An Update Regarding Paladins Server Issues

  • @Shadowpuppy
    Yes, that is what this thread is mostly about. Shoot as much as you want, 80% of the bullets gets lost in the server code.

  • Depending on the matches (servers) I can have a delay of one to two seconds between the moment I press the button and fire shots. I very often have the visual where my shot passes through the opponent without causing him any damage, and he kills me in one shot and I have neither the visual of his shots nor the sound. So if the opponent is behind my back, I die without knowing why, no sound, no injury, directly one shot. It is extremely frustrating.

  • @Shadowpuppy I lately have a bug sometimes, I never had before, that my weapon does some kind of rapidfire, very quickly repeating the shooting animation but probably not really firing. Doesn't happen often though.

  • @Sodomantis Its not that they dont register. I cannot fire the weapon i click the left click and nothing happens.

  • @Shadowpuppy Well that makes the game playable.

  • A month after the first post of Avialence, it's exactly the same, or worse, than before. Will he still say that the Hi-Rez team is making great progress ???

  • The servers are still dogshit....any kind of update or information on that???

  • PC

    @schachmaty to shut up the players imao

  • Welp, the NA servers are unplayable now, too. Just had a game in which everyone lagged like hell and the other team won because they had more lag-proof champs. Does anyone know if Paladins has a single working server, or is the game dead now?

  • @U1322272759 game is fucked right now, i was missing point blank Seris balls.

    Tried closign the game down and tryed again. Standing face to face pressing w into a viktor standing still. Fired 5 times in a row, did no damage.

    Tested my internet 220 down 12 up with 20ms latency

  • At HRX 2019 in November I remember them saying something like: "We said 2019 would be the best year ever. Well, it was a lie, because 2020 is gonna be even better." Now we're in May, more than a third of the year is over, and it's definitely not looking like 2020 is any better than the the previous years...

  • Works on EU server, some complain about lag though.

  • @nielielo same here, playing for years but never had this much problems, shooting without doing damage, healing is not working and sometimes you seem to speed and sometimes you dont seem to move etc.

  • @pietje20 It sometimes is like walking on ice. I stop walking but the champ slides further and over the edge.

  • this has got even worse as of yesterday (14th of may) playing from UK and the packetloss is so bad that abilities and even jumping do not work properly. Also weapon shots register about 1 second delay after they hit and thats if they register at all.

  • They made an Evil Mojo Podcast 2 days ago, where they talked about Corvus lore (!!!!). Barely anyone cares about actual lore when the game D O E S N ' T W O R K

  • I understand this issue was tried to be solved, and it is harder for you all too because of quarantine. However, the game still is unplayable. I had these lag issues from yesterday night, and it is still not solved this evening. I hoped to play some Support Moji, and you know how Moji's relationship with server lags. The server does not register my marks, sometimes when I use an ability it is not used actually and I can use them a second time, people still killing me while I am in my barrier...

    We need this issue to be solved, the game is unplayable for too long it isn't even funny anymore. Hi-Rez, Evilmojo, I understand and love your concepts for your games. You have a great vision of what you want to do to your games. But on a technical and mechanical level, you fail to implement these ideas to your creation. Paladins is a great concept, a great game. But technical issues like the server lag and major unsolved bugs make the game really unfun and bad. Champions are amazing, skins are amazing, the content is good, but we do not have the technical support to enjoy all these content you are giving us. Please, prioritize the technical condition of your game.

  • @Avialence in Portugal we have so many lagg, champions jump dont work good, i fire in other player face and he dont get dmg, so many lagg, so many problems, its impossible to play, i like this game so much but know seems company dont even care about paladins or players, aniversary of the game dont do anything just offer skins we all have an the wrost every time i enter the game appeara the fucking skins offer, every time, pls dont let the game fall down, do a communicate in your site and Facebook to all players know you are trying to fix this...

  • I mean. just put the server down. if you know there is so much lag. is useless let people play if you can't even fix the lag after a restart.

  • @Alexia23Fire I have not tried again today, is it still screwed on NA ?

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