more cramped maps full of walls like jaguar falls for max efficiency.

    This ult is best used right on your teammates when you think they're about to die, you should use this to save your healer if they're about to get flanked, but not when you're outnumbered. You should keep in mind that your teammates aren't CC immune, while this might save you from Torv, it won't save your teammates.

    Role and playstyle:

    Fernando has two main roles, main tank, and flank. Most of us play him as a flank but whenever your partner tank falls, you can easily rush in and fill their role. Your kit lets you stall long enough for them to return, so long as they aren't zoned. As for his flank role, your actual job is backline bully, you should only "flank" anything you can get to within a 8-10 second timeframe, anything further than that puts you out of position if you're going alone. Zoning from that far alone is not really an excuse, his fireball is already a good zoning tool.

    When engaging your target, depending on the distance, start with an opening charge and a fireball, then start shooting, within a second the target should lose 900-ish hp. This should let you end the fight much quicker when trying to attack anything that isn't a tank.

    If reinforcements arrive, don't stop shooting and wait until your hp is at half, that's when you should pop up your shield. As soon as your charge is up, run away and fight another day since you don't have any immediate healing moves.

    When you finish off a target, heal to full before engaging again, Since you don't have immediate self-sustain (unless you run Formidable), it's best to fight at full hp to increase your chances of winning. But be sure to move while you're regen so you can get ready to attack again.

    Keep note of your supports, if a flank is coming and you are close by, charge straight to them and give them no mercy. Also, keep note of your other tank as well, distract the enemy to let them heal if you see them running.


    One of your main purpose to the group is to be the ultimate cauterize slave. You are the master of touching things due to your inhand's pierce and decently long range. It ensures that your teammates only need to shoot instead of worrying about who to caut. Caut is the only red item you'll need, if you're feeling especially devious, buy some bulldozer for Ying, Barik or Vivian.

    It's recommended that this is the only item you touch until it's maxed at caut III. But if you're struggling to survive, I suggest that you get rejuvenate quickly, or if you just happen to have no healer, get veteran. (Or both but that's a lot of slots wasted)

    Resilience is also an important item for CC heavy enemy compositions. Haven and blast shields are also very important if the enemy damage is a big threat to you specifically.

    But if nothing fits that criteria, I would suggest getting master riding for long maps or nimble for shorter maps. (Both is fine if all you need is cauterize and rejuvenate).


    In terms of overall cards, Fernando has a bunch of good cards while the rest are complete utter crap, this section will advise you on how much points you should be putting into certain cards and which cards you shouldn't pick at all

    Important Cards:

    These cards are cards that can't go wrong and can fit into pretty much every deck whether as a filler or as the main card, these ones will have your back. Some of these cards are mandatory while others are the main star of specific decks.

    Incinerate: A stable point to all Scorch builds or just any build in general, this card reduces the cooldown of fireball by 0.6s per level. The card should be set at to around level 3+ or 1.8s+ reduction if you want to have some use out of it. I personally recommend putting it at level 4. Level 5 is there if you want to shave off a few more seconds but you're better off using that excess point for something else.

    Heat Transfer: For every 1k damage your shield takes, reduces charge cd by 0.5s per level. This is a filler card, a very good filler card too. It's best to leave it at level 2. Your shield itself has 8k hp meaning you can shave off 8 seconds off your charge if it's at full hp. This is a necessity for getting out of fights alive.

    Brand: Fernando's only source of quick readily available healing. It heals Nando for 100 hp per level if you hit an enemy. Having this card at 3+ is good, having it at 5 is also a good idea if you can play around cauterize. Keep in mind that it can proc multiple times if you hit multiple things, it can also proc on deployables as well.

    Fearless Leader: This card reduces all your cooldowns by 10% per level every time you get an elimination. I would recommend using this card in your build if you have trouble managing your cooldowns. I would personally use this at level II but you can go higher if you need to have your cooldowns ready.


    These cards are good but they're mostly meant to use as fillers to enhance your deck.

    Launch: Increases charge distance by 12% per level. This is a waste of a slot if you're using it at level 1 and a waste of points at level 4 and above so it's best to keep it at level 2-3 for that extra distance while charging.

    Cavalier: Increases hp by 150 per level. A decent enough hp card, I'd recommend using it at 2 and above for extra tankiness.

    Running Start: Increases movement speed for 3s by 10% after charge ends. Compared to hot pursuit, it does not have any stacking potential (on its own, without nimble or other movement cards) meaning it's capped at the current value, but if you use chronos and fearless leader, it will have a lower cooldown than hot pursuit.

    Hot Pursuit: Increases movement speed for 3s by 10% per level for each enemy hit by fireball (Will increase diminishingly based on the dimin returns formula). Keep in mind that this card has a 10-second cooldown. I don't think that massive cooldown is worth it, you're much better off buying nimble instead of doing this.

    Immovable object: Receive 5% more healing per level from other players when below 50% hp. This is the only way that Nando can get inbuilt rejuvenate, it's also a good thing since you'll be using your shield at half hp either way. But this card requires commitment and thus you'd need to waste atleast 3 points for it to be somewhat useful. Rejuvenate on its own is pretty cheap.

    Safe Travel: After charge ends, gain a shield that has 150 hp per level for 3 seconds. It's mostly a filler card, it's not that good because of the heavy nerfs it received but it's good if you aren't able to consistently perform a moon charge.

    Meh Cards

    These cards are either plain fillers and/or plain bad. There is a niche for them but I recommend not using them at all.

    Towering Barrier: Increases shield hp by 500 per level. It falls off heavily late game with wrecker but this card is mostly used for its synergy with heat transfer, by giving you essentially 1 extra proc at level 2. This card only works with heat transfer at level 2 or 4 so keep that in mind.

    Dire Need: Increases movement speed while holding a shield by 5% per level. It serves its purpose since Nando moves slightly slower with a shield but nimble II outshines the first 4 levels while the bonus from the last level is a waste. Despite the name you do not need this, it can be a filler if you want to stack it with running start or nimble.

    Last Stand: This card heals you for 100 per level when you have your shield up, it triggers when you're below 40% hp. 40% is way too low for it to reliably heal you, you're better off running away and using natural regen.

    Looks that Kill: Fill ammo meter by 20 per level for every time fireball hits an enemy. Not that good of a card, Fernando's lance depletes its ammo very slowly in the first place.

    Cards you probably shouldn't use

    We're getting to the crappiest cards of the bunch, you shouldn't use this one as a filler since there's a better alternative.

    Pyre: Fernando has 10 additional ammo per level. This is a basic ammo card, why use this when Looks that kill exists?

    Unstoppable force

    Unstoppable force gets its own section because it's a very unique card that is basically a mini talent.

    Unstoppable force: Charge now knocks back for 800 and increases by 200 per level. Even the description itself is cryptic, but I can convert this to a language that you can maybe(?) understand:

    Level 1 is half as strong as Khan's commander grab distance-wise.
    Level 5 is pretty much Ash's kinetic burst with max cards.

    This is semi-accurate verbal presentation of what the levels actually mean. It has its own special uses, with level 1-2 as some kind of filler that can disorient your enemies. Anything beyond level 3 can be considered its own talent as the knockback can push people off the map with it having a high success rate at level 4-5.

    My main use for this card is to dis-orientate people, it's good for confusing your targets thus messing their aim but I mainly use it on tanks to push them back a bit. I recommend making it so that you end your charge as you hit the enemy so you can knock them back.


    Aegis: Aegis reduces your shield cooldown by 3s and makes your shield have infinite duration. Is it good? Nope, you should not be having your shield up for more than 10 seconds and you cannot physically have your shield up for more than 6 seconds late game due to wrecker. Use a different talent when you get one.

    Scorch: Scorch makes it so that your fireball deals 45% damage for each subsequent enemy hit after the first enemy. It's a good card for bursting down supports since there usually is a tank in front of them (Unless it's a Jenos). When using the Scorch, you need to try to chain the fireball against a support, once you're successful, you should charge in and try to eliminate the enemy support.

    Formidable: Formidable is an early game surprise card that tips the scales in terms of 1v1s, it is also Fernando's most popular talent. What this does is heal 55% of your hp (2500k base) back when you hit 40% hp, it triggers when you take damage, so keep that in mind since you'll get cauterized when this happens if the enemy has cauterize. This is one of Fern's few quick sustain card for when you don't trust your healer (Although Brand does a more solid job). It's fairly hard to win a 1v1 against a formidable Fern (pun-intended) without the help of cauterize II+, but if you ever do get cauterized and you see formidable trigger, immediately have your shield ready, you'll get 1.25k healing for the remaining duration depending on your reflexes. But keep in mind that Formidable has a largely steep cooldown of 45. It's best to know the difference between playing passively and aggressively when playing with formidable. If you want to rely on its effects in a certain fight, turn on "Show card cooldown" in the options so you know when to fight.

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    While Fernando pretty much works well in just about every map, he can excel in certain maps or certain parts of the map or the opposite, and usually, it involves you having to switch from an aggressive to a passive playstyle, meaning he's not entirely crap on a certain map, unlike certain characters. This aims to explain what you should do and where you should be.

    Stone Keep

    Best map in the game, no bullshit, no unreachable vantage points, no long push, just pure symmetry, good routes, and medium distance. Defensive or offensive, any type of playstyle will excel in this map, you can get anywhere you want in this map on any flank route, verticle mobility is not needed, you can always get to any area in a reasonable time.

    Access to the backlines during the point capture is very easy due to many flank routes having an opening that leads directly to the backline. There's also a very nice cathedral that serves as a very good shelter for point tank Fernandos in case you need to rest or apply pressure from a safe spot, cementing your backlines in there is also a very nice option as you can easily defend your backline with your presence alone due to the enclosed space.

    Fernando should be following the payload's path in terms of the push section. Although the flank routes are very close by in case a certain champion is causing trouble, meaning you can quickly chase after them.

    In terms of defending, there's a lot of places to hide behind as a good choke point for trying to contest the payload. One problem is the final stand, the top flank route is hard to reach and there isn't a good place to stand shoot while trying to not get killed, it's best to leave that to your teammates.

    Jaguar Falls

    Another map where Nando greatly excels at, I might go as far to say that this is his best map Although Fernando is usually focused more on the middle or the flank route opposite of the cliff in terms of capturing compared to the full equal presence of Stone Keep. You can still apply pressure at the cliff side but there's not enough openings to give you easy access to your team or the point. This map also has flank routes that can easily be accessed since you don't need verticle mobility.

    When on point, as soon as you get to the inner temple, there's a spot where you can corner the backline, if they're further back, that's a bit more inconvenient but you're still very close to the point. Capturing the objective is also very convenient to it having many spots to jump out from and escape to.

    The push segment is a bit more limited than Stone keep since you're better off near the payload path than the flank routes, but due to the limited amounts there are, you can see and immediately move to any nearby flanks and drive them away or kill them due to lack of any good escape routes. Although the final push is a bit harder since there's a massive chokepoint for the enemy to hide behind, but this problem is solved with a second tank, letting you zone further to hopefully secure your push.

    Offensively, the final push of this map isn't really what Fernando excels at doing. The final stand is where Fernando shines as a bruiser/defensive hybrid, allowing him to defend the arc and punish anyone who tries to come near, even those coming from the backline. There's also a lot of places to hide meaning Fernando can easily come back if he was driven off, although if your ally tank dies, that will turn into a problem.


    Brightmarsh is another amazing map for Fernando due to the lack of flank routes that require vertical mobility. This is a bit worse than Jaguar falls due to some routes taking a bit longer than it would normally take you in the other map but there's an extra route that you can take which lets you drop on the backline from the roof. (Only available through mounts, made easier with master riding, I'll talk about this later.)

    Brightmarsh's point fight can be defended purely from being aggressive and driving everything away from the inside which a defensive Nando can easily do with little to no difficulty unless outnumbered or against Inara. It's best to enter from the port since the pressure will be coming from the front door, attacking from this side lets you sneakily chip away hp and turn the tide of the fights.

    Defending or attacking works very similarly so you won't need separate instructions, just hug the payload route and lurk around the flank route that isn't elevated. There's no point in trying to zone though, you should be near the payload since you won't be able to zone everyone unless you're near the base due to the many concealed flank routes. But if you're zoning with a teammate, it should be fine.

    Nando from above

    If you want to engage the backline from above, I recommend dropping on the enemy but don't try this without master riding as you'll waste your time if you fail. Now, firstly, you'd need to get to the top garden towards the flank route facing the ocean.

    alt text

    Notice this tree planter? Jump onto the sides of it.

    alt text

    Now jump on the wall and then jump to the roof.

    alt text

    This is a good place to get the jump on healers that might be hiding outside the building as well as any damage dealers that are trying to use the windows.

    Serpent Beach

    Serpent beach is a worse version of Jaguar Falls for Nando, there's an easy access to the backline but it's a lot less limited, it also has flank routes that require vertical mobility for easy access since it's slow to get there normally. But unlike the other two maps, zoning is much easier on this one.

    It's best to completely erase all traces of the backline for this one since without a horse, getting back there will not be as easy as before. You can either zone, which is simple if you stay in one of the two intersections or you can defend with the same principles as brightmarsh, though I recommend zoning since each intersection provides a basic charge path back to the point.

    When pushing the payload, you should go ahead and hug the flank routes that are near the intersection, it provides cover and allows you to chip the enemy until they start noticing you, you can't get to the elevated routes that easily so don't bother going there. Once the payload goes pass both intersections, hug the payload and hug it close, use it as a shield to block bullets since the final stand is short but hard. There'll be a constant barrage of enemies due to the distance between the enemy spawn and the payload, the longer you survive, the closer the payload gets, hold out as long as you can, you might succeed or you won't unless your team is destroying the enemy.

    Defending is a bit different, make sure that the enemy never goes past the first intersection, Fernando is good at applying pressure under arcs as mentioned in the jaguar falls distance. However, the distance between the archway and spawn is too long for a prolonged fight so if you and your team dies, set up your defenses in the second intersection. If they get to the final area, the last stand will be very rough, so hide behind the payload, start attacking and don't use your shields until you're at 25% hp. Your job is to last longer than the enemy rather than kill them so stay near the payload when you drive them away and don't chase after anything until you're sure there's nothing near.

    Frog Isle

    Frog Isle is like Jaguar Falls without the easy access to the backlines, in fact, don't even try going alone. The backline is a scary place because you don't have the burst of an actual flank, meaning the enemy tanks will be coming for you and it will not be pretty at all.

    This is the one time where you should be defending the point for once, no backline bumrushing, just you, the enemy and the point, exert all your will and try to scare off the enemy, let your flanks or damage do the zoning since there're too many factors that prevent you from zoning 100% of the time. Fortunately, if you're out of position, you can simply use your movement ability to get out.

    Pushing and defending the payload is very straightforward, it's like a mesh of the start of jaguar falls and the end of stone keep. That's not much to look out for since you can go to those sections specifically.

    Splitstone Quarry

    We're getting to some of the crappier maps for Nando or the crap maps in general. Stone Quarry is a good map but a not-so-good Nando map but it's not bad per se.

    The point consists of many flank routes, all giving you the high ground in case you want to drop from above or kill Inara. Fernando........... cannot use most of them in a short span of time, he is capable of getting to some of these spots on horseback but it's a once in a lifetime (literally) thing so you can't get back without a horse. The point has a very nice opening straight to the backline (or at least the grounded part), although you can't corner the backline as easily as some of the above maps. But if you had master riding II, you can get to the sniping spot by using the upper route and with III, you should be able to do it before the sniper comes.

    The first half of the push is usually very easy but once you get to the second half, things are going to get tough, I find it more effective to just stay near the payload instead of pushing ahead since the setup is somewhat similar to serpent beach's last push, meaning you're getting barraged with respawning enemies.

    The same can be said for the defending portion, but the part the separates the first half and the second half counts as some kind of arc, that part should be one of the easiest spots to defend especially when you get up to the high ground to contest, damage and zone as well as look out for any incoming enemy. If they do push past this part, there's another archway (and another one before that) near spawn that works similarly to the other one, use this to contest and pressure the enemy.

    Fish Market

    We're getting the even worse maps, fish market is a mediocre map at best and a not so good Nando map. It takes forever to get anywhere on the point and there's too much open space everywhere.

    The point fight can be a pain, there're elevated spots everywhere, you cannot reach most of them so all you can do is shoot and hope you drive them away, but since the area around the point is huge, it's hard to switch between spread out targets due to the sheer size of the whole place. It's best to ignore the point at first and take the fight to the ledge, making sure to clear out everything before going on the point or zoning.

    When pushing, stay away from the payload when Torvald and Ash are there unless resilience is active, but zoning should be a relatively easy task though so you can stay away from the payload until they get out of the market into the grassy area. Getting over the hill is typically not easy when you're not zoning since staying near the payload hinders your vision, another problem is that the area is also massive meaning it's very hard to chase long ranged targets.

    As for defending. DO WHATEVER YOU PHYSICALLY CAN WITH YOUR POWER TO NOT LET THEM GET NEAR THE HILL! As soon as the enemy gets past that hill, it'll be very hard to get them out, fortunately, it's very hard for them to push above the hill in the first place so keep guard near that area and pressure them. Don't zone, you need to be ready to push them away, if they do get over the hill, use the same strategy that was mentioned in serpent beach.

    Timber Mills

    Timber mills is a sniper fest that contains elevated points everywhere which you can't reach at a reasonable time, this map sucks in general for you.

    The point capture in timber mills will be a painful endeavor, staying on the point puts you under sniper fire, trying to attack one of the 2 side buildings doesn't work if the enemy is on the other and trying to get to the vantage point at the opposite end is even harder. I recommend staying on the point and trying your best to hold your own, this will be similar to frog isle but with much more heavy fire onto your sweet handsome face. After things are clear, I recommend either zoning or camping the sniping spot to make sure no one comes there ever again.

    The push section is gonna be hard, trying to go past the alley with that bridge is like taking a big shit, it'll take a while unless you power through it swiftly, it'll be smooth sailing right after that. So I'd suggest that you either zone and stall the enemy until the payload gets past the gate or to simply be very aggressive when pushing the payload to make sure nothing comes near. Once past that point, you can camp the building to the left of the payload to force people out to make sure no one fires the payload

    For when defending, be very aggressive in the alleyway to make sure that payload never gets through, this is the easiest way to defend the payload so focus on this instead of zoning due to your lack of range in a map like this. If they do get past this part, either pressure anyone pushing the payload and camp in the building to make sure no one tries to come in and apply pressure, if they've pushed past the ramp, you're a bit doomed since it's usually very hard to recover from any point actually past that.

    Frozen Guard

    The new frozen guard is a special kind of map. Everything is either terrible or not terrible depending on your positioning.

    The completely flat side is where you want to be going, if there's a tank there, ignore them and try to bumrush the support, it's completely trivial with the open space and it's where you should be staying to avoid any snipers. The other side has a sniping ledge (which you somehow can't jump up), it takes a while for you to get to it, although, your flame lance can be used to try and pressure them out. One major problem is the effort it takes to get back on the point if you die, if an enemy can start zoning, there will easily zone you in this map, demounting you and effectively making you walk all the way back, most likely costing you the capture. Although unlike ice mines map, this one has two detours which you can take to try to avoid the people zoning. Simply either guard the point or pressure the enemies, since you aren't hit scan and going further puts you WAY OUT OF POSITION. Your zoning options are limited so you have to be more passive and stay near the point.

    The first part of the capture section is stupid. It takes 20 seconds, for the payload to exit out of the main temple front entrance and to get to the front of the side entrance. Why the hell is it taking this unnecessary detour is beyond me, so essentially, it simply becomes the same exact point fight but moved to the left/right a bit. If you do get past that part, there's the grueling archway of doom that provides tons of cover for the enemy team and is a much worse version of the alley in timber mills. Stick near the payload until you get past this part, if the enemy is being a bitch, enter the flank route and pressure them from the sides or behind, if not, just keep hugging the payload. If you get past the arc of doom, stay near your payload again until you get to the second arc of doom, imagine Serpent Beach's spawn but placed directly 5 feet across the X axis of the payload destination, I suggest going up the ramp and just simply blocking them with your manly pecks, there isn't much you can do to prolong them.

    The defending section is surprisingly easy, you can let the enemy have the payload till they get to the first arc of doom where you can easily pressure out the enemies. Do the same if they get to the second arc. All you have to do is apply pressure since zoning is mostly impossible for you.

    Ice Mines

    Frozen mines has an intensely annoying capture section with a semi-hard payload section. Generally, I would rather not have this map but beggars can't exactly be choosers.

    Let's start off with the point, you need to spend 10 seconds getting here on horseback, meaning if you die, you'll lose 18 seconds of capture progress. If you get zoned out, you'll lose 30 more seconds and the point entirely. Now that you know the risks, let's start with the point fight, the backline is not easy to get to if they position themselves on the elevated platform, and you need to first get through the other 2 tanks, the only way to get there is to surprise them with master riding III. If you win the point fight, go and zone the enemy, it should be easy since everything converges in one convenient area meaning there's no easy way for them to get back on point. The best way that I found is to take the detour with master riding, it puts you very close to the point at the area where you're most likely zoned.

    After capturing, the gate will start to open, you can use this gate to get to the payload faster and I recommend doing so. Once you push it near the cave, you can either take the high ground above the cave or take the low ground and try to attack anything that comes somewhat close to you. The final section will be absolutely grueling since it has a giant dispenser that dispenses respawning enemies at you. There's also a bunch of barriers for the enemy to hide and for you to hide so it becomes some strange merry-go-round game of who can survive longer than the other, the enemy usually wins unless you manage to wipe all of them out at once.

    Defending is generally very trivial, the best you can do is hug the gate and make sure no one gets through if you get people off the payload.. If they do, they'll have to do with the final area which most teams can't break through. The match will mostly end at a 3/3 by the final round.

    Ascension Peak

    Ascension peak is a very strange map, mostly because it has a square capture point. And if you have competent enemies, ascension peak is basically the opposite of ice mines in terms of zoning, there're just too many routes to look after unless you go to a specific choke point which is a little too close to the base for comfort. But the point fight is good enough at least.

    As a backline bruiser, the foundation for a backline in ascension peak is practically non-existent, there're openings everywhere and there's nowhere to run away to, so map-wise, there's nothing really stopping you from just crushing the backline. The point fight itself is pretty simple after you deal with the backline, but there's a catch to the fact that the backline crumbles so easily, it's hard to zone properly because there're a bunch of practically zone-free routes. There are a few areas in the left and right flanks that ensures you don't get spotted, although, you can cover the middle route and one of the side routes, you can't block them all on your own and you'll require some help. I recommend that you zone if you have a second tank because it's very brutal when the champs get constantly dispensed onto the point, it's best to delay them instead of just taking on the onslaught.

    The push section doesn't have any elevated flank routes and most of them look extremely obvious, you can just sit back and hug the payload and if you want to zone, you don't really need to be that far from the payload. The farthest you should go is at least 10 seconds from the payload since the enemy base is so close, this is pretty much all you have to do until you get the payload to the point.

    The defending part is not as boring as the offensive part. I suggest you get your team to form a garrison near the wall since you'll have more success there, it provides decent enough cover and lets you easily watch your own backline in case someone comes for your healer. If you manage to wipe out the enemy, don't zone, it just means you'll have more places to watch out for and it's best if you stay near the wall where you can see anything. If it fails, remember there's an archway that you can guard, not only that, the point is only 15 feet away too so you can easily get back onto it, if you were to wipe out the enemy, get your team to move in front of the arch, or if you're coordinated, go back to the well and get one of your teammates to block another entrance to the left/right of the wall, if you're successful, you should easily be able to hold it.

    Warder's Gate

    Warder's Gate is actually a decent map. The point capture offers a lot of places to run away to but there's a not a whole lot of places for your supports to go. The backline is a massive intersection of despair for your support. Keep a close eye on your support if you're the point tank, but this also means that the enemy support is just as exposed. When you're done capturing, just pick an intersection to zone, it's not that far from the point but at the same time, there's a lot of places to watch out for. Not to mention, your support should easily heal you since the area is so open unless you're zoning at the flank route.

    When pushing, you can still zone in the intersection. Although hugging the payload is pretty fine as well since you'll usually have 3 openings to escape to unless you're in the alleyway, but that place is very short. The final push is close to the enemy base entrance but it's not close enough to be that troubling for you.

    When defending, you should stick close to the payload since there's way too many flank routes to zone properly. Since there're pillars everywhere and doors everywhere, it's relatively easy to run away and hide. But make sure that they don't get to the final area since that place is way too open to attacks since it has many openings.

    Shattered Desert

    This map has too many flank routes. Like holy crap, there's a shit-ton of flank routes. The only advice I can give for capturing is that you should stay near the point since there are too many flank routes to account for and the main choke point (that you can reach) is way too far from your team. On the bright side, the support is extremely exposed since they're also in an 8-way intersection of doom if they're behind the tanks. If your team dies and the enemy has a medium ranged sprayer. You're pretty doomed since they can easily zone you due to the abnormally large area in front of your base. Unlike fish market, there's nothing to hide you from the enemy while you're trying to get to the main flank routes.

    Once again, just stay near the payload since there're way too many flank routes, but once you get into the cavern, you should start trying to zone the enemy since you're much closer to your team and there's a lot of places to run away to. While the enemy base is very close to the payload drop off point, you spawn way too far from the entrance for it to actually make a difference.

    When defending, use the abnormally large amount of flank routes to your advantage to try to eliminate the backline. The support will most likely be the only thing there since the flanks and damage are too busy traversing the flank routes which are too far from the main backline to matter. If they get to the cavern, that's when you start facing them head-on since that is a very good chokepoint. It's pretty much over when they get past the cavern since you spawn way too far from the payload despite having the entrance directly in front of it.

    All in all

    Fernando is mostly a filler pick that can do just about anything, he fits into almost any team composition and does their role well, he's the Pip of tanks when it comes to being a jack of all trades; he flanks well, attacks well and defends well (Rework Dragonfire lance to heal teammates plz Hirez), he doesn't have any inherent weakness that the other tanks don't share. He's a good beginner pick and is still reliable at high levels.

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