torvald balancing

  • hello i come to give my idea to improve a little torvald

    Hp 3000 > 3700


    dmg 800 > 900

    Slowing enemies by 15% while nullity is active


    field study:
    increase the damage done by allies by 10% while they are shielded by protection >
    your personal shield is no longer affected by wrecker


    Conduction: reduce the cooldown of recharge by 0.4s = 0.4s > 0.8s

    Vital grasp: heal for 75 after activating recharge
    = 75 > 100

    Infusion: heal for 50 after activating recharge > heal for 75 every 1s while nullity is active

    Eldritch Speed: increase your movement speed by 10% while using recharge > increase your movement speed by 10% for 3s after recharge

    Glyph of health: increase your maximum health by 150 >
    Increase your healing receiver from others by 5% while at or below 50% health

  • @foulegeek sounds broken espically last extra healing when below 50%.
    Also u want a rework try watch yeolloq ninja video for torv rework,then try to make into the gane,thanks for your time.

  • @Supervlad007 Not necessarily if Thanks Grandpa also is nerfed. He has no way to protect himself from cauterize so somewhat more heal wont safe him probably. Other tanks have similar cards.