An Update Regarding Paladins Server Issues

  • Lately, I've generally had pretty good experiences playing the game. However, maybe every 3rd or 4th game the session seems to suffer from packet loss. Firing the ultimate for example, took no effect a couple of times during a game. Also I hit an opponent 3 times at point blank range with maeve's daggers but the damage from the first 2 hits never registered. Each hit should have killed my opponent, which had one bar of health. The third hit, which killed him, didn't register for what felt like an eternity but was probably a quarter second. Which in a game like Paladins, that quarter second is the difference between life and death. Because of that lag or packet loss or whatever you want to call it, my performance in that game was pretty horrible. As with all battle arena type games, the closer you are to the network servers the better your performance will be. It does feel a bit up and down though at times. One game I'm playing great and the next game using the same champ and similar build, it feels like my champion is hitting for half of the damage it did in the last game. Packet loss and latency issues have a huge effect on one's performance. Still though, I can brush these issues aside and still enjoy the game.

  • Have a small group of friends(8-12) playing Paladins from Norway. Everyone experiencing every other match totally unplayable. Maybe you could call Blizzard or infinity ward and ask what they are doing. No lag or frame drops there.

  • Servers got unplayable after the Sun and Moon update.
    The update new netcode was introduced. Probably just a coincidence.

  • Paladins totaly unplayable for me, i'm from Switzerland with good connexion and good hardware....

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    @Dringoth @Sodomantis

    So if you have any bad Match IDs to help us out, please send them to a member of our community team such as myself, HiRezRomanova, or HiRezLunium so we can pass them onto Xienen and our operations team to investigate. Just be sure to include the Match ID, your region, and a brief description of the issues you experienced.

  • It is not complicated, ALL lag matches, I will not spend 1 hour of explanations for each 10min match ??

    In addition I read that Paladins wants to join Epic ?? For me it will be uninstalling the game, that's for sure!

  • @Lukash369 said in An Update Regarding Paladins Server Issues:

    So if you have any bad Match IDs to help us out, please send them to a member of our community team such as myself.

    Ok so do i just leave a list here? Do you want some videos too? Has the problem been identified? When is a patch being rolled out?
    Can I have some levels on my battle pass? Because playing is nothing but a chore.

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    It will be better if you send this ID in dm to one of the above mentioned people.

  • @Lukash369 said in An Update Regarding Paladins Server Issues:

    It will be better if you send this ID in dm to one of the above mentioned people.

    Ok I will do that. Thank you for replying.
    Now for my two other questions. Is there some time frame on a patch to fix it, and will there be some sort of compensation regarding the battle pass?
    Leveling up the battle pass when 60% of your shot fail to connect is quite frustrating.

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    Here is the server status as of yesterday. In all fairness it was OK for me for the last week.

    New Server Tech

  • Why are we not getting any communication from Hires on this issue? Please don't try and gaslight us in to believing this is a small issue. Every person on my friend list has had this problem since the sun and moon patch and they are spread all over Europe. I myself have tried with multiple different machines in different households and the problems persists.

    Why this is not top priority at hires right now is mind boggling.

  • Picking a champion seems to be lagging again and the end of game screen is taking awhile to load

  • Europe & North America are not one with the problems jst give ur attention towards SEA SERVERS TOO ITS NON PLAYABLE,

  • Hi everyone!

    I've got a handful of reports including bad match IDS reported to me through messages here on the forums, so thanks for sending those over! Please continue to do so with the bad match ID, region you're playing in, and a brief description of what's going on due to server lag in your match.

    Based on reports, it looks like bad matches in NA are dying down as we move forward - which we'll continue to monitor headed into our next Update.

    EU is still having bad matches randomly across multiple data centers, which is something we're going to keep looking into these coming weeks. Just keep IDs coming to help us isolate any potential fixes there.

    BR & SEA are starting to see reports spike up, which we'll be diving into in the coming weeks as well.

  • All matches I play on EU are bad, some are worse than others. Somehow, I doubt that sending you "bad IDs" does anything at all. I've been playing on NA as of late, since having bad ping is 100 times better than having lag in every match on EU. NA servers don't seem to have any lag aside from usual Paladins jank.

  • Same, almost every game is a catastrope, but only on the point fights, that is. Shots don't register, abilities don't work, sometimes I get dismounted when I leave spawn even tho I don't press anything. But once the point is capped everything is fine. And what do you mean "Send bad Match IDs?" It's almost every single game....

  • This post is deleted!

  • It is not even known how contacted you. If I click on your profile there is only the possibility of a chat. So I post here.

    Hello, Here are two examples of bad games, but 100% of the games are bad.
    ID 966332278
    Typical example where the lag changes sides, start of the game with lag but my team dominates, middle of the game the lag changes and we can no longer play as well and at the end of the game the lag starts again and we can win the match. But it's really not fair.

    ID 969114308
    Match with big lag, it seems fluid but the commands do not respond and it is impossible to play against the opposing team. 0-4 loss in 5min. Extremely frustrating.

    It is impossible for me to play in ranked, I lose all the matches. I can only play the characters with area damage or fast cadence to hope to touch the opposing player, the precision characters do not work, even if I make a headshot there is no damage because between the display at the screen and reality there is a lag.

    I am Swiss, with a PC much higher than what Paladins requires in capacity and a good connection. No problem with other online games.

  • Played all day on US servers and the lag and frame drops is just not there. Sure there is a high ping and some small aim adjustments need to be made. But compared to EU it's night and day.

  • I think Hi Rez is lying to us and not doing much for its community. With such problems, the resolution should be the priority and the problems would be corrected for a long time ....

    When there is no one left in the game they may ask questions .... but a player who leaves rarely returns.

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