Torvald Rework Concept

  • @Shadowpuppy
    What don't you understand?

    Attacks become AoE, similar to Seris', same attack rate (as Torvold's current attack) with adjusted damage.

    Gain shield for dealing damage, makes up for the health you lack as a frontline and used as a resource for the shield pocket gameplay. More gameplay added to the shielding rather than being a tanky shield battery since spamming shield will now bring you down to a support's health pool.

    His silence will now give self-shield since it does damage, damage adjusted, slow added on to better combo with the knock back which is now as a basic ability and a way to cleanse cauterize so he can point tank. Now the knock back and silence+slow can work together to get someone off the point and delay their return.

    Ultimate basically Ying ultimate, but grants shield instead of healing.

  • @Stacona its gor way to mNy elements. I understand it but its way over done.

    Its not a rework is an entierly different champion.

    A rewotk should be something more simple as to make the champ viable without being broken or losing the identity of the champ.

    Like instead of a shield torvald marks a player that player getd 15% increased movment speed and 60% of the damage they do is conveted into shield for torvald.

  • @Shadowpuppy
    That changes what Torvald can do now. Also that be less fun for everyone and make Torvald not viable ever, the player would be too reliant on his own team for survival where tanks are already reliant on their healer as is and he would be doing nothing for his team to keep them alive.

    Torvald is tank-support type, so he should have the tools to keep his allies alive and feel like he is in full control to make an impact on the team. All the tools he has now, he still has in the concept, just more focus around the shield giving front liner aspect to Torvald which is his current identity and the one he should keep around.

    Plus linking his shield giving to needing to deal damage to get the shield makes more sense to him being a frontline champion, give a real reason to why he is tanky which right now makes no sense to why he has a high health and shield pool.

  • @Stacona Shielding alies needs to be removed. It breaks the entire balance of the game.

  • Star Slayer Ruckus voice: No! No! No! I dislike pseudo support talents/skills on none support champions. Torvald should not give a shield to an ally.

    Here is what I think he needs.

    Base kit: Health increased from 3,000-->4,000. Get rid of the shield upon spawn though to balance him.

    Ultimate: I do like the idea of him rooting himself in place to become damage immune and cc immune, and knocking back enemies which deals damage and cleanses debuffs on himself. I like it as an ult though. His current ult is way too situational in that on maps like Frog Isle and Jaguar Falls, it works stupid well, but on maps like Bazaar, it's useless. This gives him the option of knocking people off, but if you can't knock anyone off, you still do damage and give yourself sustain to buy some time.

    Protection: instead of shielding an ally, he gives himself 45% damage reduction for 4 seconds. Cooldown increase from 6s-->11s.

    Recharge: projects a 4,000 health shield, like half shell Makoa, that lasts for 5 seconds.

    Nullify: largely the same, but lower the damage from 800 over 2 seconds to 500 over 2s.


    Field Study: Protection increases Torvald's own damage by 15% for the duration.

    Alternating Current: bring this back and add more. Increases duration by 1.5 seconds and adds an extra 1,500 health to his shield.

    Direct Current: Increases the damage to 800 over 2 seconds and doubles the range at which it can be used.

  • I like this idea a lot. I had an idea for Torv too, to make his base kit more fun and not just rely on pocketing allies. I like your ideas of making his normal shots pierce enemies like seris. Also i think direct current would make one hella fun talent by making nullify work with % damage over time, the longer someone stays in the nullify the more % of their max hp they will take, like an inferno tower in clash royale. Also I rlly like the idea of being able to shield allies whenever you want but losing your own shield. Tbh he kinda sounds like a not so mobile raum that can shield allies, but I rlly like the idea. I think that Evil Mojo or Hi-rez should be more creative with their balances and pretty much everything.

  • @Stacona said in Torvald Rework Concept:

    Torvald is tank-support type

    Torvald was reworked into a tank-support type. At first he was a point tank. He had 9K HP+Shield and his Shield reload and the ability to drain the shields of others. Then he was reworked into an anti-flank off-tank by giving him the new gun he has now. Finally he got reworked into a support tank by improving his bubble.

  • @Carlolrac555 as a point tank form, he would be similar to Raum, just a different type of way for the mob boss element of instead of collecting souls, he needs to line up shots to hit multiple targets.

    the concept is using his shield as a resource this way the player can choose to play him more like a support with a support's health pool for the pocket gameplay or use the ally shield less and be more of a point tank, it creates more thought and gameplay to the shielding rather than mindlessly pocket someone

    i also wanted to make his silence and knock back work better together, also silence channel will feel like a mini self-shield regeneration this way too and fit into his kit better

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 yea, i know, i like the tank support aspect to him and it gives him an identity - it just needs to be tweaked with some bigger changes

  • Heh, they only thing I would change at Torvald is his ulti, since it's bugging sometimes like wow. 🙂 Maybe make it in one shot like Io, or at least reduce the number of shots, but as @Shadowpuppy said this is waaay too much xD

  • @Shadowpuppy That is like saying healers break the balance of the game. I think it can be done right, and it creates an unique identity and place for Torvald.

  • @Stacona no becuse they so not.. Ir pretty common knowlege that he does as he is banned in rank...

  • @Stacona said in Torvald Rework Concept:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 yea, i know, i like the tank support aspect to him

    I don't. He was my main champ and I gave up on playing him.

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