Ranked matchmaking is broken

  • Greetings.
    I never post in forums, but this time I really had to do it.
    Let's put it like this...
    I should play the game, not the game playing me.
    I'm extremely disappointed by the way the ranked matchmaking works.
    Simply put : the better I play, the more are the chances that I will be grouped with bad players.
    I guess the game tries to '' balance' the possibilities of the outcome of the match, but it's incredibly stupid how it works.
    The game won't select people of the same skill. I guess the game sums up the skills of each player to have a similiar total outcome on both teams.
    That is incredibly wrong.
    The more winning streaks I do, the bigger are chances to find total newbies on my side.
    The longest streak of loss, the better chances to find good and skilled people.
    This is the perfect way to keep people always in the same range and not be able to climb the ladders.

    At the moment I am platinum 3. After a 3 wins streak... This is what I got :
    alt text

    I find it absolutely unfair.
    The better I get, the more should be the chances to find people like me, both in my team and enemy team.
    But No!!
    Every game I do is actually a total ownage, or a total fail.
    I very very rarely encounter satisfying balanced matches, which are the more fun to play.

    HI-rez, will you do something about this or not?

    Now im forced to get deserter state when I see people banning Moji or Raum, or 3 people without a title under their name. (not saying having title means being good, but it's a sign that they are casual players, not fitted for competitive platinum games)

    So, WHY do I find newbies in platinum bracket? How is it possible?

  • @GreenTheater play with friends, believe me, or just some people you think are good at the game.
    Ive played with a 5 party for some time now and im almost diamond now (coming from gold 5).
    Everyone knows the MM is broken, this is nothing new for sure. One tip: NEVER play queue solo for ranked, at least party up with 2, but even 2 isn't that reliable, when you have 4 people in your party, things get easier, let the 5th one u dont know play point tank or heal bot, or if hes good u can add him to the party.
    The point is, just party up, ull see a difference.

  • @GreenTheater You have to play in a party to get results and satisfying games in ranked. Going solo is a total waste of time.

  • PC

    I think I'm gonna end up counting the number of MM treads just to laugh a bit, don't waste your time it's been 2 years the whole forum fought to get a better matchmaking, result? matchmaking is worse now than it was before

  • @Carlolrac555 said in Ranked matchmaking is broken:

    when you have 4 people in your party, things get easier,

    Not necessarily. The larger your group is, the better are the opponents the matchmaker picks against you.

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