What do you all think of Pip's current state?

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    @Wolfikys Base kit heal on pip is just not viable. 1k burst heal every 8 seconds, this is not even close to a healer. Even at 2k ever 8 seconds is garbage.

    The problem is he can heal him self so they cant lower his cool down or he would be a flanking god.

    New Healing Talent, PIP can throw a 1k heal every two seconds but his potion no longer heals him.
    Put a cool down on lifegiver card of 8 Seconds

    Talent: "Mega elixir", a set of cards to cool down the elixir from hits and self-healing from the elixir and it will roll back a couple of seconds...And so same Chronos this will help. The elixir will roll back 2-3 seconds. If you can post links here, I'll show you how. Agree, to heal once in 2-3 seconds for 2000 massively is not bad...

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    He's pretty much unviable as a healer, as a flank he's not too bad in the hands of the right player.

    I mean he'd honestly be a ways better if his pot was more consistent and reliable and Combat Medic heals didn't put him in combat.

  • @Shadowpuppy said in What do you all think of Pip's current state?:

    @Wolfikys Base kit heal on pip is just not viable. 1k burst heal every 8 seconds, this is not even close to a healer. Even at 2k ever 8 seconds is garbage.

    He can reduce the cooldown of the potion by 3 seconds per ally hit by "Reload". So with chronos 2 it's 3.5 seconds cooldown or no cooldown if 2 allies are healed. The problem is the intern 5s cooldown of "Reload" and the 2K heal.

    2K is too much heal for a flank, if I use a slow heal projectile and can't wait till the last moment. His heal on tanks is good, what Pip would need is a mechanic that permits him to heal low HP targets. If I heal a flank with the potion I loose half of my 2K heal, the group heal and half the "reload" CD bonus. So Pip can either heal only the tank(s) or only the flank but not both. If I miss the flank, my whole CD reduce is lost and I have to wait 6 seconds. Damba has a fail-safe in case he misses, Pip doesn't.

    A possible solution could be that Pip can throw a normal heal potion for 1K with half cooldown or a Megapotion with 2K heal if he waits till the full cooldown runs out.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 I believe that it is necessary to combine two talents. But weaken each of them. Megaelexer will heal at 1500, and a normal hit will heal at 600. Then everything will be more convenient.
    And 3 talent do on control. For example: "right-click shot" paralyzes all enemies in the hit area.

  • @Wolfikys They need to put mega potion in his base kit with the addition of pips potion only heals him for 50% This way he can have a good heal without becoming a super flanker.

  • As main Pip, I can only say that he finally looks like I remembered at the time of the Beta version, that is, a support at the beginning difficult to use because of his way of healing and his weapon, but who gives great satisfaction when at the end you can use it properly and who proves to have the same potential as other Supports.
    At one time, Pip was used almost as a damage or as a flanker because several players took advantage of his high damage (once, he did the beauty of 800-850 DP per hit) and therefore Pip lost his primary objective, that is take care of his teammates.
    But now, with his damage reduced to 600 and with the two talents "Mega Potion" and "Combat Medic" (with the latter I managed to complete the achievement in which I have to cure more than 100,000 hp), Pip seems to have the same potential of the other Supports, so it seems that Pip can be considered as a good healer.
    However, there is still this old conception that whoever takes Pip, then absolutely does not want to heal his teammates (and therefore only wants to do damage and use the healing potion only for himself) or has chosen the wrong healer.
    I have always used Pip as a Healer, that however can spam the healing potion thanks to the two cards "Acrobat's Trick" and "Reload", so in addition to healing my teammates, I also do damage with the aim of reducing the cooldown of the healing potion.

  • Pip, is a strange case as a healer.

    He has always suffered a lack of consistancies due to burst healing.

    The only thing he has needed for a while is a re value to the consistancy of potion.

    Personally if the burst was dialed back a touch, to 800 and healed allies for an additional 400 over 4s, at a rate of 100 hp per sec for 4s.

    It has extra healing to compensate for the less instant over time effect, but also consider the effect of HP regen as a buff to character self sustain in certain uncautable state effects, so not only do you have a burst of 800 in line with Grover Blossom and 1.4k is in line with furias over all singe heal with bigger burst and faster regen time. You also have the gift of gifting additional healing to those which use abilites to combined with loadout cards and store cards to get better combat regen.. thats help from pip while pip is doing other things, and that helps pip.

    And if he had 2 charges with mega potion instead of just one, maybe with reduced size, with a non stackable sustain healing mechanic so, even with 2 charges, you miss out on the overall sustain by blatently pump healing with both charges, you would have a less burstier healing pip, and a truer sustain engine, if the aim is to amp his base load by 50% for a talent, just adding a charge is twice the healing... but hey so was mega potion...

    What you would lose with double heal strength mega potion, you would gain with consitantly spreading out thinner healing with regen, or bursting a single meatsack tank and friends for 1600, then the 400 sustain. Or 800 + sustain + 800 + sustain + trying to fish out for another heal potion.

    While I really enjoy this idea on pip, its also clear that pip two self heals in this meta would be a bit of a chore to bring down with the caut nerf, even if the values were tweaked, the feel of having two self bust heals is a butal game unlea the gane gets more base anti heal on damage abilities to stagger the healing time further for consistant caut.

    But yeah... thoughts...?

  • @LukeWolfy-ITA The main problem is that without those cards he cant do anything for healing, other healers can still do thier job to a degree but if pip doesnt take those cards he is not even close to being an average healer.

  • @Shadowpuppy Indeed!! That's why I say it really is a luck to have those two cards, otherwise Pip would not be a good healer, but simply a vulpin with a big gun and a healing potion enough to heal himself.

  • @AYYDIMITRI 2 charges of healing potions? Well, I dunno, it would be great, it could give more healing power to Pip (if you miss with the first charge, you can use the second one) but it would be a serious problem because, as you said, players could play Pip more than usual only to take advantage of this "double healing ability" for themselves.
    Besides, it would not be an original thing because there is already one champion who can use double charge of heal and it is Grohk (infact he can put 2 totems).

  • Bring is potion down to a 5 second cool down. The potion heals pip for 50% of its value. The life giver card would be the only way he could get full heals out of the potion. Maybe buff the potion up to 1200.

  • Just make his Combat Medic deal no self damage and regen out of combat, he will instantly become crazy good as a main support.

  • @TTraw You cant be able to shoot people and be out of combat which is what would happen with that. You would have to remove a skill so he can swap between damage and healing shots. Healing shoots would allow out of combat healing. So you could remove his slow and make it a toggle.

  • Fun fact: KamiVS made a new video about his gameplay with Pip.


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    @M3RC3N4RI0 fun fact: is pip not weak if your the one who controlling it

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